champs Brett Wolfe, Chris Varholdt, JD Sweet, Rusty Rickett, and Allie Ijams

        Great stories abounded at the AZ Baker Shootout, and "3 Shades Of Blue" had five of them, combining to capture the title in terrific all-Baker action at AMF Christown.

        5-person Baker, used extensively in high school and especially college bowling, requires teammates to roll two frames each, combining to form one game.  This creates a noisy, wonderful atmosphere not found elsewhere in bowling.   After 12 games of qualifying, the top 12 teams advanced to best 2-of-3 matchplay.  "DK's" team of Kyle King, Steven Black, Kris George, Matt Jones, and Trevor Roberts easily led qualifying, but in the momentum-filled world of Baker, a 246-243 game one loss in their first match spelled eventual defeat to 3 Shades of Blue, whose roster was highlighted by 2002 USBC Masters champ Brett Wolfe.

        In semifinal matches, 3 Shades needed only 2 Games (one of which was a tournament high 289) to sweep the all-Tucson team of "Slow Hook It", a good-natured jab against fireballer teammate Nick Lee.  The other semi went the distance, as "Hef's Homies" (a team filled with past Baker champs) and "Bowling With Leverage" (captained by 6-time regional champ Dave Leverage) went at it.  Leverage's tenth frame double in the tenth sealed a 220-210 game three win to advance against 3 Shades for the title.

        Despite two very competitive games by Leverage (Derek Acuff, Riley Dempsey, Jim Dempsey, Charlie Goulet, and David), 3 Shades of Blue turned everyone else 5 shades of green with envy to win 2-0 and capture the title, thus turning themselves 5 shades of red with blushing excitement.   The aforementioned great stories?  JD Sweet and Chris Varholdt both captured long awaited first career JBT titles.  Allie Ijams' legend continued to grow as one of the best female JBT bowlers all-time with her 5th title (all scratch).  Rusty Rickett continued to have a more successful JBT career as an adult than a junior, winning his 2nd title (his first came in the T of C), and Wolfe filled that glaring hole in his bowling resume by adding JBT champ to the list.

        Thanks to everyone at Christown for doing a great job helping us to host one of the most fun events of the season.  Over $1,400 in scholarships were awarded to the junior participants, and the JBT would like to thank all the over-22 bowlers and alumni who took the time to bowl with us over the weekend.  Want in on all this fun?  Come on out to the next JBT, it's really that simple!

AZ Baker Shootout- final results and optional scholarship winners
Arizona Conference  
rank name prize
1 3 Shades of Blue $500
JD Sweet ($166)  
Allie Ijams ($166)  
Chris Varholdt ($166)  
Brett Wolfe  
Rusty Rickett  
2 Bowling With Leverage Black $300
Derek Acuff ($100)  
Riley Dempsey ($100)  
Charlie Goulet ($100)  
Jim Dempsey  
David Leverage  
3 Hef's Homies $175
Jimmy Hefley ($59)  
Cameron Smith ($59)  
Darcie Staggs ($59)  
Matt Jones  
Mike Cross  
4 Slow-Hook It $150
Nick Lee ($75)  
Kristen Lee ($75)  
Keith Dommer  
Dwight Burns  
Steven Stalter  
5 DK Shaved Kats  
Kris George ($71)  
Trevor Roberts ($71)  
Kyle King ($71)  
Steven Black  
Matt Jones  
6 Hakuna Matata  
Rebeca Reguero  
Dennis Klein  
Marina Stever  
Matt Robbins  
Clancy DeGroot  
7 2/5 < 5  
Courtney Dutton  
Chris Weyrauch  
Rachel Carr  
Rane Lacona  
Craig Spencer  
8 Where's The Handicap?  
Brian Weyrauch  
Eric Rubin  
Jeff Weyrauch  
Jeff Millmier  
Carlton Aspin  
9 Squadoosh  
Bethany Baker ($3)  
Bryanna Caldwell  
Randy Cote ($3)  
Geoffrey Young ($3)  
Miguel Lopez ($3)  
10 Our Lefty Was Late  
Daniel Cotton  
Greg Garbera  
Kylee Bonneville  
Zach Martinez  
John Vournas  
11 Ferocious 5'4"s  
Dori Jaffess  
Jory Koizumi  
Chad Miyashoro  
Savahna Porter  
Alex Carpenter  
12 Flamin' Bananas  
Brian Ballard  
Chad Swiman  
Lana Lycan  
Susy Monteith  
Taylor King  
13 Team 13  
Theo Douthit  
Lindsey Ailport  
Shawn Peters  
Tyson Lewis  
Jason VanBodegon  
14 Team V  
Kayla Goad  
Maura Swaim  
Valry Swaim  
Tiffany King  
Karen Butler  
15 Team 15  
Steven Acuff  
Jenni Cahn  
Mike Kremer  
Brian Hirsch  
John Evans  
16 Team Red Bull  
Kyle Karpovich  
Estevan Casillas  
Daniel Varholdt  
Blake Kalaf  
Jeff Anderson  
17 Team 17  
Chris McHenry  
Chris Gardner  
Labriel Leach  
Ashley Collins  
Kameron Stickney  
18 Big G  
Joe Reguero  
Josh Childers   
Jake Childers ($9)  
Matt Herbert ($9)  
Kyle Jones ($9)  
19 4 Alaskas & 1 Brooklyn  
Savannah Carr  
Pamela Perez  
Cody Taylor  
Jared Billman  
Mike Lantz  
20 Brian Ditched Us  
Steven Cheatham  
Travis Johnson  
Alexis Atkin  
Nick Wade  
Brian Green  
Mike Swaim  

 THIS EVENT: $1,430