champs Jordan Plunkett & Taylor King


        Jordan Plunkett and Taylor King earned $1,000 scholarships each as champions of the 2010 JBT Arizona Invitational Tournament, hosted by AMF Peoria Lanes.


        Bowlers rolled 5 qualifying games on the tricky Viper pattern.  The top 11 scorers joined five exempt bowlers from the season-long points list in a thrilling triple-elimination matchplay contest.  In the scratch division, Washington's Jordan Plunkett continued the best stretch of his JBT career by leading qualifying to earn the top matchplay seed.  He remained unscathed through 5 matchplay rounds as the only undefeated bowler.  With eight bowlers left in round six, Plunkett gave Randy Cote his second loss, #6 Tyler Cruz gave #13 Kris George his second loss, #2 Jess Gagliardi eliminated Anthony Tripi, and #9 Kyle King ousted #8 Zach Martinez.


        With six bowlers left alive, Plunkett ousted George, Cote eliminated Cruz, and King eliminated Gagliardi.  The next two rounds were essentially round-robins with Gagliardi and then King eliminated, setting up a title match where Cote would have to beat Plunkett twice to win the title.


        Cote looked to be in control of the first match, but a 9th frame greek church ended up giving Plunkett a chance to strike in the first ball of the tenth frame for the win.  As he has so many times, Jordan was up to the task, throwing the strike and winning the match 221-213 for the major title and accompanying $1,000 scholarship.


        Whereas the top scratch seeds fared well overall in matchplay, handicap's bracket was the opposite, with #16 Taylor King and #15 Danny Varholdt, two exempt bowlers who needed that exemption to reach matchplay, emerging as the last undefeated bowlers.  They played each other in round four, with Varholdt winning to give Taylor her first loss.  By round seven, five bowlers remained, and in that round #2 Kristen Lee earned a bye, while #6 Randi Speiler eliminated #3 JJ Hall, and King played- guess who?- Varholdt, this time with Taylor giving Danny loss #1.


        In round nine, Lee was eliminated in 4th place, creating a stepladder situation where King and Speiler, now with two losses, would play each other, with the winner playing Varholdt for the title.  King beat Speiler 217-209 in the first match, setting up the ultra-appropriate title match between Taylor and Danny.


        King, the all-conference points leader, consolidated that lead with a clean game 223-174 win over Varholdt in the title match for the title, her first major, and a $1,000 scholarship.  Taylor, sometimes overshadowed by big brother Kyle, is having a great season of her own, in position to be the all-conference handicap Bowler of the Year.  Meanwhile, Varholdt's $500 was great consolation, but so was the fact that the runner-up points sealed the Arizona points title for him.


        Huge thanks to the whole crew at Peoria for a terrific job hosting Invitational weekend.  Just shy of $10,000 in scholarships were awarded to bowlers under age 22 from all over the Western United states this weekend alone.  Want in on all the fun?  Check out our schedule page, and we'll see you at a JBT event very soon!


AZ Invitational- final results and optional scholarship winners
Arizona Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Jordan Plunkett $1,030
2 Randy Cote $500
3 Kyle King $410
4 Jess Gagliardi $245
5 Tyler Cruz $235
6 Kris George $160
7 Zach Martinez $75
8 Anthony Tripi $75
9 Zach Herbert $75
10 Jacob Smith $105
11 Matt herbert $155
12 Cameron Smith $80
13 Riley Dempsey $120
14 Labriel Leach $110
15 Chris Varholdt $110
16 Nick Lee $100
17 Aaron Foshie  
18 Rebeca Reguero  
19 Joe Lewandowski  
20 Zach Simon $15
21 Mark Myers  
22 Kyle Karpovich $25
23 Courtney Dutton  
24 Joey Mogavero  
25 Justin Givler  
26 Kylee Bonneville  
27 Dan Hansen  
28 Mark Curtis  
29 Sam Amaral  
30 Andy Holick  
31 Allie Ijams  
32 Deven Johnston  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Taylor King $1,170
2 Danny Varholdt $600
3 Randi Speiler $300
4 Kristen Lee $200
5 JJ Hall $150
6 Derek Acuff $220
7 Chrystelle Marshall $75
8 Tyler Boe $110
9 Steven Acuff $135
10 Aaron Watkins $75
11 Marina Stever $125
12 Brittany Kolatzny $50
13 Kayla Endicott $50
14 Savannah Carr $110
15 Travis Johnson $130
16 Daniel Cotton $50
17 Maura Swaim  
18 Britni Glasspool $30
19 Linsey Ailport  
20 Michael Bonkowske  
21 Megan Carlson $75
22 KJ Martinez  
23 Kayla Goad  
24 Blake Kalaf  
25 Jared Boscarino  
26 Duane Browning  
27 Megan LaPrell $15
28 Brooke Martinez  
29 Derek Iozzio $40
30 Jacob Potts  
31 Trevor Roberts  
32 Gillian Coyle  
33 Bethany Baker $15
34 John Brooks $15
35 Kelsey Rhodes  
36 Adam Lebbs $15
37 Alex Pellegrino  
38 Alexis Atkin $15
39 Stacey Lamb  
40 Kyle Thompson $15
41 Jake Childers  
42 Kody Dixon  
43 Steven Cheatham  
44 Cortez Schenck  
45 Brandon Turner  
46 Jacob Lebbs  
47 Marcella Magallanez  
48 Dominic Luna  
49 Ryan Zent  
50 Cassie Collins  
51 Rane Lacona  
52 James Adams  
53 Valry Swaim  
54 Zach Friend  
55 Nick Wade  
56 Jeff Anderson  
Scratch High Games:  
  Plunkett 288  
  King 278  
C Smith 270  
Z Herbert 268  
George / Plunkett 266  
Handicap High Games:  
Stever 306  
Kolatzny 288  
T Johnson 285  
D Acuff 281  
Speiler 280  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
Reguero Speiler
Plunkett D Acuff
Z Herbert D Acuff
Plunkett Kolatzny
Plunkett D Acuff
High Female:  
K Lee +18  
Reguero -8  
Dutton -17  
Kolatzny -27  
Speiler -44