Strike Zone at Sunset Station

champs Joe Lewandowski & Gabriella Weis

    Joe Lewandowski and Gabriella Weis each picked up JBT victories in exciting Mojave Conference action at Strike Zone in Henderson.

    Teddy Lucente opened up the scratch division stepladder finals with a 206-187 win over all-conference points leader Riley Dempsey.  Eric Hatchett, fresh off of lots of TV time at the T of C, then edged Lucente 221-213.  Lewandowski then turned the tables on Eric, winning by a 204-201 margin to advance to the title match.

     Top seed Zack Hattori took the lead away from Joe, who had dominated the day, with a big 748 semifinal set which included the front nine twice.  Lewandowski has also been admittedly shaky in some of the more pressure situations so far in his JBT career.  All that seemed to add up to a perfect situation for Zack, but that proved to not be the case this time, as it was Hattori who struggled, while Lewandowski made enough excellent shots on a tricky Boardwalk pattern that forced most bowlers to the edge of the lane that a late gutterball was inconsequential.  The 204-181 final score was good for the second title of Joe's JBT career, while Hattori was denied in his quest to join the elite 10+ titles club.

    Lindsey Ailport, who qualified for the finals by just one pin, opened up the handicap stepladder with a 203-167 win over first-time finalist Michael Liebenow.  Randi Speiler then edged Ailport in a thriller, 187-186.  Brooke Martinez left no doubt as to the semifinal winner, smashing a 242 scratch game in a 268-172 win over Speiler to reach the title match.

    Top seed Gabriella Weis was leading a JBT event for the first time, looking to join her big brother as JBT champs.  After a good start, both bowlers began to struggle in the later frames, and in the end Weis had enough left for a 204-181 win and the first title of her JBT career.

    Thanks as always to the crew at Strike Zone for hosting our Tour.  Over $1,400 in scholarships were awarded to bowlers of all averages.  Want in on the fun?  Come on out to the next JBT event, it's really that easy!

Strike Zone- final results and optional scholarship winners
Mojave Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Joe Lewandowski $215
2 Zack Hattori $170
3 Eric Hatchett $50
4 Teddy Lucente $50
5 Riley Dempsey $35
6 Dan Hansen  
7 Chase Nadeau  
8 DJ Sloan  
9 Jordan Ferrer  
10 Curtis Lindeman $15
11 Jakob Butturff  
12 Cameron Weier $60
13 Derek Acuff  
14 Zach Ford  
15 Joshua Liebowitz  
16 Alesha Pannier  
17 Jordan Ono  
18 Ian Hanuscin  
19 Veronica Schleicher  
20 Donovan Koff  
21 Katie Barbee  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Gabriella Weis $200
2 Brooke Martinez $100
3 Randi Speiler $75
4 Lindsey Ailport $40
5 Michael Libenow $30
6 Jack Parcell $20
7 Joe Gerencser $50
8 Elijah Lomotan  
9 Douglas Csanyi $35
10 Samantha Meyers $65
11 Jeremy Cardines  
12 Krysta Nadeau  
13 Aubrey Calabrese $30
14 KJ Martinez  
15 Austin Signoretti  
16 Cortez Schenck $90
17 James Gabour  
18 Nicole Gallegos  
19 Kayla Goad  
20 Steven Acuff  
21 Cerrell Cardines  
22 Aaron Watkins  
23 Brittany Kolatzny  
24 Andrew Guba  
25 Kevin Mette  
26 Matthew Dragovich  
27 Nicholas Pollak  
28 Vincent Nolan  
29 Nathan Hanuscin  
30 Jhared Gonzalez  
31 Brandon Duffy  
32 Drew Stern  
Scratch High Games:  
  Hattori 279  
  Lewandowski 277  
Sloan 270  
Nadeau 269  
Lewandowski 266  
Handicap High Games:  
Liebenow 276  
B Martinez 268  
Weis 245  
Gerencser 245  
Watkins 242  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
Ferrer Liebenow
Lucente Gabour
Lewandowski Speiler
Lewandowski Weis
Lewandowski Weis
Lewandowski Weis
Lewandowski Weis
Hattori Weis
High Female:  
K Nadeau -78  
Speiler -92  
L Ailport -121  
B Martinez -131  
Goad -144