champs Justin Sims & Shauna Schultz

            Justin Sims finally broke through for his first JBT title, while Shauna Schultz put on a spare clinic to claim her third, in exciting JBT Southern California Conference action at Montclair's Bowlium.

            The scratch division used our nervewracker format, with matches tied at 1-1 going directly to a one-shot rolloff.  That combined with a very challenging pattern led to some real grindout matches, none more exciting than the Adam Dubia-Jordan Ferrer round one match, which went to four rolloffs before Adam survived 8-6.  In the semifinals, everyone struggled, but Sims escaped from Curtis "Y U no win" Lindeman, while Mark Myers lofted his way to a 199-198 game two win and sweep of Bobby Hornacek, who is always tough in matchplay formats.

            Myers had been adjusting his two-handed game constantly to adapt to the tricky shot, but Sims developed the same good look that carried him to the Palm Springs title match in February, except this time the carry was in his favor, and he cruised to the sweep over Myers for the title, the long awaited first of his JBT career.

            Nick Condon relieved his parents by making the finals, then beat Julian Zavala 203-177 to win round one of the handicap stepladder finals.  Nick then got past early-rounds leader Peter Hugelmaier 201-164. Alyssa Tucker, a winner earlier this season, then bet Hugelmaier 209-181 to advance to another title match.

            Top seed Shauna Schultz is a big fan of Bowlium, having won the So Cal Invitational here, and found herself atop the standings in Montclair again.  She appeared to be in control against Tucker, until Alyssa caught fire at the end, rolling six of the last seven strikes to force Shauna to mark.  After sparing 10-pins in the last two frames, Schultz left another one in the tenth, and calmly converted it for the exciting 240-231 win, and the third title of her JBT career.

            Tucker's frustration continued in the Impact Bowling Women's Series title match, as Ashley Dunn came up with a nice game to defeat Tucker and capture her third Women's Series title, qualifying her for the 2012 Girls TPC this July.

            Thanks to the whole crew at Bowlium for a great job hosting us- the center has been beautifully upgraded- check it out sometime if you're in the area!  Over $1,800 was awarded to bowlers of all averages and ages- get in on the fun by coming on down to the next JBT event, it's that simple!

Bowlium- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Justin Sims $240
2 Mark Myers $135
3 Curtis Lindeman $100
4 Bobby Hornacek $75
5 Steven Manier $60
6 Kyle Karpovich $40
7 DeeRonn Booker $30
8 Raheem Johnson $20
9 Oscar Chan $15
10 Tyler Stickler  
11 Adam Dubia  
12 Eric Hatchett  
13 Darwin Eusebio  
14 Jordan Ferrer  
15 Harley Sweigart $30
16 Ashley Dunn $60
17 Wesley Low $45
18 Matt Zweig $45
19 Keyon Lemus  
20 Luke Holley  
21 Ben Canfield $30
22 Bryan Rondeau  
23 Luis Perez $15
24 Kyle Duster  
25 Jerome Jordan Jr $30
26 Aaron Foshie $15
27 Brittany Kolatzny  
28 Ronnie Fujita $15
29 Terrence Robinson  
30 Tyler Satter  
31 Karlie Loop  
32 Mark Curtis  
33 Cortez Schecnk  
34 Adam Seligman  
35 Chris Tucker $15
36 Jacob Camacho  
37 Parker Brooks  
38 Derek Acuff  
39 Shane Peck  
40 Mark Hugelmaier  
41 Cameron Smith  
42 Dan Hansen  
43 Joe Lewandowski  
44 Courtney Brown  
45 Kirk Chui  
46 Michael Ma  
47 Joshua Tajiri  
  Handicap Division  
1 Shauna Schultz $260
2 Alyssa Tucker $100
3 Nick Condon $105
4 Peter Hugelmaier $40
5 Julian Zavala $30
6 Jake Bryan $20
7 Matt Martinez $15
8 Jozef Corwin $15
9 Steven Acuff  
10 Carol Chui  
11 Alexis Atkin  
12 Marguerite Evans $60
13 Megan Carlson  
14 Austin Thompson $65
15 Eric Torrence $75
16 Kyle DeCew  
17 Kennison Andrews $20
18 Trevor Thompson $5
19 Valry Swaim  
20 Jericho Eusebio  
21 Kristen O'Neal  
22 Rance Dvorak  
23 Greg Adler  
24 KJ Martinez  
25 Dillon Algustoski  
26 Katelyn Corwin  
27 Kyli Selley  
28 Patrick Dabatos  
29 Brooke Martinez $15
30 Stephanie Zavala  
31 Javier Zavala  
32 Matthew Green  
33 Steven Rose  
34 Carter O'Neal   
35 Trenton Romleski  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Lindeman 279 Julian Zavala 263
2 Holley 278 A Tucker 261
3 Karpovich 276 Condon 261
4 Manier 252 P Hugelmaier 256
5 Myers 246 A Tucker 252
  High Female  
1 Dunn -62*  
2 A Tucker -69  
3 Kolatzny -104  
4 Loop -114  
5 Atkin -176  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Myers P Hugelmaier
2 Myers Condon/ P Hugelmaier
3 Myers P Hugelmaier
4 Myers P Hugelmaier
5 Lindeman A Tucker
6   A Tucker
7   A Tucker
8   Schultz