champs Billy Read & Josh Demick


        Billy Read and Josh Demick earned $1,000 scholarships each as champions of the 2011 JBT NM-TX Conference Invitational Tournament, hosted by Bowl El Paso.


        Read had a slower season than he'd hoped for, but turned that all around with a completely dominant performance all day.  He took over the lead in game three of qualifying en route to the top seed, then proceeded to go 8-1 in matchplay to win the title.  William Entsminger eventually emerged from the two-loss matches to take on Billy, and needed two wins to take away the title.  The always-tough veteran looked good through seven frames, but then Billy strung the last five strikes to finish at an even 200 to force Entsminger to double.  William's first shot in the tenth came up high, and locked up the win for Read.  The championship was the 6th of Billy's JBT career, and second major, having won the Main Event handicap division back in 2007.  Matt Helmick finished third (joining both brothers in the finals for a rare trifecta), early leader Danny Cobine finished fourth, and Sara Vargas turned in an excellent performance to round out the top five.


        Demick qualified sixth for matchplay, and after an opening game loss, never tasted defeat again, winning eight in a row to take the title.  The last opponent in Demick's way was Kayla Goad, who was eager for a shot at revenge, as Josh and Kayla played a classic title match earlier this year in Lubbock, with Josh squeezing out the high-scoring win.  Unfortunately for Kayla, who was the top qualifying seed, she couldn't quite catch up to Demick, and in the end Josh's 212-201 win was good for his second career JBT title, first major, and the $1,000 scholarship windfall.  Cerra Strickland finished in third, it was Joey Balistreri in fourth, and Zachary Harvey completing the final five.


        The top 20 point scorers now advance to the 2011 JBT Touring Players Championship in August.  The NM-TX Conference will start its new season in early September- keep checking the website for all the schedule details and everything else we have in store for 2011-12!


        Thanks as always to the crew at Bowl El Paso for hosting our event, which awarded over $6,500 in scholarships to the 63 qualifiers.  


NM-TX Invitational- final results and optional scholarship winners
NM-TX Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Billy Read $1,000
2 William Entsminger $585
3 Matt Helmick $300
4 Danny Cobine $200
5 Sara Vargas $150
6 Riley Dempsey $200
7 Derek Acuff $75
8 Chris Brown $175
9 Curtis Lindeman $75
10 Ahkeen Williams $75
11 Paul Carper $280
12 Joe Lewandowski $95
13 Caleb Goehring $50
14 Labriel Leach $50
15 Josh Helmick $50
16 Amber Robinson $50
17 Brandon Gill  
18 Rebeca Reguero $35
19 Kevin Ives $15
20 Tevynn Laws  
21 Aaron Foshie  
22 Gregg Kern  
23 Nick Lee  
24 Jacob Gill  
25 Janeyl Carper  
26 Ryan Fast  
27 Michael Hipkins  
28 Seth Jaramillo  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Josh Demick $1,000
2 Kayla Goad $500
3 Cerra Strickland $300
4 Joey Balistreri $230
5 Zachary Harvey $180
6 Ethan Coombes $100
7 Jake Helmick $105
8 Cortez Schenck $130
9 Dale Coffee $75
10 Luis Cintron $75
11 Nick Sanchez $205
12 Jonah Seawright $80
13 Priscilla Red $65
14 Steven Acuff $80
15 Audrey Campbell $89
16 Lacey Shelton $140
17 Joe Dominguez $30
18 Brad Harvey  
19 Fernando Delarosa  
20 Marina Stever  
21 Linzi Martinez  
22 KJ Martinez $30
23 Savannah Carr $50
24 Aurora Popple  
25 Jacqueline Valenzuela $15
26 Geny Posada  
27 Brittany Leiby $30
28 Brooke Martinez  
29 Dillon Farfan  
30 Kelly McNeil  
31 Kallista Fritts  
32 Bryan Nogan  
33 Zachary Wojciechowski  
34 Katie McNeil  
35 Dallas Ehlert  
Scratch High Games:  
  Lindeman 268  
  Read 247  
Read 246  
Laws 245  
M Helmick 243  
Handicap High Games:  
Seawright 259  
Strickland 251  
Coombes 246  
Z Harvey 246  
Jake Helmick 240  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
Cobine Strickland
Cobine Coombes
Read Z Harvey
Read Balistreri
Read Goad
High Female:  
Goad -46  
Robinson -84  
Vargas -92  
Reguero -105  
Stever -173