2011 Touring Players Championship

champs Tristan Curtis & Vince Bachteler, flanked by runners-up Marshall Kent & Kjerstin Richards

        Tristan Curtis, Fife WA, and Vince Bachteler, Port Orchard WA, each earned $2,000 scholarships as champions of the 2011 Junior Bowlers Tour's Touring Players Championship, hosted by Strike Zone at Sunset Station in Henderson, NV.

        Over $16,000 in scholarships were earned by the 111 bowlers who qualified for our most elite and important event by finishing in the top 20 in season-long points in their local conferences.  The Pacific Northwest conference again dominated, with all four title match bowlers, and 11 of the 20 finalists all hailing from that obviously tough conference.

        After 23 games over two days, the fields were whittled to four for the stepladder finals, and in the scratch division opener Jakob Butturff threw the first five strikes en route to a 234-176 win over fellow Las Vegas bowler Zack Hattori.  Even though Zack made the headlines this summer with his Teen Masters win and Junior Gold runner-up finish, Jakob made the top 16 at Gold as well, and beat Zack three times in this tournament, so perhaps another star is quickly rising out of glitter gulch.  Tristan then turned the tables on Jakob in match two, also starting with the front five in a 219-177 win over Butturff, setting up the all-Washington title match.

        Top seed Marshall Kent, last year's TPC runner-up (about the only thing he didn't win last year), seemed focused to avenge that defeat and absolutely destroyed the field to lead after all four patterns.  The last pattern was his weakest though, and when Curtis also cooled off, the title match became a total grind in the challenging environment.  Marshall's unconverted washout in the tenth frame gave Tristan a chance to strike on the first ball in the tenth to swipe the title away, but it was on a lane he hadn't struck on all game.  Somehow Curtis dug deep and got the strike, resulting in a 186-177 win and the championship.  The emotional win was the fourth of his JBT career and first JBT major title.

       All four handicap finalists represented the Pac NW (the top 6 in fact), and Max Polhill opened up the stepladder with a 217-167 win over Connor Gracia.  Max looked to be in good shape in match two, but Bachteler came back from nowhere to string strikes from frame eight to take away the match 217-193, advancing to the championship game.

        Top seed Kjerstin Richards had taken away the lead from Vince with a position round win in game eight of the finals, so it was fitting that the two met again to decide things.  Kjerstin built an early lead in the first half of the game, but just like the previous match, Bachteler came roaring back, and when Richards couldn't strike on her first shot in the tenth frame, he secured a 210-194 win, the $2,000 top scholarship prize, and the second title of his JBT career.

        Riley Dempsey's 10th place finish and Cortez Schenck's 27th place finish were plenty to hang onto the All-Conference Bowler of the Year awards.  Cameron Smith's 300 game was the only of the event on the exacting conditions.  Thanks as always to the Strike Zone staff for hosting this terrific event!

2011 TPC- final results and optional scholarship winners
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Tristan Curtis $2,045
2 Marshall Kent $1,615
3 Jakob Butturff $560
4 Zack Hattori $410
5 Perry Crowell IV $420
6 Cameron Smith $250
7 Eric Hatchett $395
8 John Jordan $185
9 Cameron Weier $235
10 Riley Dempsey $120
11 DJ Sloan $115
12 Mark Myers $100
13 Correen Lieber $110
14 Tim Crites $115
15 Wesley Low $150
16 Kyle King $345
17 Sam Amaral  
18 Chris Brown $120
19 Jeremy Witt  
20 Dallas Leong $15
21 Curtis Lindeman  
22 Derek Acuff  
23 Joe Lewandowski  
24 William Entsminger $180
25 Aaron Foshie $20
26 Ashley Dunn  
27 Brad Hansen $15
28 Ttyler Boe $80
29 Nick Bachteler $45
30 Justin Givler  
31 Mark Curtis  
32 JD Sweet  
33 Nick Lee  
34 Sarah Boe $125
35 Anthony Tripi $10
36 Catherine Rawsthorne $75
37 Jordan Ferrer  
38 Jacob Camacho  
39 Josh Jackson $70
40 Rane Lacona $50
41 Rebeca Reguero  
42 Kyle Karpovich $55
43 Patrick Hickok  
44 Dan Hansen  
45 Tony Rose  
46 Ben Canfield  
47 Teddy Lucente $20
48 Anthony Douglas  
49 Thomas Nute $75
50 Valerie Riggin  
51 Mark Hugelmaier  
52 Tevynn Laws  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Vince Bachteler $2,155
2 Kjerstin Richards $1,000
3 Max Polhill $500
4 Connor Gracia $400
5 Bri Hemming $368
5 Zoe Mahn $280
7 Alex Pellegrino $245
8 Audrey Campbell $195
9 Kayla Goad $130
10 Stephanie Barela $120
11 Kelsey Abrahamsen $193
12 Marina Stever $153
13 Jack Parcell $100
14 Luke Holley $115
15 Savannah Carr $190
16 Zach Harvey $165
17 Samantha Meyers $83
18 KJ Martinez $165
19 Jeremy Cardines  
20 Cerra Strickland $5
21 Marguerite Evans  
22 Luke Jordan $180
23 Jonah Seawright $30
24 Toby Shepherd $35
25 Alexis Atkin $140
26 Brooke Martinez $30
27 Cortez Schenck $105
28 Matt Dragovich  
29 Nick Sanchez  
30 Isaiah Cleveland  
31 Steven Acuff  
32 Tonia Barela  
33 Lacey Shelton  
34 Kara Lieber  
35 Drew Stern $115
36 Brittany Kolatzny  
37 Corbin Hirsch $285
38 Joey Balistreri $65
39 Aaron Watkins $38
40 Shauna Schultz $38
41 Valry Swaim  
42 Kyle Hays $15
43 Kolby Crowell $35
44 Megan Carlson $75
45 Jhared Gonzales $45
46 Randi Speiler $140
47 Michael Ma  
48 Danny Varholdt  
49 Brandon Duffy $125
50 Vincent Nolan $15
51 Josh Demick  
52 James Gabour  
53 Tyler Satter  
54 Khalid Lucas  
55 Alex Bissett $50
56 Kennison Andrews $35
57 Dakota Thopmson $50
58 Ryan Zent  
59 Taylor King  

