champs Marshall Kent & Jeff Brown

        Marshall Kent and Jeff Brown captured JBT titles in exciting Pacific Northwest Conference action at Narrows Plaza Bowl.

          Ryan Showalter opened the scratch division stepladder finals with a 219-198 win over Patrick Hickok.  Jordan Plunkett then came up with the first 8 strikes to tie the high game of the day on the Kegel Broadway pattern, with a 268-212 win over Showalter.  Jordan cooled down in game three and Tristan Curtis took advantage for a 188-170 win, advancing to the title match.

          Top seed Marshall Kent took over in the semifinals to grab the top seed.  In a close title match, Kent defeated Curtis 202-191 for the victory, his third of the season and fourth of his JBT career.

          In the handicap stepladder opener, Brittany Arndt defeated Kelsey Abrahamsen 224-183.  Arnt rolled on in round two with a 234-172 win over league teammate (and recent JBT champ) Nathan Coigny.  The semifinal match against Jeff Brown was a thriller that ended in a 203 tie.  In the two-shot rolloff, Brown escaped 54-44 to reach his first title match.

          Top seed Kyle Jonas grabbed the top seed after a big game eight, and was looking to avenge an early season title match loss.  However, Brown remained tough in his title match debut, and he came away with the 201-188 win and his first JBT title.

           Thanks to the staff at Narrows Plaza for a great job hosting a JBT event for the first time- definitely not the last.  Over $1,200 in scholarships were awarded to bowlers of all averages- want in on all this fun?  Check our schedule out, and come on down to a JBT event soon, it's that simple! 

Narrows Plaza Bowl- final results and optional scholarship winners
Pacific Northwest Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Marshall Kent $215
2 Tristan Curtis $160
3 Jordan Plunkett $70
4 Ryan Showalter $125
5 Patrick Hickok $25
6 Brandon Dunson  
7 Tyler Cruz $15
8 Nick Bachteler  
9 Ricky Leighton  
10 Perrry Crowell  
11 Steve Duncan  
12 Sam Burns $15
13 Colton Munger  
14 Schrader White  
15 Chris Kirk  
16 Sarah Boe  
17 Todd Hopfner $15
18 Kevin Tindell  
19 Cameron Weier $15
20 Josh Jackson  
21 Josh Mullen  
22 Travis McAllister  
23 Eddy Smith  
24 Jeremy Witt  
25 Casey Jamrog  
26 Correen Lieber  
27 Anthony Douglas  
28 Katie Beismann  
29 Brandon Nylund  
30 Max Cooper  
31 Thomas Nute  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Jeff Brown $200
2 Kyle Jonas $100
3 Brittany Arndt $60
4 Kelsey Abrahamsen $80
5 Nathan Coigny $35
6 Tyler Boe  
7 Zane Hays  
8 Bri Hemming $90
9 Zach Hemming  
10 Evan Pendergraft $30
11 Tanner Clemens  
12 Robert Altieri  
13 Andy Herrmann  
14 Craig Dodd  
15 Thomas Nylund  
16 Kyle Hays  
17 Connor Gracia  
18 Justin Shea  
19 Toby Shepherd  
20 Luke Jordan $25
21 Vince Bachteler  
22 Jacob Mullen  
23 Brett Scott Jr  
24 Megan Green  
25 AJ Scott  
26 Quinton Miller  
Scratch High Games:  
  Plunkett 268  
  R Showalter 268  
Kent 267  
Hickok 260  
R Showalter 258  
Handicap High Games:  
J Brown 279  
Jonas 256  
N Coigny 249  
Jonas 246  
Jonas 245  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
Hickok T Nylund
Cruz N Coigny
Showalter J Brown
Showalter J Brown
Show / Cruz/ Curtis J Brown
Kent J Brown
Kent J Brown
Kent Jonas
High Female:  
S Boe -74  
Lieber -193  
Beismann -227  
Abrahamsen 239  
Arndt -244