Holiday Bowl

champs Paul Carper & Sophie Diaz

    Two JBT veterans put on dominant performances to capture long awaited titles in exciting NM-TX Conference action at Holiday Bowl.

    A challenging condition tested the bowlers all day long, with a 180 average more than enough to make the semifinals in scratch.  The opening match of the semifinals was typical of that pace, with Tim Crites sneaking past Jacob Wright 158-148.  Previous day's champion William Entsminger then beat Crites 225-175, and followed with a 206-186 win over first time scratch finalist Chris Brown to reach the title match.

    The previous two weekends had the same bowler winning back to back titles in scratch (Tyler Cruz in Washington, Zach Martinez in Arizona), but to make it a three-peat, he'd have to get past top seed Carper, who led the tournament wire-to-wire, and was the only player to average over 200 in qualifying.  Paul was in control of the title match, but the hard-charging Entsminger clawed his way back in it with late strikes.  After Carper finished at 234, William had the chance to double to win, but when his first shot didn't strike, a relieved Paul claimed his first career scratch title, third of his season, and first since the 2003 Invitational- now that's a long-awaited win!

    JBT newcomer Bradley Harvey opened the handicap division stepladder with a 193-176 win over Joseph Trujillo, setting up the always interesting situation of playing his twin brother and fellow newcomer Zachary in round two.  This time, Zachary won the match 211-185, and he rode that momentum to a 205-176 win over Brittany Leiby to advance to the title match.

    Top seed Sophie Diaz had led the event since the second game, and was looking to avenge some title match losses when she'd been in the same situation, most recently at Big Rock last season.  Sophie remained in control the entire match, but a tenth frame open did give Harvey an opportunity to strike out in the tenth to tie.  This was a nearly impossible task for anybody on the tough conditions laid out today, and when Zach was unable to pull off the miracle, Diaz had a 214-193 win and the 4th title of her excellent JBT career, while the Harvey family wrapped up an impressive debut with Zachary's runner-up finish.

    Thanks to everyone at Holiday for another great job hosting our Tour.  Over $1,200 in scholarships were awarded to bowlers of all averages age 21 and under- want in on the fun?  Check out our schedule and come on down!

Holiday Bowl- final results and optional scholarship winners
NM-TX Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Paul Carper $260
2 William Entsminger $215
3 Chris Brown $50
4 Tim Crites $45
5 Jacob Wright $35
6 Hannah Stedman $30
7 Jacob Gill  
8 Ryan Scheer  
9 Wendy Shelton $15
10 Josh Helmick   
11 Ahkeen Williams $15
12 Ryan Fast $15
13 Aaron Raymond  
14 Billy Read  
15 Danny Cobine  
16 William Yoder  
17 Roger Johnson  
18 Tom Crites  
19 Tim Baribeau  
20 Amber Robinson  
21 Scott Wiley  
22 Janeyl Carper  
23 Seth Jaramillo  
24 Marcos Armijo  
25 Sara Vargas  
26 Peter Cane  
27 Tevynn Laws  
28 Kirk Russell  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Sophie Diaz $200
2 Zachary Harvey $130
3 Brittany Leiby $80
4 Bradley Harvey $30
5 Joseph Trujillo $20
6 Joey Balistreri  
7 Jerimiah Cruz $20
8 Lacey Shelton  
9 Sam Zermeno  
10 Robert Sample  
11 Olivia Stedman  
12 Tonia Barela  
13 Joey Grant  
14 Nick Sanchez  
15 Olivia Silva $30
16 Nicole Gallaegos  
17 Micayla Scheer  
18 Fernando Delarosa $15
19 Stephanie Barela  
20 Ben Stedman  
21 Amberose Eddington  
22 Ryan Doan  
23 Jonah Seawright  
24 Jerry Carter  
Scratch High Games:  
  Raymondy 267  
  Entsminger 255  
Wright 236  
Cobine 231  
Carper 239  
Handicap High Games:  
Diaz 270  
J Cruz 247  
Zermeno 240  
Grant 239  
Sample 237  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
Carper Sample
Carper Diaz
Carper Diaz
Carper Diaz
Carper Diaz
Carper Diaz
Carper Diaz
Carper Diaz
High Female:  
H Stedman -68  
W Shelton -96  
S Diaz -96  
O Stedman -176  
Robinson -201