Bowl El Paso

champs Gregg Kern & Steven Acuff

        Gregg Kern won his first scratch title, while Steven Acuff steamrolled through the weekend, in exciting JBT NM-TX Conference action at Bowl El Paso.

        Our always exciting 'survivor' format features low-bowler out action, pair by pair throughout the center.  The scratch division was whittled down to six bowlers, and in those matches Kern beat Rebeca Reguero 243-183, Kevin Ives edged Billy Read in a 238-234 thriller, and Chris Brown eliminated Nick Lee 229-199.  Lee had done his damage, though, firing the weekend's only 300 the game before.

        This set up a three way, three state semifinal, and Arizona's Kern (231) and New Mexico's Brown (216) edged Texas' Ives (209) to set up the title match.  In that game, Kern was in control until a late missed spare, but Brown returned the open the very next frame, and Gregg was able to cruise to a 224-193 win, the first scratch title of his JBT career, and third overall.

        Handicap bowlers were eventually carved down to four survivors, and in those matches Samantha McFarland beat Lacey Shelton 203-173, and Steven Acuff beat first-time finalist Rolando Posada 222-207 (Steven and Rolando had just combined to oust Rolando's sister Geny in fifth place).

        In the ensuing title match, Steven had lots of pins to make up against McFarland, and just like the day before, got off to a hot start (this time the front seven) to make up the difference quickly.  Amazingly, despite that it was still a match at the end as Samantha more than held her own, also bowling a way over average game.   Eventually though, Acuff's tenth frame spare sealed the deal, and his 246-223 win earned him a spot in the elite group of handicap bowlers to win back to back titles in one weekend, the 4th and 5th titles of his JBT career.

        Samantha's big sister Bailey avenged the McFarland family in the JBT Women's Series title match, presented by Impact Bowling.  The talented 13 year-old beat top women's qualifier Reguero 212-179 for the Women's Series title and a shot at a $500 bonus at the JBT Impact Bowling Girls Invitational.

       Thanks as always to Bowl El Paso for a fine job hosting our Tour.  Over $1,100 in scholarships were awarded to bowlers of all averages- want in on the fun?  Come on out to the next JBT event, it's that simple!

Bowl El Paso- final results and optional scholarship winners
NM-TX Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Gregg Kern $200
2 Chris Brown $100
3 Kevin Ives $80
4 Billy Read $30
5 Rebeca Reguero $35
6 Nick Lee  
7 Aaron Foshie  
8 Labriel Leach  
9 Jacob Gill  
10 William Entsminger $85
11 Riley Dempsey $45
12 Paul Carper  
13 Jacob Wright $15
14 Ryan Scheer $15
15 Leo Guzman  
16 Derek Acuff  
17 Tevynn Laws  
18 Andrew Esparza  
19 Bailey McFarland $50
20 Ryan Fast  
21 Seth Jaramillo  
22 Ahkeen Williams  
23 Scott Wiley  
24 Janeyl Carper  
25 Sam Zermeno  
26 Cody Franke  
27 Amber Robinson  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Steven Acuff $225
2 Samantha McFarland $100
3 Lacey Shelton $50
4 Rolando Posada $30
5 Geny Posada $20
6 Luis Cintron $30
7 Fernando Delarosa $15
8 Sophie Diaz  
9 Taylor Quintana  
10 Aurora Popple  
11 Ryann McMurtrie  
12 Savannah Carr $30
13 Nick Sanchez  
14 Alyssa Williams  
15 Micayla Scheer  
16 Kaitlynn McMurtrie  
17 Ina Parrent $10
18 Roman Red $15
19 Ryan Doan  
20 Jeff Russell  
21 Joleigh Murphy  
Scratch High Games:  
  Lee 300  
  Entsminger 268  
Ives 257  
Foshie 257  
Foshie 257  
Handicap High Games:  
Shelton 263  
Acuff 258  
Delarosa 249  
Acuff 246  
Delarosa 244  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
Kern R McMurtrie
Kern L Shelton
Read L Shelton
Foshie L Shelton
Foshie S Acuff
High Female:  
Reguero +17  
McFarland -96  
Carper -143  
Shelton -143  
Diaz -169