champs John Jordan & Justin Shea; Women's Series champ Katie Beismann

        John Jordan and Justin Shea captured their first JBT titles in the exciting debut of the 'oadotat' format at Tacoma's Pacific Lanes.

        In 'oadotat', after a five game qualifier and cut to the top 16, bowlers competed in matchplay where the lower seeded bowler needed to win twice to win a match, but the higher seeded bowler only needed to win once, thus 'one and done or two and through'.  This makes the 5-game qualifier extremely important, even in the drop-pins format of matchplay, and it showed as the top seeds advanced to the final four in both divisions.

        In the scratch division, top seed Anthony Douglas had led since game two, but Jordan stopped him, winning 191-183 and 231-224.  Meanwhile, #7 seed Josh Jackson needed both games to stop #12 Eddy Smith 197-211 and 221-183 to advance.   Josh and John have similar styles, but after Jackson won the first game to force a decider, it was Jordan who came up biggest in the finals, winning in the deciding game 228-203 for the long-awaited first career title.

       In the handicap division, top seed Shea stopped #4 Alan Vancleeve in the first game 212-167 to advance.  The other match was a true roller-coaster, as #7 Brett Scott looked fated for elimination when #2 Toby Shepherd marked in the tenth, but Toby guttered on the fill ball, creating a 195-195 tie, forcing a rolloff which Brett won to force a second game.  Shepherd had a chance to double to win the second game, but a solid-10 cost him a heartbreaking 229-219 loss, but a thrill for Scott as he advanced to the title game.

        Justin had been unable to finish the deal in previous title matches, but this time proved to be different, as Shea won the first game 201-183 for the victory and the first title of his JBT career.

        In Women's Series action, Katie Beismann's strike on the first shot of the tenth frame proved to be the difference in a 187-185 tough battle against Sarah Boe for the day's title.  Katie now has a shot at a $500 bonus at the Girls Invitational this summer in Las Vegas.

        Thanks as always to the crew at Pacific for their great job hosting our Tour.  Over $1,600 in scholarships were awarded to bowlers of all ages and averages- want in on the fun?  Come on out to the next JBT event, it's that simple!

Pacific Lanes- final results and optional scholarship winners
Pacific Northwest Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 John Jordan $225
2 Josh Jackson $150
3 Anthony Douglas $80
4 Eddy Smith $70
5 Nick Bachteler $75
6 Marshall Kent $208
7 Dalton Camosso $40
8 Ryan Jamrog $30
9 Matthew Bostrom $80
10 Ryan Showalter $38
11 Michael Paulsen  
12 Jeremy Witt  
13 Tyler Stickler  
14 Aaron Yoon  
15 Tyler Cruz  
16 Sarah Boe $10
17 Tyler Boe $10
18 Thomas Nute  
19 Tristan Curtis  
20 Evan Pendergraft  
21 Tanner Spacey  
22 Josh Mullen     
23 Katie Beismann $25
24 Perry Crowell 12.56 / pi  
25 Danaka Heekin  
26 Correen Lieber  
27 Quinton Miller  
28 Payden Stumpf  
29 Matt Lewis  
30 Ray Nugent  
31 Casey Jamrog  
32 Makayla Douglas  
33 Cameron Weier  
34 Cody Pike  
35 Zach hemming  
36 Brandon Loyear  
37 Alex Earle  
38 Shannon Dexter  
39 Robert Altieri  
40 Schrader White  
41 Kevin Tindell  
42 Tyler Porter  
43 Catherine Rawsthorne  
44 Shawn Terwillegar  
45 Ryan Nikolas  
46 Craig Dodd  
47 Ricky Leighton  
48 Sam Burns  
  Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Justin Shea $200
2 Brett Scott $130
3 Toby Shepherd $58
4 Alan Vancleeve $55
5 Bryan Ortiz $40
6 Khalid Lucas $35
7 Becky Davidson $20
8 Kelsey Abrahamsen $28
9 Zoe Mahn $45
10 Tyler Satter $15
11 Austin Gratzer  
12 Kara Lieber  
13 Makenzie Cherne  
14 Bri Hemming  
15 Isaac Ortiz  
16 Vince Bachteler $15
17 Ryan Gallagher  
18 Trveor Gates  
19 Jacob Grimes $15
20 Nicole Stickler  
21 Elisabeth Couch  
22 Marina Stever  
23 Orion Turnbull $5
24 Oakley Murphy  
25 Xavier Barnes  
26 Dylan Odom  
27 Andy Herrmann  
28 Joseph Herrera  
29 Madison Crockett  
30 Max Polhill  
Scratch High Games:    
  Smith 269  
  Showalter 266  
Douglas 258  
Smith 248  
Beismann 247  
Handicap High Games:  
Shepherd 274  
Lucas 265  
Vancleeve 258  
Shea 243  
B Hemming 238  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
E Smith Vancleeve
A Douglas Shepherd
A Douglas Shepherd
A Douglas Shepherd
A Douglas Shea
High Female:  
Boe -65  
Beismann -95  
Cherne -101  
Heekin -103  
C Lieber -103