champs Mark Myers & Harley Sweigart

           Mark Myers and Harley Sweigart survived the 'oadotat' format to capture JBT titles in exciting Southern California Conference action at San Diego's Kearny Mesa Bowl.

            'Oadotat' is an acronym for 'one and done or two and through': After a 5-game cut to the top 16, matchplay began, with the higher seeded bowler needing only one win to win matches, while lower seeds had to win twice.  This makes the pinfall in the first five games extremely important, even though pinfall is dropped for matchplay.  As a direct result, 14 of the first 16 matches were won by higher seeds, with only #15 Valry Swaim and #11 Wesley Low pulling off the upsets. 

            In the scratch division final four, #4 Steven Manier won twice to beat top-seeded Kyle Holder, while #2 Myers took out #2 Cameron Smith in the first game.  This set up a title match where Steven needed to win twice, and he came through in game one 187-181 in a weird game where neither bowler struck on the left lane.  The deciding game was also low scoring, but Mark remained in control the whole time for the eventual 202-191 win, and the seventh title of the defending Bowler of the Year's career.

            In the handicap division final four, #4 Megan Carlson took two games to defeat newcomer #8 Trenton Romleski, while #3 Sweigart dismissed #7 Vincent Nolan in the first match.  Harley kept on a roll in the finals, controlling the first game en route to a 223-188 win, and the second title of his JBT career.  Megan's runner-up finish was the best of the veteran's career.

            Karlie Loop defeated Valerie Riggin 192-185 for the day's Women's Series event, the first of three wins she'll need to get into the Women's All-Conference Championship next summer.  Riggin's second consecutive runner-up finish still gave her a good early lead in the female points race.

        Thanks as always to Kearny Mesa for hosting us.  Over $1,600 in scholarships were awarded- want in on all this fun?  Come on out to the next JBT event, that's all there is to it!

Kearny Mesa- final results and optional scholarship winners
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Mark Myers $200
2 Steven Manier $175
3 Kyle Holder $70
4 Cameron Smith $75
5 Valerie Riggin $80
6 Billy Dacanay $40
7 Kyle Karpovich $60
8 Wesley Low $35
9 Darwin Eusebio  
10 Shane Peck $60
11 Travis Hewitt $50
12 Curtis Lindeman  
13 Skyler Johnson  
14 Bobby Hornacek  
15 Riley Dempsey $15
16 Mark Mansfield  
17 Jordan Ferrer  
18 Nick Vinyard  
19 Karlie Loop  
20 Oscar Chan  
21 Harold Hill  
22 Derek Iozzio $15
23 Derek Acuff  
24 Justin Sims  
25 Adam Dubia  
26 Ashley Dunn  
27 Bryan Rondeau  
28 Brittany Kolatzny $15
29 Ronnie Fujita  
30 Foster Phandanouvong  
31 Kyle Duster  
32 David Fritz  
33 Cortez Schenck  
34 Luke Holley  
35 Matthew Zweig  
36 Courtney Brown  
37 Anthony Cruz  
38 Aaron Foshie  
39 Michael Ma  
40 JD Sweet $15
41 Jacob Camacho  
42 Mark Hugelmaier  
43 Alex Bissett  
44 Kirk Chui  
45 Tyler Wolff  
46 Matt Miller  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Harley Sweigart $305
2 Megan Carlson $100
3 Vincent Nolan $50
4 Trenton Romleski $40
5 Austin Thompson $30
6 Jarred Eusebio $20
7 Kennison Andrews $50
8 KJ Martinez $120
9 Valry Swaim   
10 Steven Acuff  
11 Alexis Atkin  
12 Kyle DeCew  
13 Nick Condon $10
14 Jake LaChappa  
15 Trevor Thopmson $30
16 Jamie Spector  
17 Shelby Demspey  
18 Peter Hugelmaier  
19 Shauna Schultz  
20 Eric Demo  
21 Chelsea Houston  
22 Kyle Andrews  
23 Austin Hopkins  
24 Justin Patten $15
25 Jenny Phandanouvong  
26 Brooke Martinez  
27 Randi Speiler   
28 Kyli Selley  
29 Leah Zweig  
30 Carol Chui  
31 Marguerite Evans  
32 Justin Holder  
Scratch High Games  
Smith 290  
Holder 279  
Ferrer 269  
Peck 268  
Rondeau 264  
Handicap High Games
A Thompson 302  
Sweigart 274  
P Hugelmaier 269  
A Thompson 266  
Sweigart 263  
Round Leaders  
Scratch Handicap
Smith A Thompson
Myers A Thompson
Smith A Thompson
Smith A Thompson
K Holder A Thompson
Women's Series   
Riggin +123  
  Loop +36 *  
Dunn -11  
Kolatzny -19  
Brown -50