champs Brandon Loyear & Tyler Satter

            Brandon Loyear tasted JBT victory for the first time, while Tyler Satter scored a very important second win, in exciting JBT Pacific Northwest Conference action at Dave Husted's Milwaukie Bowl. 

            Scores were very high all day long, a relative rarity in this Conference, and Perry Crowell, who rolled the event's only 300 game, came up with another big number in a 268-223 win over Cameron Weier to open up the scratch division stepladder finals.  Jeremy Witt then beat Crowell 235-158.  Loyear then turned the tables on Witt 227-183 to advance to the title game.

            Top seed Tanner Spacey had crept up the leaderboard all day, rolling a 732 semifinal set to grab the number one spot.  However, Tanner, looking for his first win, struggled in the title game, and while Brandon didn't put up a huge number, his 194-163 win was plenty good enough for the first title of his JBT career.

            Ryan Laird opened up the handicap division stepladder finals with a 261-201 victory over Luke Jordan, who was making his third finals in a row, having gone back to back in Las Vegas last weekend.  Brandon Myers, who led six of the eight rounds, then edged Laird 221-216.  JBT rookie Aarika Paolo then beat Myers 222-190 to advance to the title match.

            Top seed Satter had been slipping in points since his hot start this season, but turned it around by grabbing the lead here.  Despite a good effort from newcomer Aarika, he was able to stay in control in the title game, and his 215-197 win earned him the second title of his JBT career.  It also jumped him right back in the thick of the points and Bowler of the Year races with just three events left.

            Thanks as always to PBA Hall of Famer Dave Husted for hosting our event, which this time awarded over $1,700 in scholarships to bowlers of all ages and averages.

Milwaukie Bowl- final results and optional scholarship winners
Pacific Northwest Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Brandon Loyear $250
2 Tanner Spacey $125
3 Jeremy Witt $75
4 Perry Crowell $75
5 Cameron Weier $60
6 John Jordan $40
7 Darren Stanley $90
8 Tyler Cruz $20
9 Thomas Nute  
10 Josh Jackson $50
11 Evan Pendergraft  
12 Anthony Douglas  
13 Correen Lieber $50
14 Tristan Curtis  
15 Alex Earle  
16 Tyler Stickler  
17 Cody Pike  
18 Matt Bostrom  
19 Sarah Boe  
20 Brian Monette  
21 Makayla Douglas  
22 Patrick Hickok $30
23 Tyler Boe $40
24 Dalton Camosso  
25 Schrader White  
26 Catherine Rawsthorne  
27 Ryan Nikolas  
28 Michael Paulson  
29 Josh Mullen $10
30 Zach Hemming  
31 Courtney Nikolas  
32 Travis Smart  
33 Andrew Hertiage  
34 Robert Altieri  
35 Derek Johnson  
35 Darren Stanley  
  Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Tyler Satter $300
2 Aarika Paolo $100
3 Brandon Myers $70
4 Ryan Laird $50
5 Luke Jordan $40
6 Khalid Lucas $55
7 Ally Paolo  
8 Austin Gratzer  
9 Brittany arndt $60
10 Samantha Smart $15
11 Mitchell Barber $30
12 Kara Lieber  
13 Jacqui Binam  
14 Kyle Hays $50
15 Kevin Obrist  
16 Kjerstin Richards $15
17 Tessa Friason  
18 Connor Gracia  
19 Brittany Fenwick  
20 Nick Devlin  
21 Toby Shepherd  
22 Bri Hemming $15
23 Kyler Crevier  
24 David Scott $30
25 Jacob Fukuyama  
26 AJ Scherschel  
27 Alexa Lanning  
28 Nicole Stickler  
29 Drew Stern  
30 Kelsey Abrahamsen  
31 Tre Manning $5
32 Michelle Jensen  
33 Zoe Mahn  
34 Megan Green  
35 Becky Davidson  
36 Max Polhill  
Scratch High Games:  
  Crowell 300  
  Curtis 299  
Bostrom 289  
Witt 280  
Jordan 280  
Handicap High Games:  
Obrist 300  
Gracia 287  
Satter 287  
L Jordan 286  
Lucas 279  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
Crowell K Richards
Witt Myers
Crowell Myers
Witt Myers - Satter
Witt Satter
Witt Myers
Loyear Myers
Spacey Satter
High Female:  
C Lieber +161  
S Boe +76  
M Douglas +66  
C Rawsthorne +56  
Nikolas -9  

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