champs Stephen Planer & Olivia Silva

    Stephen Planer and Olivia Silva earned $1,000 scholarships each as champions of the JBT NM-TX Conference Invitational Tournament, hosted by Albuquerque's Leisure Bowl.


    After five games on the tough PBA Viper pattern, the top 16 bowlers advanced to triple-elimination matchplay.  All-time title leader Kyle King earned the top seed, and Paul Carper used a brilliant 300 game to earn the #2 seed, but both bowlers struggled in matchplay, and ended up the first two bowlers eliminated.


    By round six, eight bowlers remained, highlighted by #3 Anthony Solano, who remained undefeated with a win over William Entsminger.  In other matches, #6 Planer eliminated #8 Brian Burkett, #14 Ryan Scheer ousted #15 Ahkeen Williams, and #5 Rebeca Reguero, who has been on a tear in this year's Invitationals, eliminated #7 Matt Helmick.


    With five bowlers left, Reguero earned a bye, while Planer gave Solano his first loss, and Scheer eliminated Entsminger.  Now with four left, Solano eliminated Reguero, and Planer ousted Scheer to set up the finals.  Reguero finished in third, while Scheer, who was unfortunately in an auto accident the night before that broke a finger on his bowling hand, finished up his courageous performance in fourth place.


    Anthony and Stephen each had only one loss, creating a best 2-of-3 title match situation.  Solano had impressed with his first JBT win the day before and was looking unstoppable, but his only loss was to Planer, who looks forward to the pressure of matchplay.  Using that confidence, Planer captured game one to give Solano his second loss, and then finished it off with a 194-169 win in the next game to capture the title and the $1,000 top scholarship prize.


    In the handicap division, Nicole Gallegos put on a great show in qualifying to earn the top seed, and got through six rounds of matchplay with only one loss to get into the final five.  In that round, #5 Klarice Medina gave #7 Joe Dominguez his second loss, Gallegos eliminated #12 Tim Baribeau, and #2 Olivia Silva enjoyed a valuable bye.


    That left four bowlers, and in that round Silva eliminated Medina, while Dominguez stayed alive by beating Gallegos.  This earned Dominguez a bye, and he watched as Silva eliminated Gallegos in third place, setting up a title match scenario where Joe would have to best Olivia twice to win.


    Silva- work with me now- a past champ at Silva Lanes, went to Silva by accident in the morning, returned to Leisure just in time for the start, and remained nearly unstoppable all day.  Her 222-197 first game win wrapped up the title, the 5th of her JBT career, and the big $1,000 scholarship payday.


    Thanks as always to everyone at Leisure for a great job hosting this important event.  Almost $7,000 in scholarships were awarded to bowlers of all averages- congratulations to everyone who qualified! 


NM-TX Invitational- final results and optional scholarship winners
NM-TX Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Stephen Planer $1,000
2 Anthony Solano $500
3 Rebeca Reguero $405
4 Ryan Scheer $295
5 William Entsminger $245
6 Matt Helmick $150
7 Brian Burkett $90
8 Ahkeen Williams $75
9 Danny Crites $75
10 Lance Ragland $75
11 Jess Gagliardi $175
12 Labriel Leach $50
13 Tim Crites $65
14 Nick Lee $120
15 Kyle King $65
16 Paul Carper $85
17 Wendy Shelton  
18 Christina Waldron $15
19 Danny Cobine  
20 Janeyl Carper  
21 Hannah Stedman  
22 Charlie Elliott $30
23 Robbie Alley  
24 Caleb Goehring  
25 Aaron Raymond  
26 Dalton Hooker  
27 Sara Vargas  
28 Billy Read  
29 William Yoder  
30 Tom Crites  
31 Ryan Fast  
32 Tevynn Laws  
33 Jacob Wright  
34 Mike Romero  
35 Diego Lucero  
36 Jacob Wright  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Olivia Silva $1,000
2 Joe Dominguez $500
3 Nicole Gallegos $315
4 Klarice Medina $200
5 Tim Baribeau $225
6 John Abrahamson $100
7 Seth Jaramillo $140
8 Marcos Armijo $155
9 Nick Sanchez $75
10 Katie McNeil $75
11 Fernandon Delarosa $90
12 Joey Balistreri $110
13 Martin Montoya $50
14 Josh helmick $150
15 Aurora Popple $65
16 Lacey Shelton $120
17 Sophie Diaz  
18 Elizabeth Romero $15
19 Stephanie Barela  
20 Joseph trujillo $15
21 Stacia Cilley $30
22 Tonia Barela  
23 Olivia Stedman $15
24 Chris Brown  
25 Cortez Schenck $10
26 Jonathan Corfield  
27 Ben Stedman  
28 Felishia Sevier  
29 Kyle Madrid  
30 Kelly McNeil  
31 Robbie Garcia  
32 Megan Carlson  
33 Andrea Jaramillo  
34 Rebecca Finch  
35 Kirk Russell  
36 Daniel Aguilar $15
37 Jonah Seawright  
38 Jacob Valdez  
39 Roger Johnson  
40 Ryan Doan  
41 Tanya Paris  
Scratch High Games:  
  Carper 300  
  Lee 286  
King 279  
Scheer 264  
Scheer 258  
Handicap High Games:  
O Silva 255  
Abrahamson 253  
Montoya 238  
Abrahamson 236  
O Silva 244  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
D Crites Silva
King Silva
P Carper Gallegos
P Carper Gallegos
King Gallegos
High Female:  
Reguero +16  
Shelton -76  
Waldron -86  
Carper -112  
O Silva -114