champs Cortez Schenck & Celeste Valdez

        Cortez Schenck remained on a fantastic roll, while Celeste Valdez tasted JBT victory for the first time, in late-night Arizona Conference action at the venerable Golden Pin Lanes in Tucson.

        Bowlers competed in the 'rising tide' format, where more and more bowlers are eliminated game by game, and the 'tide' eventually sweeps away all but the champions.  Sven Majeske led all five games of the qualifying round, and built up enough of a lead to survive through to the title match.  Schenck had a much tougher road, coming all the way from the number 9 position, throwing big enough games to stay ahead of the 'tide', including a big 268 that jumped him into the finale.  Fortunately for Cortez, the Scandinavian Scythe slowed down in the title game, and Cortez' 208-164 score was plenty to move him past Majeske, earning him the title.  It's his 27th career title, and second in a row, and he also won the previous two JBT events prior to Main Event as well!

        Celeste Valdez led the handicap division qualifier, and continued the excellent bowling to stay at or near the lead throughout the early 'rising tide' rounds.  In round four, four bowlers were swept away by the tide, leaving three left alive for the title.  Alexis Atkin had a nearly-insurmountable 156 pin deficit to make up, though with 50 'lifesaver' bonus pins up for grabs for high game, it was still possible.  Atkin gave a good effort ,but settled for third. That left Samantha Sellers to try and catch Valdez.  Celeste struggled in the title game, giving Samantha chance to make up her deficit, but Sellers had difficulty with her spares, and when she couldn't catch up, Valdez wrapped up her first career JBT title.

        Alexis did come away with one win on the day though, beating Heather Penatzer 191-178 for the day's Women's Series title, avenging her loss to Penatzer in Kingman

        Big thanks to Gabe, Nathan, and the crew at Golden Pin for a fine job hosting our event.  Want in on the best action around for bowlers of all averages, age 21 and under?  Check out our fantastic schedule, and come on down, that's all there is to it!

Golden Pin Lanes- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler


1 Cortez Schenck $200
2 Sven Majeske $100
3 Russ Oviatt $69
4 Ben Canfield $30
5 Aaron Yamamoto $76
6 Tim Jacob  
7 Jakob Butturff  
8 Heather Penatzer  
9 Jarrod Davenport  
10 Shane Valleau  
11 Tyler Wolff  
12 Keith Fung $10
13 Josh Franz  
14 Bryan Van Sickle  
15 Shelby Dempsey  
16 Cam Lamson  
17 Riley Dempsey  
18 Matthew Redmon  
19 KJ Martinez  
20 Derek Acuff  
21 Curtis Lindeman  
22 Patt Intarakamhang  
23 Ben Subeck  
  Handicap Division  
1 Celeste Valdez $200
2 Samantha Sellers $115
3 Alexis Atkin $153
4 Rashaad Jordan $30
5 Mathew Adragna $20
6 Matthew Garrett  
7 Destiny Johnson $45
8 Stefanny Toala  
9 Kristen Lee  
10 Abby Franklin $14
11 Rachael Berg $5
12 Megan LaPrell  
13 Zach Rapp $15
14 Sebastian Polhill  
15 Maddy Holman  
16 Chad Alexander  
17 Max Polhill  
18 Gillian Coyle  
19 Cassie Collins  
20 Dominic Luna  
21 Ryanna Patterson  
22 Jessica Weygint   
23 Bex Boyko  
24 Jerod Walker  
25 Jarred Starr-Moncayo  
26 Josh Fearing  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Canfield 269 Valdez 264
2 Schenck 268 Toala 255
3 Majeske 266 Garrett 251
4 Oviatt 257 Garrett 247
5 Canfield 257 Atkin 242
  High Female  
1 Penatzer +12  
2 Atkin -15*  
3 Toala -135  
4 Sellers -138  
5 Valdez -158  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Majeske Valdez
2 Majeske Garrett
3 Majeske Valdez
4 Majeske Valdez
5 Majeske Valdez
cuts: -73 / -45  
pattern: Viper  
ball winner: Adrienne Deniger  
  Total Awarded This Event: $1,082