Crosley Lanes

champs Jordan Plunkett & Luke Jordan

            Jordan Plunkett kept on his season-long roll, while Luke Jordan dominated the day en route to his first JBT title, in exciting Pacific Northwest Conference action at Crosley Lanes.

            Josh Jackson began his climb up the scratch division stepladder finals with a 238-233 win over Marshall Kent.  Josh then got past Todd Hopfner 190-167, but then in the semifinal match he and Cameron Weier tied at 214, forcing our nervewracking one-shot rolloff which Jackson won 10-9 to advance to the finals.

           Top seed Plunkett had led the event on the always-tricky Scorpion pattern since game four, and stayed in control the whole title match for a 220-193 win.  The victory was his Pac NW-leading 9th of his JBT career, and gives him the edge for the Go Wireless Bowler of the Year award as the conference heads into its final weekend next month.

           Dalton Camosso, making back-to-back finals on the weekend, began the handicap stepladder with a 199-186 victory over Kesley Abrahamsen.  Kara Lieber then defeated Camosso 218-186, and followed with a 206-191 win over Nicole Stickler to reach her first career title match.

        Top seed Luke Jordan is short in stature but big in talent, and ran the leaderboard here, on top after all eight games.  He made a big run in the Main Event finals back in December, but had yet to win a JBT event, until now, when his 221-195 title match victory over     Lieber earned him the first title of his JBT career.

        Thanks to the whole crew at Crosley for a great job hosting a JBT event for the first time.  Over $1,400 in scholarships were awarded to bowlers of all averages, and there's still time to get in on the fun!  Check our schedules and come on out to the next JBT event, it's that simple!

Crosley Lanes- final results and optional scholarship winners
Pacific Northwest Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Jordan Plunkett $200
2 Josh Jackson $100
3 Cameron Weier $85
4 Todd Hopfner $60
5 Marshall Kent $110
6 Anthony Douglas  
7 Tyler Stickler $50
8 Josh Mullen  
9 Makayla Douglas $30
10 Tanner Bouwens  
11 Jeremy Witt  
12 Ricky Leighton  
13 Jared McNeal  
14 Brandon Loyear  
15 Nick Bachteler  
16 Michael Paulson  
17 Tristan Curtis $75
18 Ryan Showalter $60
19 Sam Burns $30
20 John Jordan $15
21 Patrick Hickok $10
22 Alex Earle $5
23 Katie Beismann  
24 Sarah Boe  
25 Daniel Steffen $30
26 Natalie Decker  
27 Cody Pike  
28 Eddy Smith  
29 Andrew Heritage  
30 Donald Shaffer  
31 Nathan Coigny  
32 Catherine Rawsthrone  
33 Schrader White  
34 Ashli Mortensen  
35 Perry Crowell  
36 Steve Duncan  
37 Correen Lieber  
38 Kevin Tindell  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Luke Jordan $285
2 Kara Lieber $100
3 Nicole Stickler $60
4 Dalton Camosso $40
5 Kelsey Abrahamsen $20
6 Toby Shephard $20
7 Brittany Arndt  
8 Thomas Nute $30
9 Alan Vancleeve  
10 Jacob Mullen $30
11 Evan Pendergraft  
12 Vince Bachteler  
13 Tyler Satter  
14 Zach Hemming  
15 Jessica Bubnich  
16 Megan Green  
17 Connor Gracia  
18 Bri Hemming $15
19 Tyler Boe $15
20 Derek Johnson  
21 Kevin Obrist  
22 Brittany Yoke  
23 Zane Hays  
24 Corbin Morgan  
25 Kimberly Satter  
26 Kolby Crowell  
27 Aaron Yoon  
28 Cassie Laughlin  
29 Kjerstin Richards  
30 Nick Bruketta  
31 Robert Altieri  
Scratch High Games:  
  Jackson 265  
  Hopfner 263  
Kent 257  
Mullen 254  
Hickock, Plunkett 247  
Handicap High Games:  
N Stickler 277  
Mullen 262  
Jordan 254  
N Stickler 248  
Jordan, Vancleeve 243  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
J Mullen L Jordan
Hickok L Jordan
Curtis L Jordan
Plunkett L Jordan
Plunkett L Jordan
Plunkett L Jordan
Plunkett L Jordan
Plunkett L Jordan
High Female:  
M Douglas -75  
Beismann -109  
S Boe -127  
Decker -136  
Bubnich -168