champs Bobby Hornacek, Shauna Schultz, and Correen Lieber

    Bobby Hornacek, Shauna Schultz, and Coreen Lieber earned the biggest titles of their JBT careers, capturing their divisions of the 2013 JBT Touring Players Championship, hosted by Strike Zone at Sunset Station.

    Bowlers in both divisions were challenged by ten games of qualifying on two tough patterns, followed by five matchplay games on a third, with the top ten advancing to eight more games of matchplay on a fourth.  In the scratch division the Pac NW Conference shone brightly yet again, with three of the four stepladder finalists representing that always-tough region.  The finals began with Daniel Hanson, the 2012-13 Pac NW Bowler of the Year, defeating 2013 Pac NW Invitational champ Perry Crowell IV, 217-195, in the final performance of Crowell's outstanding JBT career.  California's Bobby Hornacek, the lone non-northwesterner, then defeated Hanson 224-183, to move on to the title game.

    Tanner Spacey, the 11-12 Pac NW Bowler of the Year, fired a 300 game Sunday morning to leap into contention, regrabbing the top seed midway through the afternoon matchplay.  Both bowlers competed extremely well on the brutal lane pattern, but a solid-10 in Spacey's eighth frame proved to be the difference, as Bobby put together the most impressive game of his JBT career, eventually winning 237-216 for the championship and $2,000 first prize.     

    Another California bowler, Shauna Schultz, begin the stepladder finals with a 228-202 win over New Mexico's Alyssa Williams.  Schultz then got by fellow Californian Leah Zweig, 203-187, earning the right to play another So Cal bowler for the title, top seed James McGough of Chula Vista.

    McGough finished second in the Top Dawg side event, signaling he could be in for a good TPC, and the signals were accurate, as he had the best event of his JBT career, hanging on to the lead for most of the event.  However, the veteran Schultz was on a mission, and she bowled a confident game in the title match to win the game 213-185, earning her 4th career JBT title, 2nd major, and the $2,000 top prize.

    Correen Lieber kept her late season momentum going, defeating Makayla Douglas 247-194, and then top seed Sara Vargas 206-176, to earn the Girls TPC title, and $400 from Impact Bowling.  After having trouble finishing off wins in the past, Lieber has now won the Pac NW Girls Invitational, the Summer Masters, and the Girls TPC in the last month!

    Congratulations to each of the 174 bowlers that qualified, only 7% of the Tour, and the 144 who made the trip to attend.  Over $18,000 in scholarships were awarded to the field!  Do you want to bowl in the most prestigious event of the year next season?  Check out our schedule, and don't miss any of the great JBT action in 2013-14!

TPC- final results and scholarship winners  
rank bowler    
