Nob Hill Bowl

champs Josh Mullen & Kyle Hays

        Josh Mullen and Kyle Hays captured JBT titles in exciting Pacific Northwest Conference action in our first visit to Yakima's Nob Hill Bowl.

        Tristan Curtis continued his early season run by defeating Arizona phenom Cortez Schenck 200-147 to open the scratch division stepladder finals.  Tyler Boe then stopped Curtis 200-185, and followed with a 224-206 victory over previous day's champ Tanner Spacey to reach his first career scratch title match.

        Top seed Mullen completely owned the tournament, leading after qualifying by more than 100 pins, and after the semis by nearly 200.  He had lapped the field in an event last season only to throw a poor title game, but this is a new season and a new and improved Josh.  He started with a four-bagger, and despite a good comeback from Boe, Tyler ran out of frames and Josh won the game 244-213 to capture the first title of his JBT career and add to a fantastic fall for the Mullen family.

        Toby Shepherd began the handicap division stepladder finals with a big 252-200 win over Max Polhill.  Toby then snuck by first-time finalist Logan Blair 209-203.  Kyle Hays then stopped Shepherd 235-215 to advance to the championship game.  Nicole Stickler grabbed the top seed after game seven, but struggled a bit in the title game.  Hays also slowed down though, and as a result the title game came down to the final frame.  When Nicole couldn't get the double she needed, Kyle claimed the 191-171 win and the third title of his JBT career.

        Makayla Douglas and Jessica Bubnich went at it for the second straight day in the Women's Series title match, and Makayla avenged the previous day's loss with a 216-171 win for today's title, the second of three she needs to qualify for the 2012 Girls' TPC.

        Thanks to the crew at Nob Hill for a great job hosting our Tour for the first time this weekend.  Over $3,000 in scholarships were earned by youth bowlers of all ages and averages- want in on the fun?  Come on out to the next JBT event, it's that simple!

Nob Hill Bowl- final results and optional scholarship winners
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Josh Mullen $260
2 Tyler Boe $130
3 Tanner Spacey $60
4 Tristan Curtis $65
5 Cortez Schenck $30
6 Jesse Covington $20
7 Daniel Hanson  
8 Quinton Miller  
9 Tyler Stickler  
10 Sam Burns  
11 Ryan Gately  
12 Anthony Douglas $105
13 Michael Paulson  
14 Makayla Douglas  
15 Robert Altieri  
16 Thomas Nute $15
17 Jeremy Witt  
18 Brian Monnette  
19 Matt Matias  
20 Jessica Bubnich  
21 Courtney Couch  
22 Breanne Matson  
23 Tyler Satter  
24 Alex Earle  
25 Luke Jordan $5
26 Taylor Gamble  
27 Nick Bachteler  
28 Zach Hemming  
29 Vince Bachteler $10
30 Donnie Whipple  
31 Darren Stanley  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Kyle Hays $200
2 Nicole Stickler $110
3 Toby Shepherd $60
4 Logan Blair $40
5 Max Polhill $30
6 Katie Elliott $20
7 Jake Mullen  
8 Dylan Jones  
9 Oksuna Edwards  
10 Tyler Ficek  
11 Candice Orm  
12 Jerry Jennings $30
13 Bryan Switzer  
14 Sebastian Polhill  
15 Stephanie Arndt $45
16 Nicole Rasmussen  
17 Kara Lieber  
18 Jacob Herriges  
19 Samm Cosby  
20 Becky Davidson  
21 Kelsey Abrahamsen  
22 Mandy Cramer $15
23 Bri Hemming $15
24 Katelyn Norton-Hesser  
25 Cameron Michell  
26 Cassidy Gray  
27 Jamilah Ousley $10
28 Jordan Muir  
29 Ryan Gallagher  
30 Kjerstin Richards  
31 Brandon Myers  
Scratch High Games  
Spacey 268  
Boe 265  
Curtis 258  
Altieri 258  
Mullen 248  
Handicap High Games
Stickler 255  
Switzer 253  
Shepherd 252  
Blair 248  
Mullen 244  
Round Leaders  
Scratch Handicap
Mullen Mullen
Spacey Mullen
Mullen Mullen
Mullen Switzer
Mullen Switzer
Mullen Stickler
Mullen Stickler
Mullen Stickler
Women's Series   
Douglas -66*  
  Bubnich -106  
Couch -107  
Stickler -108  
Matson -118