BRC Kyrene

champs Riley Dempsey & Lindsey Ailport

        Riley Dempsey and Lindsey Ailport dethroned two King Kyles to capture titles in exciting JBT Arizona Conference action at BRC Kyrene.

        Mark Curtis opened up the scratch division stepladder finals with a 216-205 win over Rane Lacona.  Curtis then got by first-time scratch finalist Travis Johnson 191-178, before Dempsey stopped Curtis 260-212 to advance to the title match.

        Top seed Kyle King put on one of his all-time best JBT performances, rolling 300 in game five to complete a +313 five-game total, fourth best all-time.  He coasted to the top seed from there, but had a tough title match opponent in Dempsey, expected to be one of Kyle's main challengers in Arizona this season.  Going into the 8th frame, both bowlers were on big strings which kept pressure on the other, but a 10th frame solid-10 spelled doom for Kyle, while Dempsey put on his best title match performance in a 268-236 win.  The victory was the fifth of Dempsey's JBT career.

        Brittany Kolatzny opened a high-scoring handicap finals with a 253 game that beat Bethany Baker (229) and Justice Lynch (198) in round one.  Brittany amped it up even more in round two, as her 275 beat Danielle Stewart (241) and Gillian Coyle (211).   Lindsey Ailport then turned the tables on Kolatzny with a big 261, defeating Brittany (232) and Sandy Truman (198) to advance to the championship game.

        Top qualifier Kyle Thompson opened the event with a 279 scratch game and never looked back, flirting with JBT scoring records by game four and easily grabbing the top seed for the finals.  However, a determined Lindsey wasn't backing down, and when Kyle struggled a bit with some high hits, Ailport took advantage for the 236-214 win and a long-awaited first title of her JBT career.

        Thanks as always to the crew at Kyrene for hosting our Tour where it all began back with tournament #1 in 1996 (this is tournament #773).  Over $1,500 in scholarships were awarded to bowlers of all averages- want in on the fun?  Come on out to the next JBT event, it's as simple as that! 

BRC Kyrene- final results and optional scholarship winners
Arizona Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Riley Dempsey $200
2 Kyle King $335
3 Mark Curtis $60
4 Travis Johnson $30
5 Rane Lacona $45
6 Labriel Leach  
7 Curtis Lindeman  
8 Sam Amaral  
9 Justin Givler  
10 Brian Weyrauch  
11 Martika Cabezas  
12 Kyle Karpovich  
13 Zach Martinez  
14 Derek Acuff  
15 Marcus Stanley  
16 Jordan Hastings  
17 Joe Lewandowski  
18 JD Sweet  
19 Deven Johnston  
20 Rebeca Reguero  
21 Daniel Cotton  
22 Derek Iozzio  
23 Delano Coveris  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Lindsey Ailport $200
2 Kyle Thompson $160
3 Brittany Kolatzny $75
4 Sandy Truman $60
5 Gillian Coyle $95
6 Danielle Stewart $55
7 Bethany Baker $45
8 Justice Lynch $20
9 Danny Varholdt $29
10 Alyssa Lynch  
11 Isaiah Cleveland  
12 Kayla Goad  
13 Cortez Schenck  
14 Savannah Carr $30
15 Courtney Piazza  
16 Britni Glasspool  
17 Megan Carlson $60
18 Kristen Lee  
19 Stanford Bunce  
20 Blake Kalaf  
21 Stacey Lamb  
22 Deborah Huard $10
23 Lacey Truxel $5
24 Jacob DiGiacomo $20
25 Morgan Rapp  
26 Nick Skalicky  
27 Alexis Atkin  
28 Joey Sorce  
29 Josue Chavez $15
30 Rabakah Gaynor  
31 Caila Macias  
32 Alex Pellegrino  
33 Marina Stever  
34 Brooke Martinez  
35 Taylor King $15
36 KJ Martinez  
37 Samantha Newton  
38 Ty Pacioni  
39 Vincent Nolan  
40 Joshua Molloy  
41 Brock Hargrove  
42 Jack Parcell  
43 Jared Boscarino  
44 Maura Swaim  
45 Ryan Zent  
46 Megan LaPrell $15
47 Steven Acuff  
48 Dakota Thompson  
49 Zachary Rapp  
50 Alex Cox  
51 Brandon Hormann  
Scratch High Games:  
  King 300  
  Lacona 286  
King 277  
King 269  
King 268  
Handicap High Games:  
Thompson 317  
Truman 314  
Baker 288  
Kolatzny 275  
Ailport 272  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
Curtis Thompson
Curtis Thompson
King Thompson
King Thompson
King Thompson
King Thompson
King Thompson
King Thompson
High Female:  
Kolatzny +53  
Baker +27  
Cabezas +16  
Ailport +8  
Stewart -30