Traci Warren Memorial Open


champs Zack Herbert & Steven Cheatham; Women's Series champ Rebeca Reguero

        Two JBT veterans picked up their third JBT titles each in exciting Arizona Conference action at the Traci Warren Memorial Open, hosted by AMF Deer Valley Lanes.

        Nick Lee opened up the scratch division stepladder finals with a 194-190 squeaker over Mark Curtis Jr.  Kylee Bonneville then turned the tables on Lee with a 211-201 victory.  Herbert then followed with a 208-183 win to advance to the title match.

        Top seed Kyle King, making his amazing 100th career top-5 finish, was looking to continue his recent JBT hot streak, but Herbert promised to be a tough challenge, having rolled the high game of the day with a 299 in qualifying.  The title match was a back and forth affair, and Herbert's clutch finish forced King to strike to win.  Unfortunately for Kyle, his attempt was very un-Kyle like, and as a result a stunned Zack claimed his first scratch and third overall victory with the 234-220 win.

        An eight-bowler handicap stepladder finals began with Taylor King rolling 232 to edge fine efforts from Jose Cortes (228) and Savannah Carr (222).  Taylor (Kyle's sister, by the way) was clutch again in round two, as her 236 advanced over more well-bowled games by ben Meils (225) and Brooks Gould (212).  In an all-female semifinal, Brooke Martinez came up with a 240 to stop King (201) and Brittany Kolatzny (214) to reach the title game.

        Top seed Steven Cheatham had dominated the event, held in his home house, for most of the day, and after a slow start, made a great move mid-match to pull away from Martinez, making her first finals.  Steven's 227-206 win earned him his third career JBT victory as well.

        On a day where we remembered Traci Warren, a talented JBT bowler we lost way too soon, it's appropriate to have a JBT Women's Series event.  In that title match, Rebeca Reguero earned her second Women's Series title of the season with a 218-193 win over Alicia Sullivan. 

        Ashley Benicki and Andy Garriott picked up $25 scholarships each as winners of the Impact Challenge, courtesy of Impact Pro Shop, located at 99th Ave and Bell Rd in Phoenix.  Please visit them and say thanks!

        Over $1,600 in scholarships were awarded to bowlers of all ages and averages.  Thanks to the whole crew at Deer Valley for hosting us.  Want in on all this fun and action?  Get yourself down to the next JBT event, it's as simple as that! 

Traci Waren Memorial Open- final results and optional scholarship winners
Arizona Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Zach Herbert $200
2 Kyle King $160
3 Kylee Bonneville $60
4 Nick Lee $40
5 Mark Curtis $85
6 Kevin Saunders $120
7 Anthony Tripi  
8 Andy Garriott $25
9 Colton Munger  
10 Matt Herbert $30
11 Riley Dempsey  
12 Labriel Leach  
13 Zach Martinez  
14 Jordan Plunkett $30
15 Aaron Foshie $15
16 Rebeca Reguero $25
17 Kyle Karpovich $25
18 Mike Kremer  
19 Jeff Williams  
20 Brandon Dunson  
21 Alicia Sullivan  
22 Justin Givler  
23 Chris Varholdt  
24 Joseph Lewandowski  
25 Allie Ijams  
26 Jared Billman  
27 Alexander Carpenter  
28 Jory Koizumi  
29 Kris Maglunog  
30 Tony Marin  
31 Blake Kalaf  
32 Shane Valleau  
33 Jeff Anderson  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Steven Cheatham $230
2 Brooke Martinez $100
3 Taylor King $120
4 Brittany Kolatzny $60
5 Brooks Gould $65
6 Ben Meils $55
7 Jose Cortes $30
8 Savannah Carr $70
9 Ashley Benicki $25
10 Alex Pellegrino $15
11 Marina Stever $15
12 Rane Lacona  
13 Stephen Haanpaa  
14 Steven Acuff $30
15 Joey Longo  
16 Valry Swaim  
17 Travis Johnson  
18 Alexis Atkin  
19 Brandon Longo  
20 Dori Jaffess  
21 MacKenzie Butler   
22 Lindsey Ailport  
23 Danny Varholdt  
24 Megan Carlson  
25 Matthew Lombardi $15
26 Kristen Lee  
27 Trevor Roberts   
28 Jake Childers   
29 Maura Swaim  
30 Andrew Nicla  
31 Jeffrey Schultz  
32 Becki Meils   
33 Daniel Cotton $30
34 Kayla Goad  
35 Shawn Thomas  
36 Ashley Collins  
37 Bethany Baker $15
38 Anthony Benicki  
39 Kody Dixon  
40 Krystal Gray  
41 Jeff Weyrauch  
42 Megan LaPrell  
43 Carson Richards  
44 Britini Glasspool  
45 Derek Acuff  
46 Sandy Truman  
47 Josue Chavez  
48 Jenni Cahn  
49 Kyle Smith  
50 AJ Estes  
Impact Challenge Winners ($25 each)
  Ashley Benicki & Andy Garriott
Scratch High Games:  
  Z Herbert 299  
  Tripi 279  
Curtis 268  
Z Herbert 265  
Lee 265  
Handicap High Games:  
T King 290  
Longo 285  
Lacona 284  
Carr 275  
Ben Meils, Cheatham 272
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
Lee Jaffess
Z Herbert Jaffess
Z Herbert Cheatham
Curtis Cheatham
King Cheatham
Z Herbert Cheatham
Z Herbert Cheatham
King Cheatham
High Female:  
Reguero +53  
Sullivan +1  
jaffess -9  
Ijams -17  
Kolatzny -53