champs Marshall Kent & Kyle Nichols

        Marshall Kent reasserted his dominance in scratch before leaving the Northwest, while rookie Kyle Nichols made a perfect debut in handicap, in exciting action at Kirkland's Tech City Bowl to open the 16th season of JBT competition.

        Jeremy Witt opened the scratch division stepladder finals with a 199-161 win over Patrick Hickok.  Alex Earle then edged Witt 185-182 when Jeremy missed a 10-pin in the tenth frame.  Courtney Couch then showed she can hang with the guys just fine by beating Earle 208-154 to advance to the title match. 

        Top seed Kent pretty much lapped the field in what turned out to be a surprisingly demanding lane condition, but he found himself in a tight contest against Couch, and after nine frames they were all tied up.  Marshall went 9-spare-strike in the tenth, forcing at least the same from Courtney.  Unfortunately for Couch her first shot went high and got eight, giving Marshall the 188-184 win, and the eleventh title of his outstanding JBT career.  Courtney was already a winner on the day, though, having beaten Danaka Heekin 167-148 in the Impact Bowling Women's Series title match, giving her the early lead for Pac NW female Bowler of the Year.

        Becky Davidson began a climb up the handicap division stepladder with a 203-185 win over Samantha Smart.  Becky then defeated her good friend Kelsey Abrahamsen 192-180.  Toby Shepherd then stopped Davidson's run 191-177, advancing him to the championship game.

        Top seed Nichols was the last man in the cut, then caught fire in the semis, charging all the way to the top seed.  After Toby finished at 175, Kyle needed a 20-fill to win.  He went ten better, striking out for the 186-175 win and the first title of his JBT career,

        Thanks to the crew at Tech City for a great job hosting our Tour for the first time.  Over $1,300 in scholarships were awarded to bowlers of all ages and averages.  Want in on the fun?  Check out our great schedule of events and come on out to the next JBT event!

Tech City Bowl- final results and optional scholarship winners
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Marshall Kent $275
2 Courtney Couch $100
3 Alex Earle $70
4 Jeremy Witt $75
5 Patrick Hickok $50
6 Thomas Nute $30
7 Luke Jordan $35
8 Evan Pendergraft $20
9 Eddy Smith  
10 Josh Mullen $5
11 Brian Monnette  
12 Jesse Covington  
13 Kevin Tindell  
14 Anthony Douglas   
15 Cody Pike  
16 Michael Paulson  
17 Nick Bachteler  
18 Tyler Stickler  
19 Tyler Boe $120
20 Kyler Crevier  
21 Connor Jackley  
22 Danaka Heekin  
23 Brandon Dunson  
24 Jacob Miller  
25 Correen Lieber  
26 Cortez Schenck  
27 Tyler Satter  
28 Tristan Curtis  
29 Robby Davidson  
30 Travis Smart  
31 Carlton Johnson  
32 Tessa Friason  
33 Zach Hemming  
34 Catherine Rawsthorne  
35 Ricky Leighton  
36 Caleb Hathaway  
37 Quinton Miller  
38 Sean Chesterfield  
39 Alan Vancleeve  
40 Ben Martin  
41 Donnie Whipple  
42 John Jordan  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Kyle Nichols $200
2 Toby Shepherd $100
3 Becky Davidson $30
4 Kelsey Abrahamsen $50
5 Samantha Smart $20
5 Kjerstin Richards  
7 Tylor Hale  
8 Max Polhill $30
9 Andy Herrmann $60
10 Samm Cosby  
11 Nicole Stickler  
12 Nicole Egan  
13 Candice Orm $15
14 Zoe Mahn $15
15 Aaron Althoff  
16 Kara Lieber  
17 Brett Scott Jr  
18 Jordan Heard  
19 David Scott  
20 Connor Gracia  
21 Sebastian Polhill  
22 Andre Calipes  
23 Hannah Abney  
24 Bri Hemming $15
25 Jacob Mullen $5
26 Katie Elliott  
27 Mitchell Barber   
28 Sam Tse  
29 Jamilah Ousley  
30 Kyle Hays $15
31 Sean Abrahamsen  
Scratch High Games  
Witt 258  
Kent 258  
Earle 255  
Covington 246  
A Douglas 243  
Handicap High Games
Althofff 271  
K Lieber 259  
Davidson 237  
Hale 235  
K Richards 233  
Round Leaders  
Scratch Handicap
A Douglas Shepherd
A Douglas Hale
Pendergraft Hale
Pendergraft Hale
Kent Herrmann
Kent Herrmann
Kent Shepherd
Kent Nichols
Women's Series   
Couch -49*  
  Heekin -116  
Richards -118  
Lieber -137  
Smart -165