1 Hornacek, Bobby $2,000  
2 Spacey, Tanner $1,100  
3 Hanson, Daniel $965  
4 Crowell, Perry $445  
5 Leong, Dallas $390  
6 Cobine, Danny $275  
7 King, Kyle $480  
8 Schenck, Cortez $380  
9 Boe, Tyler $175  
10 Stanley, Darren $215  
11 Smith, Cameron $230  
12 Smith, Eddy $100  
13 Monnette, Brian $195  
14 Valleau, Shane $100  
15 Butturff, Jakob $295  
16 Lindeman, Curtis $50  
17 Sweigart, Harley $235  
18 Chan, Oscar $200  
19 Canfield, Ben $30  
20 Dempsey, Riley $40  
21 Lieber. Correen $400  
22 Jackley, Connor    
23 Vargas, Sara    
24 Thompson, Austin $60  
25 Myers, Brandon $75  
26 Sims, Justin    
27 Hatchett, Eric    
28 Acuff, Derek $240  
29 Witt, Jeremy    
30 Pollak, Nick $40  
31 Myers, Mark    
32 Duster, Kyle    
33 Nikolas, Ryan $115  
34 Nute, Thomas $130  
35 Douglas, Makayla $100  
36 Lewandowski, Joe    
37 Devlin, Nick $15  
38 Varholdt, Danny    
39 Holley, Luke $30  
40 Curtis, Tristan $45  
41 Russom, Branodn    
42 Sanchez, Nick    
43 Williams, Ahkeen $175  
44 Peyton, Jamison    
45 Jordan, John $20  
46 Stever, Marina    
47 Cardines, Jeremy $10  
48 Vargas, Bree $70  
49 Hemming, Zach $10  
50 Mullen, Josh $135  
51 Jordan, Luke    
52 Watanabe, Alex    
53 Chui, Kirk $45  
54 Wanders, Brandon    
55 Satter, Tyler    
56 Mattson, Breanne    
57 Tripi, Anthony $10  
58 Kolatzny, Brittany    
59 Wojciechowki, Zach    
60 Zweig, Matt    
61 Camacho, Jacob    
62 Wahner, Adel    
63 Lucente, Teddy    
x Schultz, Courtney $75  
x Nikolas, Courtney $60  
x Hattori, Zach $20  
rank bowler    
1 Schultz, Shauna $2,060  
2 McGough, James $1,175  
3 Zweig, Leah $500  
4 Williams, Alyssa $445  
5 Cardines, Cerell $300  
6 Benton, Nikita $215  
7 Shishima, Kylie $360  
8 Lindsey, Brendan $140  
9 Shepherd, Toby $415  
10 Lanning, Alexa $225  
11 Demick, Josh $177  
12 Jennings, Jerry $315  
13 Jordan, Rashaad $100  
14 Cosby, Samm $100  
15 Rock, TJ $210  
16 Polhill, Sebastian $250  
17 Kelly, Theresa    
18 Speiler, Randi $15  
19 Basher, Riley $60  
20 Andrews, Kennison $75  
21 Martinez, Noah    
22 Pineda, Crystal    
23 McNeil, Kelly    
24 Goad, Kayla    
25 Gardner, Candace    
26 Mullen, Jake $60  
27 Rapp, Zachary $60  
28 Lieber, Kara    
29 Abrahamsen, Kelsey $45  
30 Carr, Savannah     
31 Fasting, Amelia $52  
32 Glazer, Leah    
33 Carlson, Megan $190  
34 Condon, Nick    
35 Goad, Kayla    
36 Alvarez, Josh $100  
37 Hetmer, Kory $5  
38 Andrews, Kyle $45  
39 Thompson, Trevor    
40 Dang, Anthony $30  
41 Atkin, Alexis $320  
42 Sellers, Samantha $15  
43 Fung, Keith $220  
44 Martinez, KJ    
45 Ma, Michael $20  
46 Finkler, Kevin $30  
47 Atkin, Alexis    
48 Couch, Elisa    
49 Hemming, Bri $28  
50 Jensen, Michelle    
51 Sanchez, Lindsey $5  
52 Polhill, Max    
53 Evans, Marguerite    
54 Obrist, Kevin    
55 Jonson, Kyle $100  
56 Condon, Nick    
57 Martinez, Brooke $52  
58 Martinez, KJ $70  
