So Cal Baker Shootout

champs Kyle King, Matt Jones, Darcie Staggs, Jimmy Hefley, & Ken McElvaney

    It was a 3-peat at almost 3 AM for Dahdoul Textiles, as the talented team of Kyle King, Ken McElvaney, Darcie Staggs, Jimmy Hefley, and Matt Jones won its third straight So Cal Baker Shootout, hosted by Canoga Park Bowl.

    As part of a marathon singles-doubles-team weekend, the event began at 9 PM with 12 baker-style qualifying games, followed by the top 12 teams playing in best 2-of-3 matchplay.  "El Teamo Name-o" qualified numero uno, but got upset-o by the #9 seeded "2 Kevs, 2 Steves, and a Wes" in the round of eight, while #2 Dahdoul swept #5 Scott's Pro Shop.

    In the round of 4, Dahdoul kept rolling with a 2-0 win over #7 "The Power Rangers", while #4 "It Is What It Is" stopped "2 Kev's" run with a 2-1 squeaker that came down to the final frame of the 185-178 game three win.

    Baker is great in that it is a truly team form of bowling, and team chemistry was vital as the clock wound into the wee hours, the lanes dried out, and the thumbs fried out.  While the team of John Struckman, Kyle Duster, Jeremy Glover, and adults Matt Harris and Mike Villareal gave it all they had, the Dahdoul team was nearly flawless in a 2-0 win, and earned the three-peat.   Will the Dahdoul Textiles team outlast Dahdoul Textiles itself?  Find out next year when they go for four!

    Thanks to Canoga Park for being able to host this unusually timed and exciting event, which awarded over $1,100 in scholarships to bowlers of all ages and averages.  If you want in on the unique fun only JBT offers, check out our schedule and come on down to an event, it's that simple!

So Cal Baker Shootout- final results and optional scholarship winners
Southern California Conference  
rank name prize
1 Dahdoul Textiles Inc. $500
Jimmy Hefley ($167)  
Kyle King ($171)  
Darcie Staggs ($167)  
Ken McElvaney (a)  
Matt Jones (a)  
2 It Is What It Is $250
John Struckman ($84)  
Kyle Duster ($84)  
Jeremy Glover ($134)  
Matt Harris (a)  
Mike Villareal (a)  
3 The Power Rangers $125
Steven Acuff ($25)  
Lindsey Ailport ($25)  
Labriel Leach ($25)  
Kayla Goad ($25)  
Curtis Lindeman ($25)  
4 2 Kevs, 2 Steves & a Wesley $125
Wesley Low ($42)  
Steven Manier ($42)  
Kevin Jones ($42)  
Kevin Valmonte (a)  
Stephen Lindsey (a)  
5 El Teamo Name-o $100
Cameron Smith ($20)  
Bethany Baker ($20)  
James Hawkins ($20)  
Valerie Riggin ($20)  
Riley Demspey ($20)  
6 We're Fancy Huh?  
Matt Cormack  
Aaron Steinberg  
Scott Friedman  
Taylor King  
Kevin Gross  
7 Scott's Pro Shop  
Jordan Kraye  
Brandon Kraye  
Scott Kraye  
Mark Myers  
Wishtoyo Vasquez  
8 Del Rosa Lanes  
Dave Wodka  
Nicole Ellison  
Terrence Robinson  
Parker Brooks  
Zachary Smith  
9 Team 9  
Travis Hewitt  
Jeff Spiesman  
Ronnie Fujita  
Mark Curtis  
Zoren Hartfield  
10 The Cuties  
Jamie Spector  
Zach Martinez  
Aaron Foshie  
Brooke Martinez  
Alicia Sullivan  
11 The Vinny Nolans  
Vincent Nolan  
Isaiah Clevelnad  
Jacob Camacho  
Brittany Kolatzny  
Ben Canfield  
12 Hemet Hustlers  
Mark Mansfiedl  
Michael Creek  
Eric Ruger  
Courtney Brown  
Bryan Rondeau  
13 Team 13  
Courtney Dutton  
Rachel Carr  
Chris Weyrauch  
Brian Weyrauch  
Cortez Schenck  
14 Camarillo Bowl  
Michael Ma  
Scott Poddig  
Jordan Bibby  
Thomas Addison ($10)  
Dan Addison  
15 Captain Crunch  
Kirk Chui  
Brandon Turner  
Luke holley  
Derek Acuff  
David Turner  
16 Team 16  
Travis Zehntner  
Mik May  
KJ Martinez  
Mark Knapp  
James Knapp  
17 MSC  
Kyle Andrews  
Kennison Andrews  
Chris Andrews  
Nick Vinyard  
Samantha Vinyard  
18 Young Guns  
Mark Hugelmaier  
Kyli Selley  
Chris Hefner  
Jordan Eres  
Alex Bissett