champs Cameron Weier (go Canucks!) and Khalid Lucas

        Cameron Weier and Khalid Lucas put on title match clinics to earn impressive victories in JBT Pacific Northwest Conference action at Vancouver's Crosley Lanes.

        Makayla Douglas held her own against the guys once again, this time opening the scratch division stepladder finals with a 202-188 win over Schrader White.  Weier then began his climb to the top with a 214-202 win over Makayla.  That turned out to be his closest match by a large margin, as he then proceeded to catch fire to an amazing degree.  He fired ten strikes to defeat second seed Tristan Curtis 276-171.  Then came top seed Josh Mullen, who absolutely lapped the field, leading all eight rounds in a spectacular performance on a challenging condition.  Weier, meanwhile, started the day 155-203-140 to fall out of contention, but then shot 234-211 to sneak into the cut, and then 258-267 to close out matchplay to jump into the finals.  Amazingly, he had even better than all of the above left in the tank, firing the back eleven for a 290-149 win over a demoralized Mullen to capture the title, the 12th of his JBT career.  As much as Josh's great day should not be overshadowed, the strength of Weier's comeback ranks among some of the best in JBT history. 

        Tyler Satter, having a huge weekend that jumps him back into Bowler of the Year contention, opened the handicap division stepladder finals with a 193-174 win over Kara Lieber.  Bri Hemming, the current points leader who is also in the B.O.Y. hunt, beat Satter in an important match 207-185.  JBT newcomer Jordan Heard then edged Hemming 208-195 to advance to the title match.

        Top seed Khalid Lucas won his first JBT title in March at Splits, and continued that momentum by leading the event here.  Heard put on an excellent performance for a rookie in a pressure situation, but Lucas was able to match her shot for shot, and in a surprisingly high scoring finale, Khalid escaped with a 274-252 win, good for his second career JBT title.

        Thanks as always to the Crosley crew for hosting our Tour.  Over $1,500 in scholarships were earned by bowlers of all ages and averages.  The Pac NW Conference heads to Longview next for Invitational weekend- be there Saturday to qualify or improve your standing for Sunday!

Crosley Lanes- final results and optional scholarship winners
Pacific Northwest Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Cameron Weier $265
2 Josh Mullen   $185
3 Tristan Curtis $75
4 Makayla Douglas $60
5 Schrader White $50
6 Marshall Kent $175
7 Catherine Rawsthorne $30
8 Jeremy Witt $50
9 John Jordan $45
10 Aaron Yoon  
11 Perry Crowell  
12 Cody Pike  
13 Anthony Douglas  
14 Tyler Cruz  
15 Nick Devlin  
16 Tanner Bouwens  
17 Michael Paulson  
18 Evan Pendergraft $15
19 Correen Lieber  
20 Chloe Bartlett  
21 Sarah Boe  
22 Tanner Spacey  
23 Austin Gonzales  
24 Leea Haworth  
25 Donald Shaffer  
26 Jared McNeal  
27 Andrew Heritage  
28 Patrick Hickok $5
29 Tyler Stickler  
30 Brian Monette  
31 Kimberly Gustin  
32 Brittney Yoke  
33 Ryan Nikolas  
34 Alex Earle  
35 Darren Stanley  
36 Tyler Boe $10
37 Gabe Bogner  
38 Josh Jackson   
39 Jordan Gonzales  
40 Courtney Nikolas  
41 Robert Altieri  
42 Chrystal Laney  
43 Dalton Camosso  
44 Zach Hemming  
45 Thomas Nute  
  Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Khalid Lucas $200
2 Jordan Heard $153
3 Bri Hemming $70
4 Tyler Satter $50
5 Kara Lieber $40
6 Luke Jordan $45
7 Austin Gratzer $20
8 Kjerstin Richards  
9 Kevin Obrist  
10 Molly Camosso  
11 Zoe Mahn $23
12 Toby Shepherd  
13 Jacob Fukuyama  
14 Nicole Stickler  
15 Kyler Crevier  
16 Brittany Arndt  
17 David Scott $30
18 AJ Scherschel $30
19 Mitchell Barber $15
20 Jaeger Krause $30
21 Aaron Althoff  
22 Kyle Hays  
23 Drew Stern  
24 Becky Davidson  
25 Vince Bachteler  
26 Erika Gustin  
27 Katryn Comeau  
28 Megan Green  
29 Brittany Fenwick  
30 Max Polhill  
31 Kelsey Abrahamsen  
32 Tre Manning  
33 Tessa Friason  
34 Jacqui Binam  
35 Alexa Lanning  
36 Connor Gracia  
37 Brandon Myers  
38 Connor Jackley  
39 Kelley Moody  
Scratch High Games:  
  Weier 290  
  Curtis 279  
Mullen 277  
Weier 267  
Paulson 267  
Handicap High Games:  
Lucas 274  
Stickler 269  
V Bacjteler 264  
K Lieber 260  
K Obrist 256  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
Mullen N Stickler
Mullen N Stickler
Mullen K Lieber
Mullen K Lieber
Mullen K Lieber
Mullen Lucas
Mullen Lucas
Mullen Lucas
High Female:  
C Lieber +16  
S Boe +2  
M Douglas -3  
Richards -16  
Rawsthorne -28