59 McNeil, Katie    
60 Dang, Anthony    
61 Dempsey, Shelby $80  
62 Seawright, Jonah $68  
63 Lee, Kristen $52  
64 Gracia, Conor    
65 Acuff, Steven    
66 Strickland, Cerra    
67 Huffman, Joey $100  
68 Nagamine, Casey    
69 Gerencser, Joe    
70 Thompson, Trevor    
71 Carlson, Megan    
72 Dvorak, Rance $60  
73 Hendrickson, Talon    
74 Galvan, David $15  
75 Bruketta, Nick    
76 Harvey, Zach $15  
77 Hays, Kyle    
78 Harvey, Brad $30  
79 Herrmann, Andy    
x Leggett, Johnny $110  
x Purdy, Alayna $60  
  GIRLS' TPC    
rank bowler    
1 Lieber, Correen $400  
2 Vargas, Sara $100  
3 Douglas, Makayla    
4 Schultz, Courtney    
5 Stever, Marina    
6 Vargas, Bree    
7 Speiler, Randi    
8 Nikolas, Courtney    
9 Carr, Savannah    
10 Goad, Kayla    
11 Atkin, Alexis    
12 Kolatzny, Brittany    
13 Wahner, Adel    
14 Carlson, Megan    
rank bowler    
1 Chan, Oscar 760 $200
2 Alvarez, Josh 741 $100
3 Hanson, Daniel 694 $60
4 Acuff, Derek 693 $40
5 Smith, Cameron 683 $20
rank bowler    
1 Shepherd, Toby 752 $200
2 Huffman, Joey 717 $100
3 Leggett, Johnny 709 $60
4 Jennings, Jerry 705 $40
5 Harvey, Brad 697 $30
rank bowler    
1 Hanson, Daniel 683 $300
2 Butturff, Jakob 658 $150
3 Smith, Cameron 655 $100
4 Myers, Brandon 642 $75
5 Leong, Dallas 630 $60
6 Mullen, Josh 629 $40
7 Canfield, Ben 622 $30
8 Monnette, Brian 621 $30
9 Stanley, Darren 619 $20
10 Hattori, Zack 615 $20
rank bowler    
1 Atkin, Alexis 660 $300
2 Polhill, Sebastian 647 $150
3 Carlson, Megan 638 $100
4 Fasting, Amelia 633 $52
5 Lee, Kristen 633 $52
6 Martinez, Brooke 633 $52
7 Demick, Josh 633 $52
8 Jennings, Jerry 631 $30
9 Hemming, Bri 626 $20
10 Leggett, Johnny 623 $10
10 Atkin, Alexis 623 $10
rank bowler    
1 Acuff, Derek $200  
2 Nikolas, Ryan $100  
3 Sweigart, Harley $60  
3 Cobine, Danny $60  
5 Mullen, Josh $40  
5 Pollak, Nick $40  
5 Chui, Kirk $40  
5 Dempsey, Riley $40  
rank bowler    
1 Fung, Keith $200  
2 McGough, James $100  
3 Basher, Riley $60  
3 Purdy, Alayna $60  
5 Jennings, Jerry $40  
5 Leggett, Johnny $40  
5 Dempsey, Shelby $40  
5 Martinez, KJ $40  
rank bowler    
1 Spacey, Tanner 236 $70
2 Nute, Thomas 220 $40
3 Stanley, Darren 213 $30
4 Monnette, Brian 209 $20
5 Vargas, Bree 206 $10
6 Sweigart, Harley 205 $5
7 Chui, Kirk 205 $5
rank bowler    
1 Carlson, Megan 255 $60
2 Shepherd, Toby 236 $40
3 Dvorak, Rance 235 $25
4 Rapp, Zachary 231 $15
5 Atkin, Alexis 220 $10
rank bowler    
1 Williams, Ahkeen 865 $100
2 Vargas, Bree 794 $60
3 Mullen, Josh 782 $40
4 Jordan, John 775 $20
5 Tripi, Anthony 754 $10
  Hemming, Zach 754 $10
rank bowler    
1 Jonson, Kyle 835 $100
2 Seawright, Jonah 824 $60
3 Dempsey, Shelby 822 $40
4 Finkler, Kevin 816 $30
5 Ma, Michael 800 $20









Abrahamsen, Kelsey
Acuff, Derek
Acuff, Steven
Alvarez, Josh
Andrews, Kennison
Andrews, Kyle
Atkin, Alexis
Basher, Riley
Benavidez, Alex
Benton, Nikita
Boe, Tyler
Bouder, Zahn
