Hazel Dell Lanes

champs Jordan Gonzales & Kolby Crowell

        Jordan Gonzales won his first JBT title, while Kolby Crowell I won title II to kick off MMXI in exciting Pacific Northwest Conference action at Hazel Dell Lanes.

        Gonzales won four consecutive matches to climb the ladder to victory.  He began with a 227-217 win over Cameron Weier.  Jordan followed with a 202-165 win over Ray Nugent, and followed with a 267-257 thriller over Schrader White, who wowed the crowd on a high-scoring day with the highest scoring of all, firing a perfect 300 in game eight, and the 257 gave him 821 for his last three games of the day, not a series but still one of the best 3-game performances we've seen, but Gonzales had the answer and advanced to the title match.

        Top seed Brandon Loyear was enjoying the best event of JBT career, leading a tournament for the first time with the help of a 290 game in qualifying.  However, he was unable to get locked in in the last game, and while Jordan slowed down as well, he had enough left in the tank for a 189-176 win and the first title of his JBT career.

        Alan Vancleeve opened up the handicap division stepladder finals with a 248-224 win over Luke Jordan.  Vancleeve rolled on with a 220-201 victory over Aaron Yoon, and followed with a 249-231 strike-fest against Alexa Lanning to reach the title match.

        Top seed Kolby Crowell, fresh off a win in the Doubles in December, outpaced the very high scoring field to grab the top seed.  He continued on that roll in the finale, while Vancleeve started to falter, and the 230-190 result gave him the second title of his JBT career.

         Thanks as always to the staff at Hazel Dell for a great job hosting our Tour.  Over $1,300 in scholarships were awarded- want in on the fun?  Come on down to the next JBT event, it really is that simple!        

Hazel Dell Lanes- final results and optional scholarship winners
Pacific Northwest Conference  
  Scratch Division
rank name prize
1 Jordan Gonzales $215
2 Brandon Loyear $100
3 Schrader White $75
4 Ray Nugent $60
5 Cameron Weier $65
6 Darren Stanley $75
7 Patrick Hickok $20
8 Gabe Bogner  
9 Tyler Boe $30
10 Perry Crowell IV  
11 Leea Haworth  
12 Tristan Curtis $30
13 Zach hemming  
14 Anthony Douglas $10 
15 Jared McNeal  
16 Lucas Ferrando  
17 Ryan Nikolas $15
18 Michael Paulson  
19 John Jordan  
20 Cody Pike $15
21 Donald Shaffer  
22 Nick Armstrong  
23 Evan Pendergraft  
24 Sam Burns $10
25 Derek Johnson  
26 Jeremy Witt $30
27 Matt Lewis  
28 Robert Altieri  
29 Jess Saxton  
30 Katie Beismann
31 Dalton Camosso  
32 Tyler Stickler  
33 Kevin Tindell  
34 Courtney Nikolas  
35 Alex Earle  
36 Caleb Scott
37 Josh Mullen     
38 Travis Smart  
39 Courtney Couch  
40 Thomas Nute
  Handicap Division
rank name prize
1 Kolby Crowell $230
2 Alan Vancleeve $100
3 Alexa Lanning $60
4 Aaron Yoon $55
5 Luke Jordan $30
6 Jamilah Ousley $35
7 Jacob Mullen  
8 Tessa Friason  
9 Kelsey Abrahamsen $15
10 Jordan Kent $45
11 Shawn Terwillegar  
12 Nicole Stickler $10
13 \Megan Green  
14 Erika Gustin  
15 Elisabeth Couch  
16 Kevin Obrist  
17 Zoe Mahn  
18 Molly Camosso  
19 Kimberly Gustin  
20 Kara Lieber  
21 Nick Devlin  
22 Sea Aira Sweeney  
23 Kyler Crevier  
24 Becky Davidson  
25 Trevor Gates
26 Jaeger Krause
27 Bri Hemmiong
28 Theresa Kelly
29 Chloe Curtis
30 Cody Crowell
31 Madison Crockett
Scratch High Games:  
  White 300
  Loyear 290
  Ferrando 290
  Nugent 287
  Altieri 268
Handicap High Games:  
  Vancleeve 305
  Ousley 287
  K Crowell 283
  K Crowell 273
  Terwillegar 267
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
  Scratch Handicap
  Weier Terwillegar
  Z Hemming Vancleeve
  D Stanley Vancleeve
  D Stanley Vancleeve
  D Stanley K Crowell
  J Gonzales K Crowell
  Loyear K Crowell
  Loyear K Crowell
High Female:  
  Haworth +83
  A Lanning +47
  T Friason +21
  Beismann +7
  C Nikolas -20

powerbowl not yet included