champs Jess Gagliardi & Stacia Cilley

            Jess Gagliardi and Stacia Cilley kicked off a new decade in fine fashion, with wins in exciting JBT NM-TX Conference action at Roswell's Town & Country Entertainment.

            Christina Waldron looked unstoppable as she won three matches in the scratch stepladder finals to get to Gagliardi.  She began with a 235-220 over fireballer Nick Lee in round one.  In an all-female round two, Christina beat Hannah Stedman 224-203, and followed with a 226-183 win over first-time scratch finalist Travis Turner to reach the title game.

            Top seed Gagliardi had absolutely owned this event, averaging over 240 in qualifying to coast to the number one seed.  However, he had his hands full with Waldron, who was throwing good shots and brimming with confidence.  Unsurprisingly, it was a strike-fest in the finale, but unfortunately for Waldron she was the one to blink first, missing a 7-pin in the ninth frame that was the difference in a 247-245 win for Gagliardi, who claimed the 4th win of his JBT career.

            Alonzo Richardson opened up the 8-bowler handicap stepladder finals with a 228 game that eliminated Kendra Jones (188) and Olivia Stedman (162).  Joe Palma then blasted a 247 to win round two over Richardson (218) and Shawn Perry (202).  Palma was good again in the semifinals, as his 240 beat Tim Baribeau (218) and Bailey McFarland (227) to reach the title match.  Despite two girls making the scratch finals, McFarland, at 12 years old, was the highest average female of the day, averaging over 210!

           Top seed Stacia Cilley had the early lead in qualifying, and regained it in the last semifinal game.  She countered Palma's strike barrage with a long string of her own, shooting 235 scratch in the final for a 272-243 win and her first career JBT title.

             Thanks as always to Brian Casaus and the great staff at Town & Country for a wonderful hosting job at this traditional new year's event.  Over $1,500 in scholarships were awarded to bowlers age 22 & under of all skill levels- want in on the fun?  Check out our schedule page and come on down to a JBT event soon- it's really that simple!

Town & Country- final results and optional scholarship winners
NM-TX Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Jess Gagliardi $435
2 Christina Waldron $100
3 Travis Turner $50
4 Hannah Stedman $30
5 Nick Lee $20
6 Ryan Scheer  
7 Dalton Hooker  
8 Billy Read $15
9 Robbie Alley  
10 Tim Crites  
11 Ahkeen Williams  
12 Tom Crites  
13 Wendy Shelton  
14 Brandon Dye  
15 Seth Jaramillo $5
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Stacia Cilley $200
2 Joseph Palma $125
3 Bailey McFarland $100
4 Tim Baribeau $75
5 Alonzo Richardson $60
6 Shawn Perry $70
7 Kirstie Jones $40
8 Olivia Stedman $55
9 Lacey Shelton $30
10 Arielle Palma  
11 Hunter Palma $15
12 Scott Green  
13 Ross Scroggins $45
14 Tonia Barela $45
15 Jeff Russell  
16 Andrew Esparza $15
17 Sophie Diaz  
18 Tad Scott  
19 Alyvia Quintana  
20 Will Scroggins  
21 Cyera Quintana  
22 Austin Masterson  
23 Shelby Chenoweth  
24 Jonah Kennon  
25 Raeanna Romero  
26 Alex Baker   
27 Taylor Quintana  
28 Kendra Jones   
29 Cheyenne Masterson  
30 Devan Charboneau  
31 James Scott  
32 Stephanie Barela $10
33 Kara Casaus $15
34 Josh Salazar  
35 Mary Russell  
36 Krista Casaus  
37 Ben Stedman  
38 Zachary Armstead  
39 Kyla Casaus  
40 Krishawna Casaus  
41 Daniel Aguilar  
42 Ernesto Franco  
43 Kristina Casaus  
44 Chris Lewis  
45 Kameron Kennon  
46 Gary Lozano $5
47 Ryan Casaus  
48 Alyssa Williams  
49 Mason Holman  
50 Joseph Dominguez  
Scratch High Games:  
  Gagliardi 279  
  H Stedman 267  
Lee 266  
Scheer 259  
Turner 258  
Handicap High Games:  
S Perry 292  
A Richardson 280  
A Palma 270  
Cilley 269  
J Palma 268  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
Scheer - Hooker Cilley
Scheer Cilley
Scheer Shelton
Gagliardi McFarland
Gagliardi McFarland
Gagliardi Cilley
Gagliardi Cilley
Gagliardi Cilley
High Female:  
McFarland +55  
H Stedman +6  
Waldron -8  
Cilley -81  
W Shelton -51