champs Cameron Smith & Taylor King

        Cameron Smith and Taylor King picked up JBT titles in our first visit to Prescott's Plaza Bowl in almost ten years.

        Aaron Foshie, fresh off his 21st birthday, opened the scratch division stepladder finals with a 183-161 win over Deven Johnston, who had the high game of the tournament with a brilliant 298.  Foshie then defeated Nick Lee 204-186.  Labriel Leach then edged Foshie 208-195 to advance to the title match.

        Top seed Cameron Smith struggled in the early games, but really caught fire late in the day, with a 775 semifinal set to roar into the top seed.  Smith was also fighting mental demons, having not won a title since December despite many title match appearances.  This time he was finally able to finish the deal, beating Labriel 234-211, good for the 19th win of his spectacular JBT career.

        Valry Swaim opened up the handicap division stepladder finals with a 187-180 win over Morgan Rapp, who continues to bowl amazingly well despite a foot injury requiring a cast and a boot.   Megan Carlson, improving since a bad knee injury of her own, then beat Swaim 238-205.  Taylor King then edged Carlson 191-190 in a thrilling semifinal that came down to an 11th-frame missed spare from Megan.

        Top seed KJ Martinez mirrored Cameron with a big semifinal set to jump into the lead.  Also like Smith, he's had trouble winning title matches lately despite previous success.  Unfortunately for KJ, unlike Cameron, his string continued, as King came up with a brilliant title game to beat Martinez 254-218, good for the 5th title of her excellent JBT career. 

        Mark Hugelmaier's amazing string of three consecutive titles came to an end, but not without a fight, as he recovered from a dismal first game to make the cut, and almost climb into the finals.  Both titlists threw Ebonite equipment for an extra $100 scholarship each, courtesy of our terrific title sponsor, and also picked up an extra $25 from Bowling Dynamics, a sponsor of all Arizona Conference JBT events.  This helped us award over $1800 in scholarships on the day- want in on all this fun and excitement?  Check out our schedule and come on down to the next JBT event, it's as simple as that!

Plaza Bowl- final results and optional scholarship winners
Arizona Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Cameron Smith $355
2 Labriel Leach $110
3 Aaron Foshie $85
4 Nick Lee $40
5 Deven Johnston $30
6 Jordan Hastings $60
7 Joe Lewandowski  
8 Kyle King  
9 Zach Herbert $45
10 Curtis Lindeman  
11 Kyle Karpovich $15
12 Anthony Tripi $45
13 Riley Dempsey  
14 Sam Amaral  
15 Rebeca Reguero  
16 Derek Acuff  
17 Allie Ijams  
18 Peter DiPasquale  
19 Josue Chavez  
20 Zach Martinez  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Taylor King $370
2 KJ Martinez $130
3 Megan Carlson $65
4 Valry Swaim $40
5 Morgan Rapp $210
6 Samantha Meyers $95
7 Alex Pellegrino  
8 Savannah Carr $75
9 Carter O'Neal  
10 Andrew Dorsey  
11 Dakota Thompson  
12 Kristen O'Neal  
13 Mark Hugelmaier $15
14 Marina Stever $35
15 Steven Acuff  
16 Cortez Schenck $45
17 Stan Bunce  
18 Brooke Martinez $15
19 Lindsey Ailport  
20 Austin Likens  
21 Drew Stern $20
22 Nathan Skalicky  
23 Zachary Rapp  
24 Nick Skalicky  
25 Aaron Proefrock  
26 Courtney Piazza  
27 Joey Sorce  
28 Stephen Haanpaa  
29 Alexis Atkin  
30 Ryan Zent  
31 Brittany Kolatzny  
32 Danny Varholdt  
33 Corbin Hirsch  
Scratch High Games:  
  Johnston 298  
  Foshie 286  
Smith 278  
Lee 269  
Hastings 264  
Handicap High Games:  
Thompson 270  
Thompson 265  
King 259  
KJ Martinez 258  
Carr 254  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
Lee Thompson
Lee V Swaim
Leach T King
Leach T King
Leach V Swaim
Lee KJ Martinez
Smith KJ Martinez
Smith KJ Martinez
High Female:  
V Swaim +8  
King +5  
Carr -22  
Stever -24  
L Ailport -80