Brown, Chris
Bruketta, Nick
Butturff, Jakob
Camacho, Jacob
Canfield, Ben
Cardines, Cerell
Cardines, Jeremy
Carlson, Megan
Carnate, Lanndyn
Carr, Savannah
Chan, Oscar
Chui, Kirk
Cobine, Danny
Condon, Nick
Cosby, Samm
Couch, Elisabeth
Coyle, Gillian
Crowell, Perry IV
Curtis, Tristan
Dang, Anthony
Delegarito, Gerilynn
Demick, Josh
Dempsey, Riley
Dempsey, Shelby
Devlin, Nick
Diaz, Sophie
Douglas, Makayla
Duran, Nathaniel
Duster, Kyle
Dvorak, Rance
Edmondson, Mason
Ellis, Morgan
Evans, Marguerite
Fasting, Amelia
Finkler, Kevin
Franz, Joshua
Fung, Keith
Galvan, David
Gardner, Candace
Gerencser, Joe
Gill, Brandon
Gill, Jacob
Glazer, Leah
Goad, Kayla
Gracia, Connor
Green, Matthew
Hanson, Daniel
Harvey, Brad
Harvey, Zach
Hatchett, Eric
Hays, Kyle
Helmick, Josh
Helmick, Matt
Hemming, Bri
Hemming, Zach
Hendrickson, Talon
Herrmann, Andy
Hetmer, Kory
Hilton, Jake
Holley, Luke
Hornacek, Bobby
Huffman, Joey
Jackley, Connor
Jenkins, Michelle
Jennings, Jerry
Jensen, Michelle
Jones, Kevin
Jonson, Kyle
Jordan, John
Jordan, Luke
Jordan, Rashaad
Kelly, Theresa
King, Kyle
Kolatzny, Brittany
Lang, Jacob
Lanning, Alexa
Lee, Kristen
Leong, Dallas
Lewandowski, Joe
Lewandowski, Zach
Lieber, Correen
Lieber, Kara
Lindeman, Curtis
Lindsey, Brendan
Lloyd, Nick
Low, Wesley
Lucente, Teddy
Lusher, Donovin
Ma, Michael
Majeske, Sven
Martin, Jeremiah
Martinez, Brooke
Martinez, KJ
Martinez, Noah
Mattson, Breanne
McGough, James
McNeil, Katie
McNeil, Kelly
Miller, Quinton
Monnette, Brian
Mullen, Jake
Mullen, Josh
Myers, Brandon
Myers, Mark
Nagamine, Casey
Nikolas, Ryan
Nute, Thomas
Obrist, Kevin
Pappas, Jason
Pellegrino, Alex
Peyton, Jamison
Pineda, Crystalene
Polhill, Max
Polhill, Sebastian
Pollak, Nick
Ponzo, Kyle
Potter, Samantha
Rapp, Zachary
Rock, TJ
Romleski, Trenton
Russom, Brandon
Sanchez, Lindsey
Sanchez, Nick
Satter, Tyler
Schenck, Cortez
Schultz, Shauna
Seawright, Jonah
Sellers, Samantha
Shepherd, Toby
Shishima, Kylie
Sims, Justin
Smith, Cameron
Smith, Eddy
Spacey, Tanner
Speiler, Randi
Stanley, Darren
Stedman, Olivia
Stever, Marina
Strickland, Cerra
Sweigart, Harley
Thompson, Austin
Thompson, Trevor
Tripi, Anthony
Valleau, Shane
Vargas, Bree
Vargas, Sara
Varholdt, Danny
Wahner, Adel
Wanders, Brandon
Watanabe, Alex
Watkins, Aaron
Weis, Gabriella
Williams, Ahkeen
Williams, Alyssa
Williams, Braxton
Witt, Jeremy
Wojciechowski, Zach
Yamamoto, Aaron
Yoder, William
Zuni, Isziah
Zweig, Leah
Zweig, Matt

How they got there:

Name Qualified via:
Abrahamsen, Kelsey Pac NW Handicap Points
Abrahamsen, Kelsey All-Conf Handicap Points
Acuff, Derek AZ Scratch Points
Acuff, Derek Mojave Scratch Points
Acuff, Derek NM-TX Scratch Points
Acuff, Derek So Cal Scratch Points
Acuff, Derek All-Conf Scratch Points
Acuff, Steven All-Conf Handicap Points
Alvarez, Josh Pac NW Handicap Points
Alvarez, Josh All-Conf Handicap Points
Andrews, Kennison So Cal Handicap Points
Andrews, Kennison All-Conf Handicap Points
