champs Zack Hattori & Taylor King

Zack Hattori made it back-to-back for the weekend, while Taylor became the Queen of the Kings for the weekend, in exciting JBT Mojave Conference action at South Point.

Ryan Howard dominated the scratch division qualifying round, ending as the only bowler to average over 200 on the demanding PBA Scorpion pattern, rolling along at a 213 clip.  However, the 'PBA' format, featuring head to head best 2-of-3 matchplay, has been a nightmare for top seeds, and the trend continued, as #16 Jordan Ferrer swept Howard 2-0.  If it's any consolation to Ryan, he had plenty of company, as #2 Kyle King, #3 Matt Herbert, #4 Spenser Lilley, and #5 Melissa Huether all lost in round one!  That left #6 Allie Ijams as the highest remaining seed in round two, and she took advantage with a 2-0 seep of #13 Brandon Owen to advance to the semifinals.  In other round of 8 matches, #7 Hattori beat #14 Brad Hansen 2-0, Ferrer beat #9 Dallas Leong 2-1, and #12 Chris Kutcher edged #15 Dan Hansen 2-1.

In one game semifinal matches, Hattori beat Kutcher 212-179, while Ijams outlasted Ferrer 168-157, to set up the title match.  In the finale, Zack, the previous day's winner on the cheetah pattern, followed the same pattern he used yesterday, getting stronger as he went.  Ijams, the defending female Bowler of the Year, struggled on the left lane, and the result was a 214-171 win, and his 8th career JBT victory.

The handicap division used our standard stepladder finals, and Drew Stern began them with a 211-167 win over Katelyn Scott.  Stern then got by James Nolan 211-189, and followed with a 207-205 thriller over Isaiah Cleveland, who made back-to-back finals on the weekend, to advance to the title match.

Top seed Taylor King had also had a brilliant weekend, finishing second the previous day, and then dominating this day on the tough pattern.  However, Stern was riding all the momentum, and as a result a great title match ensued, with both players striking a lot and sparing when they didn't.  It came down to the tenth, and King, who missed a 10-pin to lose yesterday's title, could only watch as Drew, needing spare-strike to tie, left a 10-pin of his own, and then heartbreakingly missed it, giving the stunned King instant redemption, a 253-245 win, and her 3rd career JBT title.

Thanks as always to Mike Monyak, Angie, and the South Point crew for another fine hosting job.  Over $1,400 in scholarships were awarded- want in on the fun?  Come on out to the next JBT event, it's that simple!

South Point- final results and optional scholarship winners
POS. / NAME                            SCHOLARSHIP
1 Zack Hattori $215
2 Allie Ijams $185
3 Chris Kutcher $75
4 Jordan Ferrer $40
5 Dallas Leong $40
6 Brandon Owen  
7 Brad Hansen  
8 Dan Hansen  
9 Ryan Howard $30
10 Kyle King $75


POS. / NAME                            SCHOLARSHIP
1 Taylor King $260
2 Drew Stern $100
3 Isaiah Cleveland $90
4 James Nolan $40
5 Katelyn Scott $30
6 Brandon Duffy  
7 Brittany Kolatzny  
8 Steven Acuff  
9 Douglas Csayni  
10 Paul Huether $30