AZ Doubles Classic

champs JD Sweet & William Nedry, and Chris & Danny Varholdt

    JD Sweet earned a career triple-crown format-wise, while the Varholdt brothers earned their second titles each, to highlight action in the JBT AZ Doubles Classic, hosted by AMF Christown.

    Rebeca Reguero and and Ron Hatfield used a big game to get into the finals, then opened the Baker-style stepladder with a 214-192 win over Cortez Schenck and Chris Klerk.  Cortex became one of our youngest scratch division finalists ever at 11 years old!  Sweet and Nedry then took over, defeating Rebeca and Ron 233-147, and following with a 225-170 decision over Delano Coveris and Mike Armstrong to reach the title match.

    Top seeds Kyle King and Matt Jones combine for both ends of the JBT timeline, with Kyle the defending AZ Bowler of the Year and Jones the first Bowler of the Year winner, in 1996-97.  It was a bit of a struggle for all 4 finalists, but in the end it was a sweet score for JD and Will, as they won the match 193-184.  It was Nedry's first JBT win, and Sweet's third, giving him a win in singles, doubles, and team JBT formats!

    The father-son team of Alex and Robert Pellegrino opened the handicap stepladder with a 214-192 win over Courtney Piazza and Brittany Kolatzny.  The Varholdts then too charge, defeating the Pellegrinos 220-156, and following with a 221-215 thriller over Gollian Coyle and Tina Stickney, as both Tima and Chris came up with tenth frame doubles for their teams. 

    Top seed Josue Chavez and Taylor King teamed up jut before the event began, and it proved to be a great combination as they cruised to the top seed.  However, the title match proved to be a struggle, and the Varholdts remained comfortable throughout, winnning the game 227-186 for the second titles of their JBT careers each.

    Thanks as always to the fantastic crew at Christown for hosting this popular event.  Over $2,830 in scholarships were awarded to the 21 and under bowlers- if you want in on all this fun, come on down to the next JBT event, it's that simple!

AZ Doubles- final results and optional scholarship winners    
Arizona Conference        
Scratch Division        
rank name   partner   prize
1 JD Sweet $350 William Nedry   $350
2 Kyle King $330 Matt Jones (az)   $330
3 Delano Coveris $150 Mike Armstrong   $150
4 Rebeca Reguero $125 Ron Hatfield   $125
5 Cortez Schenck $100 Chris Klerk   $100
6 Mark Myers $90 Matt Herbert   $90
7 Zach Herbert $40 Steven Black $40 $80
8 Joe Lewandowki $35 Andy Garriott $35 $70
9 Zach Martinez   Brian Makan    
10 Curtis Lindeman   Derek Iozzio    
11 Riley Demspey   Jim Dempsey    
12 James Hawkins   Randy Cote    
13 Mike Cross   Lanndyn Carnate    
14 Kyle Karpovich $15 Mike Fiorino $15 $30
15 Chris Rice   Paul Rice    
16 Rane Lacona   Will McPherson    
17 Nick Lee   Andy Holick    
18 Brandon Donnelly   Jory Koizumi    
19 Kris Maglunog   Kaylene Folks    
20 Mark Curtis   Carlton Aspin    
21 Dakota Thompson   Brian Coleman    
22 Theo Douthit   Kyle Klein    
23 Jacob Smith $15 Sean Riley   $15
24 Anthony Benicki $30 Dave Roppel   $30
25 Rachel Carr   Courtney Dutton    
26 Justin Givler   Joe Reguero    
27 Savahna Porter   Shane Valleau    
28 Aaron Foshie $15 Kelvin Douthard    
29 Derek Acuff   Chad Swiman    
30 Robert Atherton   Steven Sheffey    
31 Anthony Tripi $30 Andrew Cain    
32 Travis Johnson   Wayne Johnson    
33 Robert Douglas   Mark Evans    
34 Greg Garbera   Kylee Bonneville    
35 Tim Burkhart   Mike Christie    
36 Deven Johnston   Dave Rathert    
37 Mike Kremer   Kurtis Paul    
38 Ashley Walkenbach   Larry Ely    
39 Brian Weyrauch   Chris Weyrauch    
40 Chad Miyashiro   Dori Jaffess    
41 Brooke Martinez   Michael Haugen    
42 Brian Ballard   Susy Monteith    
43 Randy Kettelhut   Chris Spinner    
44 Nick Skalicky   Bruce Irwin    
45 Brandon Webster   Justin Manuel    
46 Gregg Kern   Kyle Abbas    
Handicap Division        
rank name   partner   prize
1 Danny Varholdt $345 Chris Varholdt   $345
2 Josue Chavez $145 Taylor King $125 $270
3 Gillian Coyle $165 Tina Stickney   $165
4 Alex Pellegrino $155 Robert Pellegrino   $155
5 Brittany Kolatzny $50 Courtney Piazza $50 $100
6 Sarah Allred $90 Eugene Robinson   $90
7 Lindsey Ailport $40 Kayla Goad $40 $80
8 Jonathan Lawrence $70 Charlotte Strayhorne   $70
9 Brian Hirsch   Corbin Hirsch    
10 Alexis Atkin   Cameron Smith    
11 Bryanna Caldwell   Bethany Baker    
12 Savannah Carr $65 Marina Stever $30 $90
13 Vann Corroo   Michael Corroo    
14 Michael Bonkowske   Ashley Benicki    
15 Bear Wiltfang   Danielle Stewart    
16 Lauren Douglas   Robert Douglas    
17 Taylor Knight   Pat Knight    
18 Britni Glasspool $30 Dana Glasspool    
19 Stan Bunce    Chelsea Zemelka $45 $45
20 Anubrey Calabrese   Patricia Singer    
21 Amber Evans   John Evans    
22 Kylee Crisostomo   Ben Bowman    
23 Sara Nassberg   Neil St.Amant    
24 Kristen Lee   Valry Swaim    
25 Blake Kalaf   Daniel Cotton    
26 Stacey Lamb   KJ Martinez    
27 Jacob DiGiacomo   Lyle Lamb     
28 Kody Dixon   Shawn White    
29 Candace Gardner   George Gardner    
30 Maura Swaim   Tiffany King    
31 Steven Acuff   Robert Clark III    
32 Steven Ailport   Randy Ailport      
33 Samantha Meyers   Michael Curry    
34 Shelby Dempsey   Chris Solomon    
35 Zach Simon   Kelsey Rhodes    
36 Kyle Thompson   Jeff Willbanks    
37 MacKenzie Butler   David Richard    
38 Timmy Pate   Chris McHenry    
39 Megan LaPrell   Deborah LaPrell    
40 Jared Boscarino   Tony Boscarino    
41 Taylor Coleman   Jacob Fann    
Scratch High Games:        
  Klein 299        
  Z Martinez 279        
Iozzio 279        
Sheffey 276        
A Benicki 276        
Handicap High Games:        
T King 282        
L Ailport 276        
T King 270        
Chavez 265        
Kolatzny 258        
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)        
  Scratch   Handicap    
1 Donnelly - Koizumi   Chavez - King    
2 Martinez - Makan   Corroo- Corroo    
3 Z Herbert - Black   Chavez - King    
4 Coveris - Armstrong   Chavez - King    
5 Coveris - Armstrong   Chavez - King    
6 Coveris - Armstrong   Chavez - King    
7 King - Jones   Chavez - King    
High Female:        
Zemelka +60        
Dutton +52        
T King +49        
Koizumi +41        
Kaylene Folks +27