Champs Scott Boyle & Mark Hugelmaier with Women's Series winner Brooke Martinez

        Scott Boyle and Mark Hugelmaier topped high scoring fields to capture singles titles, while Brooke Martinez joined the Women's Series champions list, in exciting JBT Southern California Conference action at Harley's Camarillo Bowl.

         Ryan Peden, who earlier fired a 299 game, began a climb up the scratch division stepladder finals with a 200-195 squeaker over Curtis Lindeman, who had the other 299 game of the day.  Ryan then got past Joe Lewandowski 246-156, and followed with a 218-184 win over Wesley Low, who had gone a whopping +448 for his 8 previous games.

        Top seed Scott Boyle made a legitimate run at both our 5 and 8 game scoring records, eventually ending at +284 for five (9th best all-time), and +481 for eight (7th best all-time).  However, the scores were lower in the stepladder as the shot started to burn out, and that followed suit in the championship game.  In the end, Scott was able to piece together a 215-192 win, good for the first JBT title of the talented Northern California bowler's career, which among other things included a win at Team USA trials earlier this year.

        Bryan Rondeau qualified for the Invitational by making the stepladder, and then opened the ladder with a 221-193 win over Brooke Martinez.  Ricardo Mendoza then defeated Rondeau 216-202.  Mark Hugelmaier then continued his hot streak with a 224-213 win over Mendoza to reach another championship game.

        Top seed Leah Zweig had by far the best day of her JBT career, leading six of the eight rounds.  Unfortunately for her, she was not able to continue the torrid pace in the final game, while Hugelmaier was able to cruise to a 234-173 win.  The title was the fourth of the season for Mark, leaping him into the top five in points with one regular season event left.

        Brooke Martinez captured her first career JBT Women's Series title with a 223-191 win over Valerie Riggin.  Brooke can now earn an extra $500 if she wins the Girls Invitational this July, courtesy of Impact Bowling Pro Shop, a proud sponsor of JBT events.

        Over $1,300 in scholarships were earned at our first visit to this center, which did a great job hosting us.  Want in on all this fun?  Get on down to our next event, that's all there is to it!

Harley's Camarillo Bowl- final results and optional scholarship winners
Southern California Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Scott Boyle $215
2 Ryan Peden $100
3 Wesley Low $210
4 Joe Lewandowski $95
5 Curtis Lindeman $40
6 Mark Myers  
7 Riely Chin  
8 Cameron Smith  
9 Valerie Riggin  
10 Ronnie Fujita  
11 Dan Patty  
12 Luis Perez  
13 Ben Canfield  
14 Blake Paris  
15 Steven Manier  
16 Derek Acuff  
17 Matt Davis  
18 Mark Curtis  
19 Aaron Foshie  
20 Justin Sims  
21 Zach Martinez  
22 David Shaefer  
23 Labriel Leach  
24 Ashley Dunn  
25 Travis Hewitt  
26 Robert Gutierrez  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Mark Hugelmaier $200
2 Leah Zweig $100
3 Ricardo Mendoza $60
4 Bryan Rondeau $50
5 Brooke Martinez $135
6 Randi Speiler $45
7 Luke Holley $15
8 Clint Strawmyer  
9 Stephen Fentiman  
10 Alexis Atkin  
11 Samantha Meyers $75
12 Marguerite Evans $15
13 Chelsea Houston  
14 Courtnrey Briwn  
15 Vincent Nolan  
16 KJ Martinez  
17 Brittany Kolatzny  
18 Rance Dvorak  
19 Jacob Camacho  
20 JustinPatten $5
21 Steven Acuff  
22 Drew Stern $20
23 Matt Zweig $50
24 Zoren Hartfield  
25 Cortez Schenck  
26 Joel Rosen  
27 Isaiah Cleveland  
28 Shauna Schultz  
29 Kayla Goad  
30 Michael Ma  
31 Stephen Fentiman  
32 Chelsea Houston  
33 Joel Rosen  
34 Mark Hugelmaier  
35 Marguerite Evans  
36 Marina Stever  
37 Steven Acuff  
38 Rance Dvorak  
39 Zoren Hartfield  
40 Aaron Friedland  
Scratch High Games:  
  Peden 299  
  Lindeman 299  
Lewandowsk 288  
Perez 285  
Boyle 279  
Handicap High Games:  
L Zweig 271  
Meyers 266  
Holley 265  
Holley 261  
L Zweig 261  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
Lindeman Zweig - Holley
Boyle Hugelmaier
Lewandowski L Zweig
Low L Zweig
Boyle L Zweig
Boyle L Zweig
Boyle L Zweig
Boyle L Zweig
High Female:  
Riggin +56  
B Martinez +53  
Dunn +15  
Kolatzny -5  
Speiler -10