Andrews, Kyle So Cal Handicap Points
Andrews, Kyle All-Conf Handicap Points
Atkin, Alexis AZ Handicap Points
Atkin, Alexis Mojave Handicap Points
Atkin, Alexis NM-TX Handicap Points
Atkin, Alexis So Cal Handicap Points
Atkin, Alexis All-Conf Handicap Points
Basher, Riley Pac NW Handicap Points
Basher, Riley All-Conf Handicap Points
Benavidez, Alex NM-TX Handicap Points
Benton, Nikita Pac NW Handicap Points
Benton, Nikita All-Conf Handicap Points
Boe, Tyler Pac NW Scratch Points
Boe, Tyler All-Conf Scratch Points
Bouder, Zahn Mojave Handicap Points
Brown, Chris NM-TX Scratch Points
Brown, Chris All-Conf Scratch Points
Bruketta, Nick Pac NW Handicap Points
Bruketta, Nick All-Conf Handicap Points
Butturff, Jakob AZ Scratch Points
Butturff, Jakob Mojave Scratch Points
Butturff, Jakob So Cal Scratch Points
Butturff, Jakob All-Conf Scratch Points
Camacho, Jacob So Cal Scratch Points
Camacho, Jacob All-Conf Scratch Points
Canfield, Ben AZ Scratch Points
Canfield, Ben Mojave Scratch Points
Canfield, Ben So Cal Scratch Points
Canfield, Ben All-Conf Scratch Points
Cardines, Cerell Mojave Handicap Points
Cardines, Cerell All-Conf Handicap Points
Cardines, Jeremy Mojave Scratch Points
Carlson, Megan AZ Handicap Points
Carlson, Megan Mojave Handicap Points
Carlson, Megan So Cal Handicap Points
Carlson, Megan All-Conf Handicap Points
Carnate, Lanndyn AZ Scratch Points
Carnate, Lanndyn All-Conf Scratch Points
Carr, Savannah All-Conf Handicap Points
Chan, Oscar AZ Scratch Points
Chan, Oscar Mojave Scratch Points
Chan, Oscar So Cal Scratch Points
Chan, Oscar All-Conf Scratch Points
Chui, Kirk So Cal Scratch Points
Chui, Kirk All-Conf Scratch Points
Cobine, Danny NM-TX Scratch Points
Cobine, Danny All-Conf Scratch Points
Condon, Nick So Cal Handicap Points
Condon, Nick All-Conf Handicap Points
Cosby, Samm Pac NW Handicap Points
Cosby, Samm All-Conf Handicap Points
Couch, Elisabeth Pac NW Handicap Points
Couch, Elisabeth All-Conf Handicap Points
Coyle, Gillian AZ Handicap Points
Crowell, Perry All-Conf Scratch Points
Curtis, Tristan All-Conf Scratch Points
Dang, Anthony AZ Handicap Points
Dang, Anthony Mojave Handicap Points
Dang, Anthony So Cal Handicap Points
Dang, Anthony All-Conf Handicap Points
Delegarito, Gerilynn NM-TX Handicap Points
Demick, Josh NM-TX Handicap Points
Dempsey, Riley AZ Scratch Points
Dempsey, Riley All-Conf Scratch Points
Dempsey, Shelby AZ Handicap Points
Dempsey, Shelby All-Conf Handicap Points
Devlin, Nick Pac NW Scratch Points
Devlin, Nick All-Conf Scratch Points
Diaz, Sophie NM-TX Handicap Points
Diaz, Sophie All-Conf Handicap Points
Douglas, Makayla Pac NW Scratch Points
Douglas, Makayla All-Conf Scratch Points
Duran, Nathaniel NM-TX Handicap Points
Duster, Kyle So Cal Scratch Points
Duster, Kyle All-Conf Scratch Points
Dvorak, Rance So Cal Handicap Points
Dvorak, Rance All-Conf Handicap Points
Edmondson, Mason NM-TX Scratch Points
