Narrows Plaza Bowl

champs Perry Crowell IV & Kjerstin Richards

        Perry Crowell IV and Kjerstin Richards made double points victories at Narrows Plaza even bigger by both capturing the four event mini-series at Narrows as well, in exciting Pacific Northwest Conference JBT action.

        Makayla Douglas made her first scratch finals of the season a success with a 210-178 win over Jeremy Witt in round one.  In an unrelated, all-Douglas round two, Anthony Douglas beat Makayla 223-185.  Crowell then upended Anthony 227-158 to advance to the title match. 

        Scores were generally lower today on Kegel's Broadway pattern than they were on the Stone Street pattern, but don't tell that to top seed Marshall Kent, who dominated at over +300 for eight games.  However, a determined Crowell was too tough in the title match.  Perry beat Marshall 231-213, good for the second title of his JBT career.

        Richards climbed the ladder for her 2nd career JBT victory.  She opened with a 231-212 win over the always tough Zoe Mahn.  She then beat John Ildefonso 229-183, and followed with a 239-190 win over Luke Jordan, who made the finals both days this weekend, to advance to the title match.

        Top seed Khalid Lucas stayed consistent all day to top a low-scoring handicap field, but had no answer for Kjerstin, who despite a lower score herself still had plenty for a 192-166 win and the championship.  Both Richards and Crowell had the best overall results from the four JBT events hosted by Narrows Plaza this year, earning a bonus package that included an Ebonite ball, JBT shirt and towel, and a bowling party generously donated by Lee and the great crew at Narrows Plaza, who did a great job filling in the February date, as well as every time we visit!

        Over $1,400 in scholarships were earned at this important tournament- want in on this unmatched level of fun and prizes?  Check out our schedule and don't miss the next JBT event, that's all there is to it!

Perry and Kjerstin with their terrific bonus prize packages!

Narrows Plaza- final results and optional scholarship winners
Pacific Northwest Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Perry Crowell IV $300
2 Marshall Kent $200
3 Anthony Douglas $90
4 Makayla Douglas $75
5 Jeremy Witt $95
6 Jared McNeal $40
7 Patrick Hickok $30
8 Sean Chesterfield $20
9 Shawn Terwillegar  
10 Cameron Weier  
11 Schrader White  
12 Eddy Smith  
13 James Bretthaver  
14 Tyler Cruz  
15 Makenzie Cherne  
16 Catherine Rawsthorne  
17 Alex Earle  
18 Quinton Miller $5
19 Tyler Boe  
20 Courtney Couch  
21 Tristan Curtis  
22 Matt Lewis  
23 Darren Stanley  
24 Evan Pendergraft  
25 Brandon Dunson  
26 Josh Mullen    
27 Ray Nugent  
28 Ryan Showalter  
29 Payden Stumpf  
30 Ryan Jamrog  
31 Josh Jackson  
32 Sam Burns  
33 Tanner Spacey  
34 Nick Bachteler  
35 Sarah Boe  
36 Michael Paulson  
37 Craig Dodd  
38 John Jordan  
39 Daniel Hansen  
40 Tyler Stickler  
41 Zach Hemming  
42 Casey Jamrog  
43 Katie Beismann  
44 Steve Duncan  
45 Coreen Lieber  
46 Ricky Leighton  
47 Leea Haworth  
  Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Kjerstin Richards $215
2 Khalid Lucas $95
3 Luke Jordan $100
4 John Ildefonso $30
5 Zoe Mahn $35
6 Connor Gracia  
7 Thomas Nute $15
8 Max Polhill  
9 Blaire Crutchley  
10 Andy Herrmann   
11 Kelsey Abrahamsen $45
12 Kyle Hays $15
13 Kyle Jonson $15
14 Bri Hemming $20
15 Brett Scott Jr  
16 Elisabeth Couch  
17 Madison Crockett  
18 Jamilah Ousley  
19 Toby Shepherd  
20 Tyler Satter $15
21 Trevor Gates  
22 Kolby Crowell  
23 Jacob Mullen $15
24 Jordan Kent  
25 Kara Lieber  
26 Vince Bachteler  
27 Mandy Cramer  
28 Alan Vancleeve  
29 David Scott  
30 Mitchell Barber  
31 Andre Calipes  
Scratch High Games:  
  M Douglas 280  
  Hickok 269  
Crowell 267  
A Douglas 266  
Curtis, Witt 256  
Handicap High Games:  
Lucas 301  
K Hays 275  
Gracia 272  
Abrahamsen 259  
Crockett 252  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
A Douglas Lucas
A Douglas Lucas
A Douglas Lucas
Kent Lucas
Kent Lucas
Kent Gracia
Kent Lucas
Kent Lucas
High Female:  
M Douglas +116  
Couch +34  
Cherne +1  
Rawsthorne -26  
S Boe -101