Red Rock Lanes

champs Rebeca Reguero & Samantha Meyers

    The 2009-10 Mojave Conference season opened with the girls reminding the boys just who's boss around JBT-land, as Rebeca Reguero and Samantha Meyers captured titles at the fantastic Red Rock Lanes.

    The highest scoring day of the still-young JBT season produced 19 games of 260 or higher, showing that our bowlers can strike on a house shot just as well as they can grind it out on the hard patterns.  Steven Manier opened up the scratch division stepladder finals with a 256-224 win over April Urban.  Rebeca Reguero, who along with April made it a rare occasion with two females in the top 5, then beat Manier 234-200.  Next up was Brad Hansen, who in game 1 rolled the high game of his career, a 299.  That personal record only lasted six games though, as in game 7 he blasted a perfect 300, which despite the high scores turned out to be the only 300 of the day.  However, Rebeca had been stringing them too (she had a 298 during qualifying), and came up with another monster number, defeating Hansen 266-202 to reach the title match.

    Reguero, a former handicap division all-conference Bowler of the Year, came oh so close to a scratch win last season, but instead watched as many of our other talented females broke through for scratch wins.  To erase that anomaly though, she'd have to get by top seed Devin Bidwell, who had a shot at our all-time 8-game scoring record en route to his third JBT title match in seven days!  In the finale though, Devin suddenly lost the look he had all day, while Rebeca just kept on going, and her 235-164 win was good for that long awaited 1st scratch title, and the 5th title of her terrific JBT career.  So, I guess R.R. likes R(ed)R(ock).... hmm!

    Dylan Lucas began the handicap division finals with a 240-215 win over Kenny Herbster.  Meyers then took over, defeating Lucas 239-217, and following with a 241-231 thriller over Justin Villa to reach the title match. 

    Top seed James Gabour was enjoying his best JBT event ever, as he led after every single game, en route to the top seed.  However, his last two games of the semifinals were his lowest (and only ones under 200) of the day, and unfortunately for James, the trend continued for him in the finals, as he struggled to get lined up until the match was already out of hand.  If it's any consolation for Gabour, even a good game from him wasn't going to be enough, as Samantha came up with a 258 scratch effort for a 283-212 win, and a very long awaited first career JBT title.   The dual-female win is indeed rare, but not as rare as you might think- it happened three times last season, including once here in the Mojave Conference (April Urban & Katelyn Scott). 

    Thanks to everyone at Red Rock for a great job hosting us- what an amazing facility this place is!  Over $1,700 in scholarships were awarded to all ages and averages- want in on the fun?  Come on out to the next JBT event, it's as simple as that!

Red Rock Lanes- final results and optional scholarship winners
Mojave Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Rebeca Reguero $215
2 Devin Bidwell $190
3 Brad Hansen $120
4 Steven Manier $70
5 April Urban $30
6 Dan Hansen $20
7 Cameron Smith $15
8 Brandon Kraye $30
9 Jon Dukes $15
10 Charlie Goulet $15
11 Zack Hattori  
12 Zachary Ford  
13 Alyssa Madrid  
14 DJ Sloan  
15 Kyle King $110
16 Allie Ijams $15
17 Riley Dempsey  
18 Brandon Watts  
19 Brandon Owen  
20 Ryan Howard  
21 Matthew Robbins  
22 Teo Cipriaso  
23 Jeff Williams  
24 Kaitlin Mayall  
25 Tony Rose  
26 Jared Billman  
27 Cory Keraly  
28 Tim Ursillo  
29 Jordan Ferrer  
30 Erik Matthewson  
31 Kris George  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Samantha Meyers $455
2 James Gabour $130
3 Justin Villa $75
4 Dylan Lucas $40
5 Kenny Herbster $45
6 Kennison Andrews $80
7 Tyler Ottenschot $5
8 Dakota Nitz  
9 Alicia Sullivan $15
10 Teddy Lucente  
11 Shane Courtney  
12 Brett Hirsch  
13 Trevor Roberts  
14 Aaron Watkins  
15 Donovan Koff  
16 Jon Gutierrez $30
17 Jordan Cook  
18 Ian Hanuscin  
19 Isaiah Chavez  
20 Randi Speiler  
21 Vincent Nolan  
22 Alyssa Arvizu  
23 Jacob Potts  
24 Gavin Hirsch  
25 Drew Stern  
26 Kyle Andrews  
27 Nick Wade  
28 Emily Arvizu  
29 Taylor Ray  
30 Kimberly Dukes  
Scratch High Games:  
  B Hansen 300  
  B Hansen 299  
Reguero 298  
Reguero 279  
Manier 279  
Handicap High Games:  
Meyers 283  
Ken. Andrews 282  
B Hirsch 282  
Gabour 265  
Meyers 264  
High Females:  
Reguero +154  
Urban +116  
Ijams +97  
Madrid +58  
Sullivan +42  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
1 B Hansen Gabour
2 B Hansen Gabour
3 Bidwell Gabour
4 Bidwell Gabour
5 Bidwell Gabour
6 Bidwell Gabour
7 Bidwell Gabour
8 Bidwell Gabour