Mira Mesa Bowl

champs Mark Myers and Michael Ma

        It was all about MM & MM at MMB, as Mark Myers and Michael Ma captured JBT titles at Mira Mesa Bowl in San Diego.

        The field bowled on the PBA's Tournament of Champions lane condition, a low-volume but 50-foot long pattern that really challenged the bowlers, producing a very low cut in both divisions.  Carol Chui snuck into the #5 position for the handicap finals, and then went on a 3-game tear, beginning with a 229-209 win over Alex Zwingmann, following with a 213-206 squeaker over Alyssa Okuniewicz, and then taking down Leann Kampley 230-209 to reach the title match.

        Top seed Michael Ma took over the lead in game five, and didn't look back en route to grabbing the top seed.  Carol was looking to join big brother Kirk as a JBT champion, but Ma had other ideas, finishing off his best JBT event ever with a 224-193 win to grab the first title of his JBT career.

        The scratch division finals opened with a math indicative of just how tough the pattern was, as Mark Myers edged Riley Dempsey 156-155.  Mark then caught some momentum, beating Wesley Low 192-179, and following with a 223-186 win over DeeRonn Booker to reach the title match.

        Top seed Travis Hewitt made the trip from Northern California a success by leading the event (at -27) after five games and hanging on through matchplay for the top seed.  Then, disaster struck as his arm cramped up during his warm-up shots, and got progressively worse.  It was tough to watch, but a million times tougher for Hewitt of course, in severe pain but still right in the match after eight games.  In the end, though, Mark had enough pins in the tenth to shut out Travis, who understandably didn't finish the game, and Myers finished the ladder-climb and earned his second career JBT title.  Hats off to both Mark for the grindout bowling, and Travis for one of the gutsiest performances I've ever seen live.

        Thanks as always to Mira Mesa for hosting our event, which awarded over $1,600 in scholarships to under-22 bowlers of all ages and averages.  Want in on the fun?  Come on out to the next JBT event, it's that simple!

Mira Mesa Bowl- final results and optional scholarship winners
Southern California Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Mark Myers $225
2 Travis Hewitt $130
3 DeeRonn Booker $50
4 Wesley Low $168
5 Riley Dempsey $30
6 James Hawkins $20
7 Kenny Beaver $38
8 Steven Manier  
9 Patrick Smith $15
10 Cameron Smith $45
11 Brandie Woodward  
12 Jordan Ferrer  
13 Tim Ursillo  
14 Nick Vinyard  
15 Aaron Foshie $15
16 Brandon Turner  
17 Kirk Chui  
18 Rebeca Reguero  
19 Andre Hernandez  
20 Mark Hugelmaier  
21 Victor Berge  
22 Rance Dvorak  
23 Derek Acuff  
24 Ben Canfield  
25 Ashley Dunn  
26 Gary Smith  
27 Shane Peck  
28 Mark Curtis  
29 Daniel Ploner  
30 Reeza Rabara  
31 David Fritz  
32 Bryan Rondeau  
33 Harold Hill  
34 Courtney Brown  
35 Mark Mansfield  
36 Craig Hernandez  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Michael Ma $200
2 Carol Chui $130
3 Leann Kampley $70
4 Alyssa Okuniewicz $60
5 Alex Zwingmann $65
6 Kevin Labar $40
7 Cortez Schenck $30
8 Tyler Wolff $20
9 Jamie Spector  
10 Steven Kampley  
11 Megan Carlson $105
12 Kayla Goad  
13 Jonathan Braun  
14 Jenny Phandanouvong  
15 Shauna Schultz  
16 Miranda Jones  
17 Randi Speiler  
18 Dylan Bock  
19 Kristian Lusterio  
20 Matthew Zweig $95
21 Savannah Carr $55
22 Marguerite Evans  
23 Isaiah Cleveland  
24 Samantha Meyers  
25 Eric Demo  
26 Jake Francisco  
27 Jacob Camacho  
28 Kyle Andrews $5
29 Vincent Nolan  
30 Alexis Atkin  
31 Tyler Ottenschot  
32 Luke Holley  
33 Daniel Jacoby  
34 Kennison Andrews  
35 Jake LaChappa  
36 Brittany Kolatzny  
37 Isaac Stearns  
38 Jacob Potts  
39 Zoren Hartfield  
40 Ricardo Mendoza  
41 Harley Sweigart  
42 Steven Acuff  
Scratch High Games:  
  Low 266  
  Myers 244  
Hewitt 244  
Hewitt 242  
Booker 235  
Handicap High Games:  
L Kampley 257  
Zwingmann 243  
Zwingmann 240  
Okuniewicz 240  
Okuniewicz 239  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
Myers Zwingmann
Myers Spector
Myers Braun
Hewitt Ma
Hewitt Ma
Hewitt Ma
Hewitt Ma
Hewitt Ma
High Female:  
Carlson -134  
Woodward -139  
Spector -142  
Goad -150  
Reguero -159