champs Ronnie Fujita (with the 'rally cuff') and Glenn Alan Teal

        Ronnie Fujita summoned the 'rally cuff', while Glenn Alan Teal had to rally back from injuries, and both ended up winners in exciting JBT Southern California Conference action at San Diego's Mira Mesa Bowl.   

        In our March Madness format, the top 16 bowlers in each division after five games advanced to matchplay, starting of course with the 'sweet sixteen' round.  The highest ranked players on a season-long basis, not on the day's totals, received the highest seed, meaning the 'all-stars' weren't scheduled to meet up until the end.  As often happens, though, the other bowlers had a lot to say about that, as none of the #1 seeds reached the final four.  Instead, three #2 seeds joined #3 DeeRonn Booker in the last four.  In those semifinal games, Fujita beat 'dirty' Dan Hansen 197-181, while Booker was truly dealt the dirty break, leaving a brutal solid-8 to lose to Manier 170-169, advancing Steven to the title match.

       Fujita is having a great JBT season despite the tough travel from Northern California to bowl our events, while Steven has long been one of our best 'under the radar' bowlers, with a ton of talent but not a ton of titles.  When in doubt, Fujita goes to the 'rally cuff' (pictured above), and it didn't let him down this time, as he rolled to a 204-183 win, good for the second title of his JBT career.

        #1 overall handicap seed Alexis Atkin avoided the top seed jinx by winning two games to reach the final four, but there she fell to #4 Kylie Shishima in a grindout 174-165, sending Kylie, the almost-birthday girl, to the final game.  In the other semifinal, two #4 seeds faced off, and the result was a big 234-178 win for Glenn alan Teal over Jenny Phandanouvong, advancing Glenn to the title match.

        Teal had banged up his chin and ankle in accidents earlier in the day, but once he recovered he seemed to be better than ever, and the 9 year-old remained unstoppable in the title match, making a bunch of spares to cruise to a 218-183 win and the first title of his JBT career.

    Savannah Carr defeated top seed Megan Carlson 188-169 to win the day's Impact Bowling JBT Women's Series event, the second of three wins Carr needs to qualify for the Girls TPC this July!

    Thanks as always to the crew at Mira Mesa for hosting our events.  Over $1,600 in scholarships were earned by bowlers of all ages and averages- want in on the fun?  Come on down to the next JBT event, it's that simple!

Mira Mesa Bowl- final results and optional scholarship winners
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Ronnie Fujita $215
2 Steven Manier $100
3 DeeRonn Booker $60
4 Dan Hansen $50
5 Jon Dukes $40
6 Cameron Smith $30
7 Riley Dempsey  
8 Curtis Lindeman  
9 Derek Acuff $30
10 Raheem Johnson  
11 Wesley Low $15
12 Kirk Chui $30
13 Kyle Duster  
14 Chris Tucker  
15 Vinny Bravo $120
16 Joshua Tajiri  
17 Cortez Schenck $15
18 Shane Peck $30
19 Bryan Rondeau  
20 Jordan Ferrer  
21 Eric Hatchett  
22 Harley Sweigart $15
23 Mark Myers  
24 Kyle Karpovich  
25 Justin Sims  
26 Bobby Hornacek  
27 Mark Hugelmaier  
28 Luke Holley  
29 Michael Ma  
30 Mark Idzerda  
31 Billy Dacanay  
32 Matt Zweig  
33 Ashley Dunn  
34 Melissa Reed  
35 Brittany Kolatzny  
36 Mark Curtis  
37 Courtney Brown  
38 Brett Hirsch  
39 Oscar Chan  
40 Marina Stever  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Glenn Alan Teal $200
2 Kylie Shishima $100
3 Alexis Atkin $60
4 Jenny Phandanouvong $110
5 Megan Carlson $55
6 Julian Zavala $30
7 Shauna Schultz $20
8 Savannah Carr $60
9 Steven Acuff  
10 Kyle Andrews $30
11 Nick Condon  
12 Leah Zweig $75
13 Ricardo Mendoza  
14 Jake Bryan  
15 KJ Martinez $45
16 Alyssa Tucker  
17 Randi Speiler  
18 Trenton Romleski $60
19 Austin Thompson $15
20 Peter Hugelmaier  
21 Nick Daniels  
22 Tyler Hatfield  
23 Kyli Selley  
24 Matthew Green  
25 Carol Chui  
26 Eric Ruger  
27 Kyle DeCew   
28 Valry Swaim  
29 Kennison Andrews  
30 Ryan Miller  
31 Brooke Martinez  
32 Stephanie Zavala  
33 Marguerite Evans  
34 Austin Hopkins  
35 Javier Zavala  
36 Rance Dvorak  
37 Trevor Thompson  
Scratch High Games  
Booker 279  
Dukes 276  
Dempsey 245  
Tucker 244  
Low, Booker 241  
Handicap High Games
Acuff 249  
Carlson 248  
Schultz 247  
Carlson 247  
Acuff 245  
Round Leaders  
Scratch Handicap
Low Carlson
Low Phandanouvong
Low Phandanouvong
Dukes Phandanouvong
Dukes Phandanouvong
Women's Series   
Carlson -26  
  Carr -163*  
Atkin -167  
Zavala -191  
Speiler -192