Golden Pin Lanes

champs Aaron Foshie & Corbin Hirsch

            Aaron Foshie and Corbin Hirsch had all the right antidotes en route to victories in our exciting 'pick yer posion' format, as the JBT visited Tucson's Golden Pin Lanes.

            After a cut to the top 16 after 5 games on the challenging 2010 USBC Nationals pattern, higher seeded bowlers had their choice of which bowler they wanted to face in best 2 out of 3 matchplay.  Scratch division top seed Foshie averaged over 218 for five games, and was the only bowler averaging 200 after qualifying.  He got past Rane Lacona and Joe Lewandowski, who is always tough at Golden Pin, to reach the final four.  #2 Gregg Kern and #3 Justin Givler also defended their seeds, while #6 Riley Dempsey rounded out the semifinalists.  In one game semifinal matches, Dempsey ousted Kern (making his third straight top-5 in 3 weeks in 3 different conferences) 198-144, while Foshie eliminated Givler 177-153 to set up the finale.

            Dempsey is continuing an outstanding beginning to the 2010-11 campaign with yet another title match, but Foshie had the best look all day, and made a great move to continue the great look as the shot started to transition, and he beat Dempsey 228-193 for the title.  It was the 2nd scratch win and 6th overall of the talented righty's JBT career.

            Top seed James Burke led all five qualifying games in the handicap division, then fought off #13 Jared Boscarino in round one of pick yer poison to move on.  #2 Kristen Lee was upset by #10 Valry Swaim in the opener though, as was #4 Cortez Schenck in three tough games by #14 Danny Varholdt.  In the nest round, Swaim defeated Varholdt 2 games to 1, Burke swept #15 Josh Molloy 2-0, #9 Hirsch ousted #6 Nick Skalicky 2-0, and #12 Ryan Zent snuck by #3 Bethany Baker 2-1 in  match that came down to the final frame.

            In single game semifinal matches, Hirsch beat Zent 240-225 in a high scoring affair, while in a match that can't be described in any other way than a struggle, Burke beat Swaim 170-128 to advance to the title match.

            The title game was a close game throughout as both bowlers were eager for their first title.  A tenth frame open ended James' fine day, though, and the 217-210 win for Hirsch gave him the championship.  It was also a landmark win for the Tour, as Corbin becomes the first child of a JBT SW alumni (season 1 bowler Brian) to win a JBT event, hopefully the start of the second generation of JBT stars!

            Thanks as always to the venerable Golden Pin Lanes for hosting our Tour.  Almost $3,000 in scholarships were awarded this weekend alone to bowlers of all averages age 21 and under- want in on the fun?  Then come on out to the next JBT event, it's that simple!          

Golden Pin- final results and optional scholarship winners
Arizona Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Aaron Foshie $285
2 Riley Dempsey $130
3 Gregg Kern $50
4 Justin Givler $45
5 Joe Lewandowski $20
6 Kylee Bonneville  
7 Labriel Leach  
8 Jacob Smith  
9 Brandon Webster $15
10 Curtis Lindeman  
11 Rane Lacona $15
12 Marcus Stanley $15
13 Leo Guzman $15
14 Nick Lee  
15 Michael Bolnick  
16 Zach Martinez  
17 Tim Crosswhite  
18 Kyle Karpovich  
19 Rebeca Reguero $15
20 Derek Acuff  
21 Mark Curtis  
22 Courtney Dutton  
23 Deven Johnston  
24 Sam Amaral  
25 Daniel Cotton  
26 Tim Jacob  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Corbin Hirsch $225
2 James Burke $120
3 Valry Swaim $60
4 Ryan Zent $50
5 Bethany Baker $70
6 Nick Skalicky $30
7 Danny Varholdt $20
8 Joshua Molloy  
9 Kristen Lee  
10 Cortez Schenck $15
11 Brooke Martinez $45
12 Derek Iozzio $15
13 Marina Stever  
14 Alexis Atkin  
15 Jared Boscarino  
16 Kyle Thompson $30
17 Zachary Rapp  
18 Courtney Piazza $5
19 Britni Glasspool $15
20 Maura Swaim  
21 Alex Pellegrino $30
22 Steven Acuff  
23 Isaiah Cleveland  
24 Blake Kalaf $15
25 Dennan Boscarino  
26 Lindsey Ailport  
27 Brittany Kolatzny  
28 Stacey Lamb $15
29 Morgan Rapp  
30 Dakota Thompson  
31 Kayla Goad  
32 Cassie Collins  
33 Savannah Carr $5
34 Jacob DiGiacomo  
35 Matt Smart $45
36 AJ Estes  
37 Joshua Smith  
38 Amanda Ailport  
39 Steven Acuff  
Scratch High Games:  
  Kern 255  
  Foshie 247  
Lindeman 238  
Lacona 235  
Lewandowski 234  
Handicap High Games:  
Schenck 273  
Baker 261  
Schenck 259  
Martinez 258  
Zent 258  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
Kern Burke
Kern Burke
Foshie Burke
Foshie Burke
Foshie Burke
High Female:  
Lee -38  
Baker -50  
Stever -99  
B Martinez -115  
Kolatzny -151