Second chance winners (included above): scratch: Sarah Boe +62, Catherine Rawsthorne +31, Rane Lacona +29, Thomas Nute +19, Teddy Lucente +8; handicap: Brandon Duffy +124, Corbin Hirsch +118, Dakota Thompson +89, Jhared Gonzalez +66, Kolby Crowell +33

Deca-Game winners (included above): Kyle Karpovich 243, Kyle King 233, Marshall Kent 226, John Jordan 222, Correen Lieber 211, Anthony Tripi 211; Luke Jordan 271, Toby Shepherd 230, Randi Speiler 227, Joey Balistreri 225 



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2011 TPC qualified bowlers:

Abrahamsen, Kelsey
Acuff, Derek
Acuff, Steven
Ailport, Lindsey
Amaral, Sam
Andrews, Kennison
Atkin, Alexis
Bachteler, Nick
Bachteler, Vince
Balistreri, Joey
Barela, Stephanie
Barela, Tonia
Bissett, Alex
Boe, Sarah
Boe, Tyler
Brown, Chris
Butturff, Jakob
Calabrese, Aubrey
Camacho, Jacob
Campbell, Audrey
Canfield, Ben
Cardines, Jeremy
Carlson, Megan
Carper, Paul
Carr, Savannah
Chui, Kirk
Cleveland, Isaiah
Cobine, Danny
Coffee, Dale
Crites, Tim
Crowell, Kolby
Crowell, Perry IV
Cruz, Tyler
Curtis, Mark
Curtis, Tristan
Davidson, Becky
Delarosa, Fernando
Demick, Josh
Demo, Eric
Dempsey, Riley
Diaz, Sophie
Douglas, Anthony
Douglas, Makayla
Dragovich, Matthew
Dubia, Adam
Duffy, Brandon
Dunn, Ashley
Entsminger, William
Evans, Marguerite
Farfan, Dillon
Fast, Ryan
Ferrer, Jordan
Foshie, Aaron
Gabour, James
Gallagher, Ryan
Gill, Jacob
Givler, Justin
Glasspool, Britni
Goad, Kayla
Gonzalez, Jhared
Gracia, Connor
Hansen, Brad
Hansen, Dan
Hanuscin, Ian
Harvey, Zachary
Hatchett, Eric
Hattori, Zack
Hawkins, James
Haworth, Leea
Hays, Kyle
Hefner, Chris
Helmick, Jake
Helmick, Josh
Hemming, Bri
Hewitt, Travis
Hickok, Patrick
Hirsch, Corbin
Holley, Luke
Hugelmaier, Mark
Jackson, Josh
Johnson, Travis
Johnston, Deven
Jones, Kevin
Jordan, John
Jordan, Luke
Kalaf, Blake
Karpovich, Kyle
Katz, Jordan
Kent, Marshall
Kern, Gregg
King, Kyle
King, Taylor
Kolatzny, Brittany
Lacona, Rane 
Laws, Tevynn
Leach, Labriel
Lee, Kristen
Lee, Nick
Leong, Dallas
Lewandowski, Joe
Lieber, Correen
Lieber, Kara
Lilley, Spenser
Lindeman, Curtis
Low, Wesley
Lucas, Khalid
Lucente, Teddy
Ma, Michael
Mahn, Zoe
Manier, Steven
Martinez, Brooke
Martinez, KJ
Martinez, Zach
Mendoza, Ricardo
Meyers, Samantha
Mullen, Jacob
Mullen., Josh
Myers, Mark
Nolan, Vincent
Nute, Thomas
Ottenschot, Tyler
Parcell, Jack
Paulson, Michael
Pellegrino, Alex
Pendergraft, Evan
Polhill, Max
Popple, Aurora
Rawsthorne, Catherine
Read, Billy
Reguero, Rebeca
Richards, Kjerstin
Riggin, Valerie
Riggin, Valerie
Robinson, Amber
Rose, Tony
Sanchez, Nick
Satter, Tyler
Scheer, Ryan
Schenck, Cortez
Schultz, Shauna
Seawright, Jonah
Shelton, Lacey
Shepherd, Toby
Showalter, Ryan
Sloan, DJ
Smith, Cameron
Smith, Eddy
Spacey, Tanner
Spector, Jamie
Spector, Jamie
Speiler, Randi
Stern, Drew
Stever, Marina
Stickler, Nicole
Stickler, Tyler
Strickland, Cerra
Swaim, Valry
Sweet, JD
Thompson, Dakota
Tripi, Anthony
Turner, Brandon
Vancleeve, Alan
Vargas, Sara
Varholdt, Danny
Watkins, Aaron
Weier, Cameron
White, Schrader
Williams, Ahkeen
Witt, Jeremy
Wright, Jacob
Zent, Ryan