Mojave Doubles

champs Zeke Bayt, Fidel Marchena, Labriel Leach, & Steven Acuff

        Four talented bowlers with four great stories captured titles in exciting action at the JBT Mojave Doubles Classic, hosted by The Orleans Bowling Center.  In preparation for a college event and our Main Event, bowlers from 14 states and two countries participated!

        The scratch division stepladder finals opened with DJ Sloan and Steven Villanueva teaming for a 215-201 Baker format win over Jordan Katz and Wendy MacPherson.  Villanueva then doubled in the tenth frame to edge defending champions Zack Hattori and David Prange 235-232.  The tables were turned in the semifinals when Zeke Hayt came up with a tenth frame double, allowing him and partner Fidel Marchena to edge Sloan and Villanueva 232-225 to reach the title match.

        The Pacific Northwest combo of Marshall Kent and Cameron Weier dominated the extremely strong field, leading all seven qualifying rounds en route to top seed.  However, both Hayt and Marchena were completely locked in, and they were able to cruise to a 268-187 win and the championship.  The Pikeville college duo, out here for a college event the next day, became the first bowlers from Ohio (Zeke) and the Domincan Republic (Fidel) to win JBT (SW/NW) titles respectively- great job!

       The father-son team of Jeremy and Regino Cardines opened the handicap division stepladder with a 206-159 win over Nicholas Pollak and Brandon Duffy.  The Cardines duo then beat Brandy Kawamato and defending champ Casey Nagamine, both from Hawaii, 237-206.   In the semifinals, Tyler and Todd Ottenschot, another father-son team, beat Jeremy and Regino 201-180 to reach the title match.

        The Ottenschots were making their second finals of the year as a team, having reached the So Cal ladder two weeks before.  However, top seeds Labriel Leach and Steven Acuff looked awfully good (on the lanes if not in their choice of matching shirts- just this writer's opinion) en route to the top seed.  A tenth frame open from Leach gave the Ottenschots a chance to double for the win, but when Todd didn't get the second strike, the match belonged to Labriel and Steven, by an eventual 197-184 decision.  The victory was a landmark for both bowlers.  The 6th win of Acuff's career ties him for most handicap wins all-time, while Labriel reaches title #10, only the 19th bowler in JBT history to amass 10 or more titles.

        Thanks as always to the great crew at The Orleans for hosting our Tour.  Over $2,500 in scholarships were awarded- if you missed it, you missed a great time!  Don't miss another JBT event- just check out our schedule and come on down, it's that simple!

Mojave Doubles- final results and optional scholarship winners    
Mojave Conference        
Scratch Division        
rank name   partner   prize
1 Zeke Bayt $175 Fidel Marchena $175 $350
2 Cameron Weier $220 Marshall Kent $100 $320
3 DJ Sloan $160 Steven Villanueva   $160
4 Zack Hattori $225 David Prange   $225
5 Jordan Katz $100 Wendy MacPherson   $100
6 Kyle King $45 Adam Ishman   $45
7 Travis hewitt $25 Michael Fujita $15 $40
8 Jakob Butturff   Eric Hatchett    
9 Jordan Ferrer   Brandon Watts    
10 Anthony Benicki $15 Anthony Tripi $15 $30
11 Gregg Kern   Nick Lee    
12 Dan Hansen   Rob Herman    
13 Cortez Schenck  $15 Michael Haugen Jr    
14 Aaron Foshie   Riley Dempsey    
15 Chad Miyashiro   Jory Koizumi    
16 Tony Rose   Daniel Watanabe    
17 Victor Gomez Jr   Jimmy Ewell    
18 Brad Hansen   Ryan Howard $15 $15
19 Dale Boynton   John Skorczewski    
20 Kyle Karpovich   Derek Acuff    
21 brandon Owen   Ted McGowan    
22 Neil Cooley   Ben Lippert    
23 Jeremy Glover   Will Jackson    
24 Jon Lippert   Kyle Bischoff     
25 Dan Patty   Justin Sekara    
26 Andy Reynoso   Cayson Coyle    
27 Dallas Leong   Juan Reyes    
28 Rebaca Reguero   Kyle Jones    
29 Mark Caparas   Ed Cashmon    
30 Dori Jaffess   Shane Valleau    
31 Thomas Restey   Joey Harris    
32 Tyler Boe   Correen Lieber    
33 Brian Weyrauch   Chris Weyrauch    
34 Adam Danielson   Alex Koch    
35 Matt Ho   Janelle Takahata    
36 Teddy Lucente    Rachel Carr    
37 Aubrey Calabrese   Carl Malucci    
Handicap Division        
rank name   partner   prize
1 Labriel Leach $150 Steven Acuff $150 $300
2 Tyler Ottenschot $235 Todd Ottenschot   $235
3 Jeremy Cardines $150 Regino Cardines   $150
4 Casey Nagamine $63 Brandi Kawamoto $93 $156
5 Nicholas Pollak $50 Brandon Duffy $60 $110
6 Austin Signoretti   Nathan Hanuscin    
7 Kayla Goad   Isaiah Cleveland    
8 Jamie Spector $15 Brad Spector   $15
9 Ian Hanuscin   Aaron Watkins $15 $15
10 James Gabour   Brian Grupe    
11 Ashley Benicki   Drew Stern $45 $45
12 Samantha Meyers $15 Mxmlln Montgomery   $15
13 Brittany Kolatzny   Theo Douthit    
14 KJ Martinez $45 Brooke Martinez   $45
15 Randi Speiler   Krysta Nadeau    
16 Josh Chefalo $30 Jon Gutierrez   $30
17 Justin Villa   Chuck Reese    
18 Paul Huether   Melissa Huether    
19 Marina Stever $15 Mark Curtis   $15
20 Taylor Ray   Mark Ray    
21 Bobby Bagabaldo   Cerrell Cardines    
22 Sara Nassberg   Dan Schaal    
23 Dara Slivka   Al Slivka    
24 Matthew Dragovich   Jeffrey Dragovich    
25 London Stein   Bryan Phillips    
Scratch High Games:        
  Bayt 290        
  Weier 278        
Hewitt 277        
Weier 276        
Bayt 276        
Handicap High Games:        
Leach 279        
Kolatzny 272        
N Hanuscin 264        
A Signoretti 263        
Spector 256        
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)        
  Scratch   Handicap    
1 Kent - Weier   Nagamine - Kawamoto  
2 Kent - Weier   Nagamine - Kawamoto  
3 Kent - Weier   Spector - Spector    
4 Kent - Weier   Cardines - Cardines    
5 Kent - Weier   Cardines - Cardines    
6 Kent - Weier   Ottenschot    
7 Kent - Weier   Leach - S Acuff    
High Female:        
Kolatzny +57        
Koizumi +37        
Goad +35        
Lieber -17        
Takahata -57