Cactus Bowl

champs Nick Lee & John Patterson, and a giant happy pickle

        Nick Lee and John Patterson captured JBT titles in exciting Arizona Conference action at Tucson's venerable Cactus Bowl.

        Scratch division bowlers enjoyed the 'mulligan' format, where you get 3 'do-overs' to strategically use throughout qualifying, and earn one more each for making the semifinals and finals.  In an all-California battle to open the scratch stepladder finals, Mark Curtis outstruck Matt Cormack 247-236.  Curtis remained on a roll, beating Timothy Jacob 259-222, ending a fine day for Jacob which included the two highest games of the tournament (298 and 279) and leading 6 of the 8 rounds.  Kyle King then mulliganed Curtis into submission 259-212, having to use three of them to finally string enough to win. 

        Top seed Nick Lee took over in the semifinals with a big series, but struggled early in the title game.  Uncharacteristically, though, Kyle did too, both of them burning off all remaining mulligans by the middle of the game.  In the end, though, Nick had enough left for a 204-183 win, and the 5th title of his excellent JBT career.  Lee made the most of our sponsorship opportunities, throwing Ebonite equipment for a $100 bonus, and wearing the EFX performance bracelet for another $25.

        The handicap division bowled the standard format, and Drew Stern opened up the stepladder finals with a 211-163 win over Pac NW bowler Alan Vancleeve.  Cortez Schenck, a recent winner in Roswell, showed the winning form again in a 251-242 thriller over Stern.  John Patterson then escaped with a 189-184 win over Schenck that came down to the final shot, advancing to the championship game.

        Top seed Cassie Collins dominated the tournament, starting out red-hot and hanging on for the top seed.  Patterson's late triple made a close match between Cassie and him come down to the tenth frame, where Collins left an unfortunate 5-7 which she was unable to convert, resulting in a 203-196 win for Patterson, and the first title of his JBT career.

          Thanks as always to Dale Schnell and the crew at Cactus, a longtime supporter of JBT, for hosting the event, which awarded over $1,700 in scholarships to all ages and averages.  Want in on the fun?  Come on out to the next JBT, it's that simple!

Cactus Bowl- final results and optional scholarship winners
Arizona Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Nick Lee $355
2 Kyle King $230
3 Mark Curtis $60
4 Tim Jacob $40
5 Matt Cormack $20
6 JD Sweet  
7 Zach Martinez $30
8 Delano Coveris  
9 Josh Wester  
10 Kyle Karpovich $15
11 Jacob Smith $60
12 Riley Dempsey $35
13 Tim Crosswhite  
14 Chris Brown  
15 Jarrod Davenport  
16 Derek Iozzio  
17 Bryan VanSickle  
18 Michael Bolnick  
19 Jaron Jaeger  
20 Tyler Boe  
21 Michael Majeske  
22 Sam Amaral  
23 Tristan Carlson  
24 Nigel Shemanski  
25 Jay Bricker  
26 Cade Shemanski  
27 Labriel Leach  
28 Erica Pursell  
29 Marcus Stanley $5
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 John Patterson $200
2 Cassie Collins $100
3 Cortez Schenck $195
4 Drew Stern $120
5 Alan Vancleeve $35
6 Brooke Martinez $15
7 Blake Kalaf $15
8 Alex Pellegrino  
9 Dakota Thompson  
10 Jake Hilton  
11 Danny Varholdt  
12 Corbin Hirsch  
13 Marina Stever $15
14 Kayla Goad  
15 Samantha Meyers  
16 KJ Martinez $45
17 Valry Swaim  
18 Alexis Atkin  
19 Britni Glasspool  
20 Dominic Luna  
21 Brittany Kolatzny  
22 Bethany Baker  
23 Peter Fonvergne  
24 Ryan Zent $30
25 Gillian Coyle  
26 Austin Likens  
27 Jacob Digiacomo  
28 Megan Carlson  
29 Kristen Lee  
30 Krystal Gray  
Scratch High Games:  
  Jacob 298  
  Jacob 279  
Curtis 279  
Crosswhite 279  
Iozzio 279  
Handicap High Games:  
Pellegrino 288  
Collins 275  
Kalaf 273  
Vancleeve 268  
Schenck 265  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
Iozzio - Jacob Pellegrino
Jacob Collins
Jacob Collins
Jacob Collins
Jacob Collins
Jacob Collins
Lee Collins
Lee Collins
High Female:  
Martinez even  
Goad -30  
Stever -53  
Collins -54  
Pursell -64