Leisure Bowl

champs Nick Lee & Amber Eddington

        Nick Lee and Amber Eddington both put on a show, then kept it up 'on the show', en route to JBT titles in exciting New Mexico-West Texas Conference action at Albuquerque's Leisure Bowl.

         An extremely difficult lane condition challenged the bowlers all day long, putting the emphasis on shotmaking and filling frames.  A pair of West Texas A&M bowlers squared off in the first match of the scratch stepladder finals, with Dylan Macon getting by Chris Brown 178-136.  Dylan then threw one of the best games of the day in a 246-170 win over Tim Baribeau.  Paul Carper then stopped Macon 199-160 to reach the title match.

        Over in the handicap division, Katie McNeil defeated Micayla Scheer 199-164 to open up the handicap stepladder finals.  Tylor MacPhee then defeated Katie 179-171.  Tylor's reward for that was to play Katie's sister Kelly, and he made it a McNeil family sweep with a 190-168 win to advance to the title game.  

        The title matches were filmed by a professional multi-camera film crew, in a trial run for what we may see more of in the future.  The intimidating environment was no problem for top seeds Nick Lee and Amber Eddington, who both dominated their respective divisions all day long.  Eddington continued to be unstoppable, beating MacPhee 245-140 for the championship, the first of her JBT career.  The scratch division match, however, was a well-bowled thriller, ending with Nick just barely sparing a 6-pin on his fill ball for a 209-208 squeaker over Carper for the 7th title of his excellent JBT career.

        Wendy Shelton won the day's Women's Series event with a 197-136 win over Kelly McNeil.  It's the second of three wins she needs to qualify for the 2012 Girls TPC this summer. 

        Thanks as always to the terrific crew at Leisure for being great hosts of our Tour.  Over $1,400 in scholarships were earned by bowlers of all ages and averages. Want in on the fun?  Check out our schedule and come on down, that's all there is to it!

Leisure Bowl- final results and optional scholarship winners
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Nick Lee $245
2 Paul Carper $130
3 Dylan Macon $120
4 Tim Baribeau $50
5 Chris Brown $45
6 Wendy Shelton $30
7 Dusten Moore  
8 Brandon Gill  
9 Ryan Scheer  
10 Aaron Johnston $30
11 Ahkeen Williams  
12 Marcus Ortiz  
13 Jonathan Lawson $15
14 Timmy Crites  
15 Tommy Crites  
16 Jeremiah Cruz $10
17 Roger Johnson $15
18 Michael Call  
19 Jacob Gill  
20 Zak Egerton  
21 Nick Sanchez  
22 Sabrina Vargas  
23 Janeyl Carper  
24 Amber Robinson  
25 Mike Conway  
26 Olivia Stedman  
27 Ryan Gose  
28 Josh Helmick  
29 Amanda Johnson  
30 Ryan Fast  
31 William Yoder  
32 Joseph Trujillo  
33 Scott Wiley  
34 Billy Read  
35 Jeremiah Martin  
36 Marcos Armijo $5
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Amber Eddington $200
2 Tylor MacPhee $153
3 Kelly McNeil $75
4 Katie McNeil $60
5 Micayla Scheer $50
6 Gerilynn Delagarito $40
7 Priscilla Red $30
8 Alyssa Williams $20
9 Dylan Marsh  
10 Josh Demick $38
11 Zach Wojociechowski $30
12 Olivia Silva  
13 Joey Balistreri $15
14 Brad Harvey $30
15 Elizabeth Romero $15
16 Nathaniel Pena  
17 Taylor Herson  
18 Jennifer Valenzuela  
19 Zach Harvey $15
20 Toby C'Debaca  
21 Cerra Strickland  
22 Dale Coffee  
23 Josie Herson  
24 Zac Frias  
25 Jacob Lang  
26 Shawna Bellman  
27 Brittany Leiby $15
28 Lindsey Sanchez  
29 Montana C'Debaca  
30 Martinez, Linzi  
31 Nick Lloyd  
32 Jake Helmick  
33 Brandyn MacPhee  
34 Kallista Fritts  
35 RJ Bellman  
36 Jacqueline Valenzuela  
37 Audrey Campbell  
38 Lacey Shelton  
39 Kory Hetmer  
40 Ben Stedman  
41 Robbie Trujillo  
42 Jonah Seawright  
43 Kyler Duggins  
44 Adel Wahner  
45 Allie May  
Scratch High Games  
Robinson 257  
Baribeau 255  
Baribeau 246  
Williams 231  
Shelton 229  
Handicap High Games
Demick 259  
Williams 254  
MacPhee 253  
Eddington 245  
Balistreri 241  
Round Leaders  
Scratch Handicap
Robinson MacPhee
Robinson Eddington
Lee Eddington
Lee Eddington
Lee Eddington
Lee Eddington
Lee Eddington
Lee Eddington
Women's Series   
W Shelton -141*  
  Kelly McNeil -163  
Red -168  
Silva -174  
Vargas -189