champs Kyle King & Derek Acuff

            Kyle King closed to within five wins of the all-time lead, while Derek Acuff ended a victory drought with win #3, in exciting JBT action at Tucson's Bedroxx.

            In contrast to the previous day (we're all about contrast), it took a 212 average to make the scratch cut on this day, a full 50 pins per game higher than on the previous day's sport shot.  Mark Curtis kept up the day's theme with a big 268-216 win over Labriel Leach in round one of the scratch division stepladder finals.  King then took over, edging Curtis 205-194, and following with a 235-217 win over Riley Dempsey to reach the title match.

              Top seed Nick Lee had absolutely owned this tournament,  averaging over 250 in qualifying and holding onto the lead for the finals.  He and Kyle bowled a high scoring, entertaining title match that came down to the tenth frame.  Needing a mark to win, Kyle left the 2-10, while Lee got the first strike- he'd need one more to win if Kyle missed the split.  Instead, King calmly picked up the split to seal a 244-238 win and his amazing 37th career JBT title.

              Michael Bonkowske and Danny Varholdt each put on a show to open the handicap division stepladder finals, with Bonkowske emerging with a 271-260 win.  Bonkowske then got by Daniel Cotten 228-188, but Daniel wasn't too upset, as his day had already been made by previously shooting the only 300 of the day, the first perfecto of his career.  Michael thus advanced to play good friend John Brooks, and Brooks showed no regard for the friendship (just kidding) in a 240-230 win over Bonkowske to advance to the title match.

            Top seed Derek Acuff had destroyed the lanes all day, including a 290 scratch game, to earn the top seed.  He found himself in big trouble, however, against the consistent Brooks, who led after seven frames.  Acuff turned it on just in time though, striking out from there for an exciting 233-225 win and the victory, the third of his JBT career.

            Andy Holick and Maura Swaim felt the impact of the Impact Challenge, picking up $25 scholarships for making the semifinals- please visit Impact Bowling at 99th Ave and Bell in Phoenix for the best service, support, and supply around!

             Over $1,400 in scholarships were awarded at the event to bowlers under 22 of all averages.  Thanks as always to the whole crew at Bedroxx for hosting our Tour- and for the waterfall!  Want in on all this fun and excitement? Check the schedule on our website, and come on out to the next JBT event, it's really that simple!

Bedroxx- final results and optional scholarship winners
Arizona Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Kyle King $390
2 Nick Lee $100
3 Riley Dempsey $60
4 Mark Curtis $40
5 Labriel Leach $30
6 Matt Herbert $15
7 Rebeca Reguero  
8 Chris Varholdt $45
9 Nick Armstrong  
10 Anthony Tripi  
11 Kyle Karpovich $45
12 Michael Majeske  
13 Andy Holick  
14 Blake Kalaf  
15 Zach Martinez  
16 Aaron Foshie  
17 Shaun Morad  
18 Mike Hayes  
19 Estevan Casillas  
20 Gregg Kern  
21 Justin Givler  
22 Francisco Peralta $15
23 Marcus Stanley  
24 Tim Jacob  
25 Sam Amaral  
26 Alex Henniges  
27 Courtney Dutton  
28 Jacob Smith  
29 Melissa Aguilar  
30 Delano Coveris  
31 William Witt  
32 Tim Crosswhite  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Derek Acuff $275
2 John Brooks $115
3 Michael Bonkowske $60
4 Daniel Cotton $95
5 Danny Varholdt $40
6 Joshua Smith  
7 Rane Lacona $30
8 Matthew Smart  
9 Maura Swaim $20
10 Gary Trubl  
11 Brittany Glas  
12 Trevor Roberts  
13 Megan LaPrell $15
14 Bethany Baker  
15 Kristen Lee  
16 Alex Pellegrino $15
17 Taylor King $30
18 Justice Lynch  
19 Luis Peralta $15
20 Rabakkah Gaynor  
21 Erica Pursell  
22 Steven Acuff  
23 Cortez Schenck $15
24 KJ Martinez  
25 Danielle Stewart  
26 Derek Iozzio  
27 Travis Johnson  
28 Brooke Martinez  
29 Andrew Nicla  
30 Sacanah Carr  
31 Alexis Atkin  
32 Gillian Coyle  
33 Adam Lebbs  
34 Stacey Lamb  
35 Valry Swaim  
36 Jared Boscarino  
37 Megan Carlson  
38 Chrystelle Marshall  
39 Marina Stever  
40 Angela Schroeder  
41 Britni Glasspool  
Impact Challenge Winners ($25 each)
  Andy Holick & Maura Swaim
Scratch High Games:  
  Armstrong 279  
  Karpovich 279  
Holick 278  
Leach 268  
Herbert 268  
Handicap High Games:  
Cotton 321  
Varholdt 311  
D Acuff 308  
Smith Joshua 304  
Smart 298  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
Holick T Johnson
M Herbert D Acuff
Lee D Acuff
Lee D Acuff
Lee D Acuff
Lee Cotton
Lee D Acuff
Lee D Acuff
High Female:  
Reguero +145  
King -25  
Baker -33  
Dutton -38  
Aguila / Lee -72