champs Wesley Low, Keyon Lemus, Eric Torrence, Zack Jellsey, and Mikey Villareal

        On a fun but challenging night where spares were hard to come by, let alone strikes, a national champion came up with a double to seal the So Cal Baker Team Shootout title in exciting action at the Bowlium in Montclair.

        The Zavala-family led team that called themselves "No Team Spirit" found that can be a deadly trait in the unique atmosphere of team matchplay, as they fell in round one to the "Twizzlers", helmed by the Martinez family.  The Twizzlers, joined by Brittany Kolatzny and Isaiah Cleveland, made it to the final four, where they lost 2-0 to Low's team, again with the self-depricating (and untrue) name of "We Stink".   In the other semifinal, the "Norwalk Lanes" team fell 2-1 to the tye-dyed "Saaaawww" team, setting up the title match.

        The 'Los Angeles' lane pattern starts tricky, but becomes brutal by the end of a very long day- the title match started at midnight, after an 11 AM start to the Doubles event that started the day!  Nonetheless, 'We Stink' did anything but in winning the first game 224-193, but "Saaaawww" came back to win game two 186-171 and force a decider.  Saaawww's anchor bowler Oscar Chan spared in the tenth frame of the finale, forcing opposing anchor Low to come up with an unlikely double to win.  Somehow, Wesley caved in the big four not once but twice, earning a 186-182 win for his team.  It's Low's 15th career JBT title, but the first for Keyon Lemus, and first regular win for Eric Torrence, though he clearly likes team events, as he's a two-time Main Event team event champ. They were joined by adult teammates Zack Jellsey and Mikey Villareal.

         Huge thanks to Scott and the Bowilum crew for hosting an event on a Saturday night, and doing a top notch job all weekend!  Want in on the best bowling fun around?  Check out our schedule and come on down to the next event, it's that simple!

So Cal Baker- final results and scholarship winners
rank bowlers prize


1 Wesley Low $166 $500
  Zack Jellsey    
  Eric Torrence $166  
  Keyon Lemus $166  
  Mikey Villareal    
2 Shelby Dempsey $50 $250
  Eric Hatchett $50  
  Bobby Hornacek $50  
  Dallas Leong $50  
  Oscar Chan $50  
3 BJ Harlan $25 $125
  Andrew Svoren $25  
  Frank Aldrete $25  
  Chris Goar $25  
  Jake Hilton $25  
4 Brittany Kolatzny $20 $100
  KJ Martinez $45  
  Brooke Martinez $20  
  Zach Martinez $20  
  Isaiah Cleveland $20  
5 Stephanie Zavala    
  Julian Zavala    
  Armando Zavala    
  Patrick Rodriguez    
  Ryan Aguilar    
6 Cortez Schenck    
  Russ Oviatt    
  Ben Canfield    
  Aaron Foshie    
  Steve Schenck    
7 Alexis Atkin    
  Derek Acuff    
  TJ Rock    
  Kyle Duster    
  Curtis Lindeman    
8 Cameron Smith    
  Mark Myers    
  Kayla Goad    
  Austin Thompson    
  Trevor Thompson    
9 Riley Dempsey    
  Jakob Butturff    
  Matt Zweig    
  Leah Zweig    
  Kirk Chui    
10 Natasha McGuire    
  Brandon Loss    
  Billy Loss    
  Gabriel Hernandez    
  Ethan Wolfe    
11 Kyle Reed    
  Taylor Berry    
  Matt Green    
  Anthony DiPanni    
  Gary Grine    
12 Harley Sweigart    
  Brandon Wanders    
  Jacob Murray    
  Nick Pollak    
  Andrew Guba    
13 Megan Carlson    
  Steven Acuff    
  Amanda Atkin    
  Aaron Yamamoto    
  Cindy Carlson    
14 Marguerite Evans    
  Alex Bissett    
  Chris Tucker    
  Nick Condon    
  Mondesi Saavedra    
15 Samantha Sellers    
  Bex Boyko    
  Mandy Arriolla    
  Janelle Jellsey    
  Cameron Peck