champs Cortez Schenck & Alexis Atkin (and Harley)

        12 year-old Cortez Schenck became the youngest scratch division champion in JBT history, while Alexis Atkin climbed the ladder for some personal history, in exciting JBT Mojave Conference action at Henderson's Wildfire Lanes.

        Chase Nadeau opened the scratch division stepladder finals with a 201-193 win over Dan Hansen, who is continuing a hot streak since December.  Arizona's Kyle Karpovich then defeated Nadeau 236-191, and followed with a 225-203 win over always-tough Jakob Butturff to reach the title game.

        That Schenck could lead a scratch event at his age is no surprise to anyone who follows our Tour.  Though some folks seem to obsess over age being the deciding factor in youth events, our talented younger bowlers constantly prove that to be a misconception- perhaps, ironically, because of the very fact that in JBT they get to truly test and sharpen their skill against older kids up to age 22.  "Tez" had the lead early and regained it heading into the finals, and bowled a close match with a determined Karpovich, who is having his best scratch JBT season by far.  After Schenck finished at 210 (after converting a 4-5 in the tenth), he could barely watch as Kyle, needing a strike to win, left a heartbreaking 10-pin, giving Cortez the 216-210 win and the win, the fourth of his already great career.  He breaks Stephen Gaucin's JBT record as the youngest scratch winner, and the sky's the limit for this talented bowler.  

        Alexis Atkin opened the handicap division stepladder finals with the closest of wins, getting the 7-count she needed on the fill ball for a 183-182 win over Kevin Mette.  Atkin appeared to gain momentum from there, getting past Megan Carlson 227-184, and following with a 222-192 victory over Nathan Hanuscin to advance to the title game.

        Top seed Joe Gerencser bounced back from a sub-par outing the day before by leading the event here, but struggled in the title match.  Atkin opened with a triple to put the game away early, eventually winning 236-168 for the title.  She won her forst title in the AZ Team event in December, and now notches her first singles win just over a month later!

        Carlson's fourth place finish was just part of a great day for her, as she captured the day's Impact Bowling Women's Series event with a 183-167 win over Savannah Carr, the first of three wins she needs to qualify for the Girls TPC this July.  She also won teh Ebonite bowling ball raffle, and nearly swept the brackets for a pretty sweet day!

        Thanks to the crew at Wildfire for a great job hosting the JBT for the first time.    If you haven't been to this center since it was Sunset Bowl, come check it out, it is a beautiful place!  Over $1,100 in scholarships were awarded to bowlers of all averages- want in on the fun?  Check out our schedule at www.bowljbt.com, and come on down, it's that simple!

Wildfire Lanes- final results and optional scholarship winners
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Cortez Schenck $200
2 Kyle Karpovich $180
3 Jakob Butturff $60
4 Chase Nadeau $40
5 Dan Hansen $30
6 Eric Hatchett  
7 Jordan Katz  
8 Derek Acuff  
9 Jordan Ferrer  
10 Nick Pollak  
11 Zack Hattori  
12 Cameron Smith $15
13 Joe Lewandowski  
14 Ian Hanuscin  
15 Mark Curtis  
16 Mark Caparas  
17 Mark Myers  
18 Riley Dempsey  
19 Marina Stever  
20 Curtis Lindeman  
21 Matt Brazeal  
22 Isaiah Cleveland  
23 Derek Iozzio $5
24 Dayton Martin  
25 Ryan Warshefski  
26 Leah Glazer  
27 Mike Garcia  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Alexis Atkin $200
2 Joe Gerencser $100
3 Nathan Hanuscin $60
4 Megan Carlson $190
5 Kevin Mette $20
5 Brandon Duffy  
7 Gabriella Weis  
8 Randi Speiler $15
9 Justin Villa  
10 Matt Dragovich $5
11 Douglas Csanyi  
12 Brooke Martinez  
13 Savannah Carr $15
14 KJ Martinez  
15 Spencer Brown  
16 Kyli Selley  
17 Shelby Dempsey  
18 Aaron Watkins  
19 Andrew Guba  
20 Jeremy Cardines  
21 Veronica Schleicher  
22 Cerell Cardines  
23 Jake Bryan  
24 Marguerite Evans  
25 Josh Liebowitz  
26 Shauna Schultz  
27 Jason Pappas   
28 Michael Butz  
29 Steven Acuff  
30 David Galvan  
Scratch High Games  
Schenck 248  
D Hansen 248  
Karpovich 247  
Hatchett 246  
Hatchett 244  
Handicap High Games
Csanyi 283  
Mette 261  
Atkin 250  
Carr 248  
Gerencser 245  
Round Leaders  
Scratch Handicap
Ferrer Gerencser
Schenck Csanyi
Schenck Csanyi
Karpovich Duffy
Karpovich Carlson
Hatchett Gerencser
Schenck N Hanuscin
Schenck Gerencser
Women's Series   
Carlson -56*  
  Call -76  
Speiler -83  
Atkin -89  
Stever -109