champs Wesley Low & Shauna Schultz


            Wesley Low and Shauna Schultz earned $1,000 scholarships each as champions of the JBT Southern California Conference Invitational tournament, hosted by Montclair's newly remodeled Bowlium Lanes.


            Proving once again that age is not the determining factor of success in our events, 14 year-old Low becomes our youngest scratch major tournament champion, beating a field of talented bowlers as old as 22 on the way to the title.  After 5 games on a very demanding lane condition where a 178 average was enough to qualify for the 16-bowler triple-elimination matchplay, 17 year-old Adam Dubia was the leader, and he breezed through the early rounds of matchplay with only one loss through seven rounds.  Wesley was undefeated through five rounds before Adam handed him his first loss in round six. 


            Eventually only Low, Dubia, and Derek Acuff remained standing, all with two losses each.  In what thus became the semifinal match, Low eliminated Acuff 213-195, setting up the fitting title match between the two best players of the day.  Though a brilliant 4-10 conversion appeared to give Dubia some momentum mid-game, Low countered that with a 5-bagger, and confidently rode that to a 233-208 win, and the fifth title of his JBT career for the little guy with a huge future ahead of him.  Adam earned $500 for second, Acuff won $300 for third, Steven Manier finished fourth for $275, and Ben Canfield rounded out the top five for $150.


            Schultz qualified #11 for the 16-bowler handicap finals, and then caught fire in the triple-elimination matchplay, going undefeated through the first six rounds before losing to #1 seed Tyler Wolff, who was outstanding all day, but needed to beat Shauna to stay alive in that round.  In other matches that round, #9 KJ Martinez eliminated #14 Luke Holley, and #3 Alex Bissett eliminated #10 seed and handicap points champion Kayla Goad.  In round eight, Schultz eliminated Martinez and Bissett eliminated Wolff, setting up a title match situation where Bissett would have to beat Shauna twice to win the title.


            It looked like Alex was going to win the first game to force a decider, but after a shaky mid-game, Shauna rebounded with marks in her final four frames to swipe the game back 211-201 and win the title, the first of her career, and the $1,000 scholarship windfall.   Bissett settled for $500 for second,   Wollf earned $300 for third, Martinez (making yet another major event top-5) pocketed $200 for fourth, and Goad, also having a fantastic year, earned $150 for fifth.


            Thanks again to Herbert and the Bowlium staff for another terrific job hosting our Tour.  Over $6,800 in scholarships were earned by our Invitational qualifiers- think about that as you plan for the 2011-12 season, which kicks off in September.  Check out our website,, for all the details, tell a friend or twenty, and get in on the best under-22 action around!



So Cal Invitational- final results and optional scholarship winners
Southern California Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Wesley Low $1,040
2 Adam Dubia $500
3 Derek Acuff $30
4 Steven Manier $275
5 Ben Canfield $150
6 Labriel Leach $100
7 Kevin Jones $75
8 Luis Perez $120
9 Chris Hefner $120
10 Cameron Smith $150
11 Mark Myers $175
12 Jordan Ferrer $50
13 Joe Lewandowski $80
14 Aaron Foshie $65
15 Mark Curtis $80
16 Kirk Chui $50
17 Joey Chuo $15
18 Ryan Peden  
19 Brandon Turner  
20 Scott Boyle  
21 Ronnie Fujita  
22 Dan Patty  
23 John Struckman  
24 Valerie Riggin  
25 Kyle Duster  
26 Nick Vinyard  
27 Ashley Dunn  
28 Mark Mansfield  
29 Jimmy Hefley $15
30 Curtis Lindeman  
31 Riely Chin  
32 Zach Martinez  
33 JD Sweet  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Shauna Schultz $1,000
2 Alex Bissett $500
3 Tyler Wolff $300
4 KJ Martinez $200
5 Kayla Goad $250
6 Luke Holley $180
7 Eric Demo $75
8 Marguerite Evans $135
9 Samantha Meyers $190
10 Jake Francisco $75
11 Mark Hugelmaier $125
12 Vincent Nolan $65
13 Cortez Schenck $185
14 Steven Acuff $50
15 Randi Speiler $65
16 Jacob Camacho $90
17 Brittany Kolatzny  
18 Jamie Spector  
19 Matt Zweig  
20 Alexis Atkin $15
21 Ricardo Mendoza  
22 Kennison Andrews  
23 Brooke Martinez  
24 Isaiah Cleveland  
25 Kyli Selley $5
26 Jenny Phandanouvong $5
27 Kyle Andrews  
28 Drew Stern $15
29 Michael Ma  
30 Carol Chui  
31 Leah Zweig  
32 Dillon Alugostoski  
33 Elias Torres  
34 Robert Lim  
35 BJ Harlan  
36 Bryan Rondeau  
37 Ryan Breland  
38 Joey Paglia  
39 Zoren Hartfield  
39 Savannah Carr  
Scratch High Games:  
  Canfield 267  
  Jones 267  
Canfield 257  
Turner 255  
Manier 251  
Handicap High Games:  
Evans 280  
Meyers 268  
Kolatzny 264  
Meyers 258  
Francisco 255  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
Canfield Bissett
Canfield Acuff
Jones Meyers
Jones Meyers
Dubia Wolff
High Female:  
Meyers -96  
Goad -102  
Kolatzny -122  
Riggin -142  
Spector -148