2010 Main Event Girls Scratch Singles

champ Elise Bolton & runner-up Allie Ijams

    Elise Bolton, Merritt Island FL, defeated Allie Ijams, Flagstaff AZ, 184-169, to capture the $1,500 top scholarship prize as champion of the Girls Scratch Singles event of the Under-22 World Championships, presented by Ebonite International, Texas Station, and the Junior Bowlers Tour.

    #6 Amanda Fry opened the bracket-style stepladder finals with a 158-154 grindout win over #8 Haley Rubin.  In simultaneous action, Haley's older sister #7 Ashley also fell, 201-174 to #5 Joi Bell.  In round two, #4 Bolton beat Fry 186-155, and Bell rolled on with a 241-203 over #3 Dara Ajimine.    The top two seeds then entered, and while Ijams defended her #2 position by stopping Bell's run 201-174, #1 Kelsey Muther was upset by Bolton 158-147, in another game indicative of just how tough the lane pattern played this year.

       In the title match, both Elise and Allie struggled to strike, but each put on a spare shooting clinic to bring the match to the tenth frame.  In that frame Allie unfortunately chopped the 2-4-5, and Elise took advantage for the 184-169 win and the prestigious Main Event title.

      Thanks as always to everyone for participating, as well as Jerry Francomano and his terrific staff at Texas Station for hosting us, and Ebonite International for continuing their invaluable sponsorship of our Tour.  Please help us spread the word as we prepare an even bigger and better Main Event in 2011!  

Final standings and position scholarship winners

rank last first state prize
1 Bolton Elise FL $1,500
2 Ijams Allie AZ $800
3 Muther Kelsey KS $600
4 Bell Joi MD $400
5 Ajimine Dara HI $300
6 Fry Amanda CA $250
7 Rubin Ashley SD $200
8 Rubin Haley SD $150
9 Koizumi Jory AZ  
10 Gill Christine CO  
11 Shelton Wendy NM  
12 Ferry Jamie CA  
13 Riggin Valerie CA  
14 Goad Kayla AZ  
15 Rawsthorne Catherine WA  
16 Urban April NV  
17 Signaigo Suzana HI  
18 Haworth Leea WA  
19 Boe Sarah WA  
20 Lieber Correen WA  
21 Terry Danyn CA  
22 Lycan Lana CA  
23 Reynolds Tabetha CA  
24 Zakrzewski Maggie IL  
25 Renslow Robyn CA  
26 Dutton Courtney AZ  
27 Kawamoto Brandi HI  
28 Takahata Janelle NV  
29 Carroll Brooke MO  
30 Stever Marina AZ  
31 Cummins Lisa FL  
32 Nakano Kristyn HI  
33 Schultz Courtney CA  
34 Orgeron Lauren CA  
35 Martin Jaymie-Rae T. HI  
36 Reguero Rebeca AZ  
37 Velez Destiny TX  
38 Jones Ashley CA  
39 Monteith Susy CA  
40 Katsura Lesliann CA  
41 Ailport Lindsey AZ  
42 Preston Ashleigh MT  
43 Baker Bethany AZ  
44 Jenner Kirstin CA  
45 Meyers Samantha CA  
46 Santos Seiko HI  
47 Sullivan Alicia AZ  
48 Miyaji Sharyn HI  

scholarship earnings show position prizes and do not include all extras- see the scholarship chart for complete earnings