Edmondson, Mason All-Conf Scratch Points
Ellis, Morgan NM-TX Handicap Points
Ellis, Morgan All-Conf Handicap Points
Evans, Marguerite Mojave Handicap Points
Evans, Marguerite So Cal Handicap Points
Evans, Marguerite All-Conf Handicap Points
Fasting, Amelia NM-TX Handicap Points
Finkler, Kevin Mojave Handicap Points
Finkler, Kevin All-Conf Handicap Points
Franz, Joshua Mojave Handicap Points
Franz, Joshua All-Conf Handicap Points
Fung, Keith AZ Handicap Points
Fung, Keith All-Conf Handicap Points
Galvan, David Mojave Handicap Points
Galvan, David All-Conf Handicap Points
Gardner, Candace AZ Handicap Points
Gerencser, Joe Mojave Handicap Points
Gerencser, Joe All-Conf Handicap Points
Gill, Brandon NM-TX Scratch Points
Gill, Brandon All-Conf Scratch Points
Gill, Jacob NM-TX Scratch Points
Glazer, Leah Mojave Handicap Points
Glazer, Leah All-Conf Handicap Points
Goad, Kayla AZ Handicap Points
Goad, Kayla So Cal Handicap Points
Goad, Kayla All-Conf Handicap Points
Gracia, Connor Pac NW Handicap Points
Gracia, Connor All-Conf Handicap Points
Green, Matthew So Cal Handicap Points
Hanson, Daniel Pac NW Scratch Points
Hanson, Daniel All-Conf Scratch Points
Harvey, Brad NM-TX Handicap Points
Harvey, Zach NM-TX Handicap Points
Hatchett, Eric AZ Scratch Points
Hatchett, Eric Mojave Scratch Points
Hatchett, Eric So Cal Scratch Points
Hatchett, Eric All-Conf Scratch Points
Hays, Kyle Pac NW Handicap Points
Helmick, Josh NM-TX Scratch Points
Helmick, Josh All-Conf Scratch Points
Helmick, Matt NM-TX Scratch Points
Hemming, Bri Pac NW Handicap Points
Hemming, Bri All-Conf Handicap Points
Hemming, Zach Pac NW Scratch Points
Hemming, Zach All-Conf Scratch Points
Hendrickson, Talon Mojave Handicap Points
Hendrickson, Talon All-Conf Handicap Points
Herrmann, Andy Pac NW Handicap Points
Herrmann, Andy All-Conf Handicap Points
Hetmer, Kory NM-TX Handicap Points
Hetmer, Kory All-Conf Handicap Points
Hilton, Jake AZ Handicap Points
Hilton, Jake All-Conf Handicap Points
Holley, Luke So Cal Scratch Points
Holley, Luke All-Conf Scratch Points
Hornacek, Bobby So Cal Scratch Points
Hornacek, Bobby All-Conf Scratch Points
Huffman, Joey Pac NW Handicap Points
Huffman, Joey All-Conf Handicap Points
Jackley, Connor Pac NW Scratch Points
Jackley, Connor All-Conf Scratch Points
Jenkins, Michelle AZ Handicap Points
Jennings, Jerry Pac NW Handicap Points
Jennings, Jerry All-Conf Handicap Points
Jensen, Michelle Pac NW Handicap Points
Jensen, Michelle All-Conf Handicap Points
Jones, Kevin So Cal Scratch Points
Jonson, Kyle Pac NW Handicap Points
Jonson, Kyle All-Conf Handicap Points
Jordan, John Pac NW Scratch Points
Jordan, John All-Conf Scratch Points
Jordan, Luke Pac NW Scratch Points
Jordan, Luke All-Conf Scratch Points
Jordan, Rashaad AZ Handicap Points
Kelly, Theresa Pac NW Handicap Points
King, Kyle AZ Scratch Points
King, Kyle All-Conf Scratch Points
