Gold Coast

champs Mark Myers & Kayla Goad

    Mark Myers and Kayla Goad, each winners two weeks ago in San Diego, doubled their pleasure in Las Vegas with another win each in exciting JBT Mojave Conference action at Gold Coast Bowling Center.

    Teddy Lucente opened up the scratch division stepladder finals with a 183-180 squeaker over Rane Lacona.  Lucente then got by Dallas Leong 209-182.  In a tight semifinal match, Teddy's tenth frame double forced Myers to get the first strike, and a fortunate carry gave Mark the 227-224 win and a return trip to the title game.

    Top qualifier (and Mark's cousin) Riley Dempsey continued his torrid early-season pace by leading the field on the always-tricky Chameleon pattern.  However, he was unable to get comfortable on the title match pair, while Myers' powerful two-handed delivery was shredding racks, and Mark's 213-171 win was good for the 3rd title of his JBT career.

    Kevin Mette made his first handicap stepladder finals a success with a 246-187 over Jhared Gonzalez in round one.  Aubrey Calabrese, who led the middle portions of the event, then defeated Mette 203-187, to ensure that girls finished 1-2-3 in today's event.  Goad then bested Aubrey 195-185 to reach the championship game.

    Top seed Brittany Kolatzny has been having a great start to the 2010-11 campaign, including a Women's Series win, but is still looking to break through for the first regular singles title.   However, Kayla usually is tough to beat at Gold Coast, and this held true in the title game, as Goad remained in control for the 215-176 win and the 4th title of her excellent JBT career.

    Kayla and Mark both racked up bonus prizes by using our sponsor's products: Kayla with Ebonite bowling balls and both Kayla and Mark with EFX performance bracelets.

    Thanks as always to the crew at Gold Coast for hosting our event, which awarded over $1,400 in scholarships to bowlers of all average under age 22.  Want in on the fun?  Come on down to the next JBT event, it's that simple! 


Gold Coast Lanes- final results and optional scholarship winners
Mojave Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Mark Myers $225
2 Riley Dempsey $100
3 Teddy Lucente $50
4 Dallas Leong $70
5 Rane Lacona $30
6 DJ Sloan  
7 Dan Hansen $90
8 Brad Hansen $60
9 Aaron Foshie  
10 Zack Hattori  
11 Jordan Ferrer  
12 Nick Vinyard $15
13 Justin Givler  
14 Zac Hochman  
15 Jordan Katz  
16 Kris George  
17 Joey Mogavero  
18 Derek Acuff  
19 Eric Hatchett  
20 Lana Lycan  
21 Logan Kennedy $15
22 Curtis Lindeman  
23 Ian Hanuscin  
24 Zach Martinez  
25 Gregg Kern  
26 Tony Rose  
27 Branson Owen  
28 Nate Leavitt  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Kayla Goad $325
2 Brittany Kolatzny $100
3 Aubrey Calabrese $125
4 Kevin Mette $40
5 Jhared Gonzalez $30
6 Matt Dragovich $20
7 Brandon Duffy  
8 Andrew Guba  
9 Austin Signoretti  
10 Michael Ma  
11 Amanda Ailport $30
12 Aaron Watkins  
13 Isaiah Cleveland  
14 Tyler Ottenschot $15
15 Cortez Schenck $35
16 Samantha Meyers $35
17 Marina Stever $15
18 James Gabour  
19 Gabriella Weis  
20 Nathan Hanuscin  
21 Anthony Chavarria  
22 Lindsey Ailport  
23 Kyle Andrews  
24 Nicholas Pollak  
25 Savannah Carr $5
26 KJ Martinez $30
27 Randi Speiler  
28 Brooke Martinez  
29 Vincent Nolan $15
30 Kennison Andrews $15
31 Justin Villla  
32 Nicholas Lopez  
33 Taylor King  
34 Xavier Washington  
Scratch High Games:  
  B Hansen 278  
  Lucente 276  
Foshie 257  
Lacona 255  
Leong, Hattori 254  
Handicap High Games:  
Watkins 282  
Gonzalez 264  
Calabrese 263  
Kolatzny 260  
Ky. Andrews 251  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
Hattori Kolatzny
Dempsey Kolatzny
Myers Calabrese
Myers Calabrese
Sloan Calabrese
Dempsey Calabrese
Dempsey Kolatzny
Dempsey Kolatzny
High Female:  
Kolatzny +45  
Calabrese -12  
Goad -25  
A Ailport -70  
Stever -94