champs Alexis A5kin, Cameron Smith, Jeremy Glover, Matt Jones, & Ken McElvaney

        Two bowlers finally captured their first career JBT titles, while three others continued their dominance in the team format, in the AZ Baker Shootout hosted by AMF Christown Lanes.

        After 12 Baker team games, the field was cut to the top 12 teams for best 2-of 3 matchplay.  The top seed was the self-named "Lazy But Talented" team, and while we don't know about the lazy part, we see the talented part all the time out of them.   However, the #5 seeded "Ahh Pressure" felt none of it as they ousted the lazy but talented ones in the round of four.  In the other semifinal match, #2 "It Gets Real In The Field" swept #11 "Off Constantly" 2-0 to set up the final match.

        "Ahh Pressure" (Courtney Dutton, Bruan Weyrauch, Chris Weyrauch, Rachel Carr, Adam Jackson) was a veteran team (except for newcomer Jackson) looking for their first win in the Baker format (and the first win ever for former JBT assistant Carr), but their mostly-Californian opponents proved to be too much.  In two quick games, It Gets Real got themselves the championship.  For Ken McElvaney and Matt Jones, it was the second Baker win in seven days, having been on the winning So Cal team last weekend.  It was the 27th win of Cameron Smith's wonderful JBT career, while Jeremy Glover and Alexis Atkin finally tasted JBT victory for the first time.

        Thanks very much to all the adult bowlers and JBT alumni who came out to bowl with today's JBT players, as well as Pat Cook and the whole team at Christown for hosting us.  And- happy birthday Dad! Over $1,400 in scholarships were earned at this extremely fun event- want in on the fun?  Check out our schedule at and come on out to the next JBT event, it's that simple!

Arizona Baker Shootout- final results and optional scholarship winners
rank name prize
1 It Gets Real In The Field $500
Cameron Smith ($167)  
Alexis Atkin ($167)  
Jeremy Glover ($167)  
Ken McElvaney  
Matt Jones  
2 Ahhh Pressure $360
Courtney Dutton ($120)  
Brian Weyrauch ($120)  
Adam Jackson ($120)  
Chris Weyrauch  
Rachel Carr  
3 Lazy But Talented $180
Nick Lee ($60)  
Kristen Lee ($60)  
Lanndyn Carnate ($60)  
Mike Armstrong  
Matt Jones  
4 Off Constantly $180
Kyle Karpovich ($70)  
Jake Bryan ($60)  
Blake Kalaf ($60)  
Rick Karpovich  
Roger Morsch  
5 Sweep the Leg! $100
Cortez Schenck ($34)  
Aaron Foshie ($34)  
Brooke Martinez ($34)  
Chris Klerk  
Ed Smaglik  
6 ASU Past Present & Future $100
Ben Canfield ($34)  
Daniel Barrs ($34)  
KJ Martinez ($34)  
Savahna Porter  
Curt Elam  
7 Bowlers Zone  
Mark Curtis  
Kylee Bonneville  
Greg Garbera  
Tim Simonis  
Samantha Sickles  
8 The 5th Wheel  
Dori Jaffess  
Jory Koizumi  
Shane Valleau  
Chad Miyashiro  
Dominic Luna  
9 Team 22  
Riley Dempsey  
Jim Dempsey  
Craig Spencer  
Nicole Shephard  
Zachary Lewandowski  
10 Terabowl  
Derek Iozzio  
Justin Penwell  
Megan Carlson ($5)  
Rane Lacona  
Tim Crosswhite  
11 4 Good Bowlers & Steven  
Ron Hatfield  
Josh Blanchard  
Staven Acuff  
Marina Stever  
Savannah Carr  
12 We're Going Sheet… Again!  
Curtis Lindeman  
Derek Acuff  
Joe Lewandowski  
Shelby Dempsey  
Chad Swiman  
13 ASU FTW  
Tyler Epperson  
Dave Roppel  
Krista Day  
Kris Maglunog  
Anthony Tripi  
14 East Infection  
Zach Herbert  
Kyle King  
Taylor King  
Bryanna Caldwell  
Randy Cote  
15 Team 25  
Myles Hamilton  
Chris Varholdt  
Danny Varholdt  
Zachary Rapp  
Kelvin Douthard  
16 Matt's Cool  
Kayla Goad  
Marguerite Evans  
Lindsey Ailport  
Mark Myers  
Matt Herbert  
17 Big W  
Robert Douglas II  
Robert Douglas III  
Klauren Douglas  
Dakota Thompson  
Paul Wells  
18 Back In Black  
Joe Reguero  
Taylor Knight  
James Roqueni  
Justin Givler  
Kyle Jones  
19 Team 7  
Joey Sorce  
Jordan Hastings  
Andrew Dorsey  
Travis Roach  
Mark Hastings  
20 Honeybadger Don't Give A Split
Mark Hugelmaier  
Valry Swaim  
Brian Hirsch  
Maura Swaim  
Corbin Hirsch  
21 Team 23  
Nick Armstrong  
Jim Stoutmeyer  
Jim Fish  
Matt Sart  
Zach Cotsonas  
22 Team 27  
Jeff Weyrauch  
Preston Fukumizu  
Amber Ress  
Susan Sickles  
Justin Pruznak  
23 The Vipers  
Stan Bunce  
Crystal Bunce  
Kyle Bunce  
Cierra Chamot  
Michael Chamot  
24 Moto Fill  
Carter O'Neal  
Kristen O'Neal  
Jennifoer O'neal  
Dennis Bolan  
McKenna Ferris  
25 Daddies & Daughters  
Stacey Lamb  
Ashley Lamb  
Ryleigh Rickli  
Aaron Rickli  
Lyle Lamb