Kolatzny, Brittany So Cal Scratch Points
Lang, Jacob NM-TX Handicap Points
Lanning, Alexa Pac NW Handicap Points
Lanning, Alexa All-Conf Handicap Points
Lee, Kristen AZ Handicap Points
Lee, Kristen All-Conf Handicap Points
Leong, Dallas Mojave Scratch Points
Leong, Dallas All-Conf Scratch Points
Lewandowski, Joe AZ Scratch Points
Lewandowski, Joe All-Conf Scratch Points
Lewandowski, Zach AZ Handicap Points
Lewandowski, Zach All-Conf Handicap Points
Lieber, Correen Pac NW Scratch Points
Lieber, Correen All-Conf Scratch Points
Lieber, Kara All-Conf Handicap Points
Lindeman, Curtis AZ Scratch Points
Lindeman, Curtis Mojave Scratch Points
Lindeman, Curtis All-Conf Scratch Points
Lindsey, Brendan Mojave Handicap Points
Lindsey, Brendan All-Conf Handicap Points
Lloyd, Nick NM-TX Scratch Points
Low, Wesley So Cal Scratch Points
Low, Wesley All-Conf Scratch Points
Lucente, Teddy Mojave Scratch Points
Lusher, Donovin Mojave Handicap Points
Ma, Michael So Cal Handicap Points
Ma, Michael All-Conf Handicap Points
Majeske, Sven AZ Scratch Points
Martin, Jeremiah NM-TX Scratch Points
Martinez, Brooke So Cal Handicap Points
Martinez, Brooke All-Conf Handicap Points
Martinez, KJ AZ Handicap Points
Martinez, KJ So Cal Handicap Points
Martinez, KJ All-Conf Handicap Points
Martinez, Noah NM-TX Handicap Points
Martinez, Noah All-Conf Handicap Points
Mattson, Breanne All-Conf Scratch Points
McGough, James So Cal Handicap Points
McNeil, Katie NM-TX Handicap Points
McNeil, Katie All-Conf Handicap Points
McNeil, Kelly NM-TX Handicap Points
Miller, Quinton Pac NW Scratch Points
Miller, Quinton All-Conf Scratch Points
Monnette, Brian Pac NW Scratch Points
Monnette, Brian All-Conf Scratch Points
Mullen, Jake Pac NW Handicap Points
Mullen, Jake All-Conf Handicap Points
Mullen, Josh Pac NW Scratch Points
Mullen, Josh All-Conf Scratch Points
Myers, Brandon Pac NW Scratch Points
Myers, Brandon All-Conf Scratch Points
Myers, Mark AZ Scratch Points
Myers, Mark Mojave Scratch Points
Myers, Mark So Cal Scratch Points
Myers, Mark All-Conf Scratch Points
Nagamine, Casey Mojave Handicap Points
Nikolas, Ryan Pac NW Scratch Points
Nikolas, Ryan All-Conf Scratch Points
Nute, Thomas Pac NW Scratch Points
Nute, Thomas All-Conf Scratch Points
Obrist, Kevin Pac NW Handicap Points
Obrist, Kevin All-Conf Handicap Points
Pappas, Jason Mojave Handicap Points
Pellegrino, Alex AZ Handicap Points
Peyton, Jamison Mojave Scratch Points
Pineda, Crystalene Mojave Handicap Points
Polhill, Max All-Conf Handicap Points
Polhill, Sebastian All-Conf Handicap Points
Pollak, Nick Mojave Scratch Points
Ponzo, Kyle AZ Handicap Points
Potter, Samantha So Cal Handicap Points
Rapp, Zachary AZ Handicap Points
Rock, TJ AZ Handicap Points
Rock, TJ Mojave Handicap Points
Rock, TJ All-Conf Handicap Points
Romleski, Trenton So Cal Handicap Points
Russom, Brandon Mojave Scratch Points
Sanchez, Lindsey NM-TX Handicap Points
