Cactus Bowl

champs Derek Acuff & Kristen Lee with the happy pickle

    Derek Acuff and Kristen Lee added to their JBT title collections with big wins at Tucson's Cactus Bowl in exciting JBT Arizona Conference action.

    Dominic Luna opened the handicap division stepladder finals with a 235-191 win over KJ Martinez, who retook the all-time handicap top-5 finishes lead from Steven Acuff with the performance.  Luna then escaped a thriller with Stan Bunce 216-213, but Andrew Dorsey fired the front seven in the next match to defeat Dominic 266-231 and advance to the title match.

    Lee took over the top seed by firing 500 scratch the first two games of the semifinals, and the match with Dorsey promised to be interesting, as they've developed a friendly rivalry since the Cliff Castle event.  However, Kristen kept up the same blistering pace, and Andrew was unable to keep up this time, resulting in a big 259-181 win for Lee, and the second title of her JBT career.

    Deven Johnston opened up the scratch division stepladder finals with a 243-219 win over Cameron Smith.  Amazingly, that was Deven's first win in the stepladder format.  He must have decided he liked it, as he followed with a 221-172 win over Lanndyn Carnate, and a 228-195 victory over Riley Dempsey, to reach the title match.

    Top seed Acuff completely dominated the tournament, leading by over 100 pins after the semifinals.  He had a battle on his hands with Johnston though, easily bowling the best we've ever seen from him.  In the end, Derek came up clutch, throwing all three in the tenth to shut out Johnston 224-223, and earning the sixth title of his excellent JBT career.

    Jory Koizumi captured the day's Women's Series event with a 226-136 win over Hydeia Pennington.  Jory just needs one more win to qualify for the 2012 Girls TPC this summer.

    Thanks as always to Dale and the crew at Cactus for hosting our event, which awarded nearly $1,400 in scholarships to bowlers of all averages and ages.  Want in on the fun?  Check out our schedule and come on down!

Cactus Bowl- final results and optional scholarship winners
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Derek Acuff $200
2 Deven Johnston $100
3 Riley Dempsey $95
4 Lanndyn Carnate $70
5 Cameron Smith $30
6 Curtis Lindeman $20
7 Cortez Schenck $100
8 Aaron Munyon  
9 Benjamin Todd  
10 Chris McHenry  
11 Ahkeen Williams $15
12 Tim Jacob  
13 Tim Crosswhite $15
14 Joe Lewandowski $30
15 Aaron Foshie  
16 Nick Lee  
17 Kyle Karpovich $50
18 Gregg Kern  
19 Derek Iozzio  
20 Jory Koizumi  
21 Danny Varholdt  
22 Kayla Goad  
23 Brad Van Sickle  
24 Bryan Van Sickle  
25 Myles Hamilton  
26 Robert Atherton  
27 Valerie Riggin  
28 Matt Nipper  
29 Tristan Carlson  
30 Jarrod Davenport  
31 Matthew Redmon  
32 Marcus Stanley $5
33 Scott Wilhelm  
34 Marina Stever  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Kristen Lee $200
2 Andrew Dorsey $130
3 Dominic Luna $50
4 Stan Bunce $55
5 KJ Martinez $30
6 Cam Lamson $20
7 Hydeia Pennington  
8 Kevin Badke  
9 Rashaad Jordan  
10 Jerod Walker $15
11 Jake Hilton  
12 Megan Carlson $15
13 Jake Bryan  
14 Ryan Zent $30
15 Richard Ramirez  
16 John Patterson  
17 Alex Pellegrino $30
18 Savannah Carr $30
19 Jacob DiGiacomo $15
20 Rachel Stickles   
21 Brandon Engers  
22 Ryleigh Rickli $15
23 Laurence Barron  
24 Alyssa Williams  
25 Sarah Dail  
26 Stacey Lamb  
27 Kristen O'Neal $15
28 Steven Acuff  
29 Alexis Atkin  
30 Cassie Collins  
31 Carter O'Neal  
32 Nick Condon  
33 Dakota Thompson  
34 Josh Walsh  
35 Cassandra Galvez  
36 Corbin Hirsch $15
Scratch High Games  
Smith 279  
Dempsey 268  
Carnate 259  
Acuff 257  
Acuff 256  
Dempsey 256  
Handicap High Games
Luna 320  
Lamson 289  
Lee 279  
Pennington 273  
Dorsey 273  
Round Leaders  
Scratch Handicap
Carnate Pennington
Munyon Pennington
Acuff Luna
Acuff Dorsey
Carnate - Acuff Luna
Acuff Lee
Acuff Lee
Acuff Lee
Women's Series   
Pennington -49  
  Koizumi -54  
Lee -69  
Goad -71  
Carr -131