champ Riley Demspey


        Riley Dempsey capped off an exhausting but extremely successful weekend by capturing the championship of the JBT Midnight Madness Overnight Marathon hosted by South Point.

        After 8 games on the brutal Kegel Turnpike pattern, the top 16 bowlers advanced to triple elimination matchplay (a 181 average was enough to get you in!).  Top seed Jakob Butturff, the only under-22 bowler to average over 200 for qualifying, promptly lost his first two matches to sink into an 0-2 hole, but recovered to win his next two to earn a much needed round-5 bye.  #2 seed Dempsey and #3 Nick Lee had a much easier time, with zero and one loss respectively through five rounds. 

        Eventually only Nick, Riley, Jordan Katz, and Jakob remained standing.  In round 9, Butturff eliminated Katz, while Dempsey gave Lee his second loss.  This gave Jakob a rare second bye, while Dempsey won his second straight game against Nick, eliminating him in third place (Nick also made the long drive from Sunday's JBT event in New Mexico- see below!).  Buttruff thus needed to beat Dempsey twice to win the title, and the first game went down to the late frames.  Needing a atrike to stay alive, Jakob left a solid-8 which effectively ended the match, and the 212-184 decision was good for the 11th title of Riley's exploding JBT career. 

        It's a memorable win in many ways: a whopping $500 first place prize, winning on a grueling shot against tough competition, but most noticeably because he won his 10th title roughly 36 hours earlier- in Albuquerque.  After finishing 3rd in Sunday's event, he and other lunatics drove the 600+ miles to bowl this event (we love our lunatics).  Three events, three top 5s, two titles, three states, and two time zones, in roughly 62 hours-  now that's JBT dedication at its best, and obviously well worth it for Riley!

        Steven Villanueva captured the simultaneous 22-and-over sweeper event at an impressive +220.  He rolled all 8 games over 200, obviously the only bowler to do so, far outpacing runner-up Chuck Mogavero.

         Thanks to everyone who participated in one of the most unique events of the JBT season, and the South Point staff for helping to make the event possible.  Over $2,000 in prizes were awarded- want in on your share?  Come on out to the next JBT event, it's as simple as that!


Midnight Madness- final results and optional scholarship winners
Mojave Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Riley Dempsey $500
2 Jakob Butturff $320
3 Nick Lee $200
4 Jordan Katz $150
5 Chase Nadeau $100
6 Cameron Smith $75
7 Briandon Owen $60
8 Dallas Leong $30
9 Zack Hattori  
10 Jordan Ferrer  
11 Nate Leavitt  
11 Ryan Jacobson  
12 Brad Hansen $75
13 Dan Hansen  
14 Nicholas Pollak  
15 Mike Kremer  
16 Joshua Liebowitz  
18 Teddy Lucente  
19 Tony Rose  
20 Robert Atherton  
21 Mark Caparas  
22 Paul Huether  
23 Joey Mogavero  
24 DJ Sloan $15
25 Garrett Schweers $15
26 Mark Curtis  
27 Ian Hanuscin $60
28 Kayla Goad $60
29 Randi Speiler  
30 Brandon Duffy  
31 Logan Kennedy  
32 Eric Hatchett  
33 Jordan Ono  
34 Michael Butz  
35 Lindsey Ailport  
36 Dylan Lucas  
37 Aaron Watkins  
38 Aubrey Calabrese  
39 Veronica Schleicher  
40 Kyle Chambers  
  22 & Over  
1 Steven Villanueva $300
2 Chuck Mogavero $150
3 Toby Sambueno  
4 Theo Douthit  
5 Andy Reynoso  
6 Chris Aldeguer  
7 Rene Aburto  
8 Shawn Gibbs  
9 Ricky Overton  
10 Andy Holick  
11 Cayson Coyle  
Scratch High Games:  
  D Hansen 245  
  D Hansen 244  
B Hansen 244  
Butturff 243  
Katz 242