Sanchez, Nick NM-TX Scratch Points
Satter, Tyler Mojave Scratch Points
Satter, Tyler Pac NW Scratch Points
Satter, Tyler All-Conf Scratch Points
Schenck, Cortez AZ Scratch Points
Schenck, Cortez Mojave Scratch Points
Schenck, Cortez NM-TX Scratch Points
Schenck, Cortez So Cal Scratch Points
Schenck, Cortez All-Conf Scratch Points
Schultz, Shauna So Cal Handicap Points
Schultz, Shauna All-Conf Handicap Points
Seawright, Jonah NM-TX Handicap Points
Seawright, Jonah All-Conf Handicap Points
Sellers, Samantha AZ Handicap Points
Sellers, Samantha All-Conf Handicap Points
Shepherd, Toby Pac NW Handicap Points
Shepherd, Toby All-Conf Handicap Points
Shishima, Kylie So Cal Handicap Points
Sims, Justin So Cal Scratch Points
Sims, Justin All-Conf Scratch Points
Smith, Cameron AZ Scratch Points
Smith, Cameron Mojave Scratch Points
Smith, Cameron All-Conf Scratch Points
Smith, Eddy Pac NW Scratch Points
Smith, Eddy All-Conf Scratch Points
Spacey, Tanner Pac NW Scratch Points
Spacey, Tanner All-Conf Scratch Points
Speiler, Randi Mojave Handicap Points
Speiler, Randi All-Conf Handicap Points
Stanley, Darren Pac NW Scratch Points
Stanley, Darren All-Conf Scratch Points
Stedman, Olivia NM-TX Scratch Points
Stever, Marina AZ Scratch Points
Stever, Marina All-Conf Scratch Points
Strickland, Cerra NM-TX Handicap Points
Strickland, Cerra All-Conf Handicap Points
Sweigart, Harley So Cal Scratch Points
Thompson, Austin AZ Scratch Points
Thompson, Austin Mojave Scratch Points
Thompson, Austin So Cal Scratch Points
Thompson, Austin All-Conf Scratch Points
Thompson, Trevor AZ Handicap Points
Thompson, Trevor So Cal Handicap Points
Thompson, Trevor All-Conf Handicap Points
Tripi, Anthony AZ Scratch Points
Tripi, Anthony All-Conf Scratch Points
Valleau, Shane AZ Scratch Points
Valleau, Shane All-Conf Scratch Points
Vargas, Bree NM-TX Scratch Points
Vargas, Bree All-Conf Scratch Points
Vargas, Sara NM-TX Scratch Points
Vargas, Sara All-Conf Scratch Points
Varholdt, Danny AZ Scratch Points
Varholdt, Danny Mojave Scratch Points
Varholdt, Danny All-Conf Scratch Points
Wahner, Adel NM-TX Scratch Points
Wanders, Brandon So Cal Scratch Points
Watanabe, Alex Mojave Scratch Points
Watanabe, Alex All-Conf Scratch Points
Watkins, Aaron Mojave Scratch Points
Weis, Gabriella Mojave Handicap Points
Williams, Ahkeen NM-TX Scratch Points
Williams, Ahkeen All-Conf Scratch Points
Williams, Alyssa NM-TX Handicap Points
Williams, Braxton NM-TX Scratch Points
Williams, Braxton All-Conf Scratch Points
Witt, Jeremy Pac NW Scratch Points
Witt, Jeremy All-Conf Scratch Points
Wojciechowski, Zach NM-TX Scratch Points
Wojciechowski, Zach All-Conf Scratch Points
Yamamoto, Aaron AZ Scratch Points
Yamamoto, Aaron All-Conf Scratch Points
Yoder, William NM-TX Scratch Points
Zuni, Isziah NM-TX Handicap Points
Zweig, Leah So Cal Handicap Points
Zweig, Leah All-Conf Handicap Points
Zweig, Matt So Cal Scratch Points