champs Ben Canfield & Destiny Johnson

        Ben Canfield and Destiny Johnson had the antidotes to the rest of the field, capturing JBT titles in exciting 'pick yer poison' action at the amazing Red Rock Lanes in Las Vegas.

        In this format, after five games, the top seeds pick who they want to bowl against in 2-game head to head matches.  Newcomer Brendan Thomas led qualifying at a 220+ average on a challenging Shark pattern, but could not get past #7 Josh Franz, who pulled out a 352-350 win.  Meanwhile, Canfield had been in a rut of great qualifying rounds and bat matchplay rounds, so he decided to go the opposite route.  He barely squeaked into the cut, then got hot to beat Eric Hatchett 471-433, and Dallas Leong 486-418 to reach the final four.

        In single game semifinal matches, Cortez Schenck stopped Franz 220-162, and Ben stopped previous day's champ Russ Oviatt 244-211 to reach the title game.  It was the first title match between these two decorated champions, and in the game Ben continued his torrid pace, defeating Schenck 238-216 for the win, the 8th of his JBT career.

        Jopfel Gafate was the top handicap qualifier, but he too did not pick wisely, as Garrett Thompson got red hot to beat him 495-406.  Thompson fell in round two though to Joe Gerencser, who beat him 444-404 to move on to the final 4.  In those matches, Abby Franklin beat Gerencser 206-190, and Destiny Johnson beat Crystakene Pineda 216-208, setting up a title match between good friends Destiny and Abby.

        Title matches between friends are often as strange as the ones between siblings, like the Martinez family's the day before.  However, both bowlers remained focused and bowled good games, with Destiny coming out on top 212-201 for the title.  It's the first of her career, but second for her family, as she joins father Raymond to become the first parent-child pair of JBT singles champs in our 18-season history! 

        Pineda's good day also included leading the simultaneous Women's Series event, but she didn't have the answer for Randi Speiler in the title match.  Randi completed her excellent weekend with a 188-163 win to sweep the Women's Series on the weekend.

        Thanks as always to Red Rock for hosting our Tour.  Want in on all the fun?  Check out our schedule and come on down!

Red Rock- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler


1 Ben Canfield $200
2 Cortez Schenck $115
3 Josh Franz $50
4 Russ Oviatt $30
5 Brendan Thomas $65
6 Kyle Andrews $15
7 Dallas Leong $15
8 Nick Pollak  
9 Eric Hatchett  
10 Kevin Mette  
11 Isaiah Chavez  
12 Zach Martinez  
13 Randi Speiler  
14 Kennison Andrews  
15 Travis Slade  
16 Andrew Guba  
17 Alex Watanabe  
18 Jamison Peyton  
19 Donovin Lusher  
20 Nirvon Mahdavi  
  Handicap Division  
1 Destiny Johnson $245
2 Abby Franklin $115
3 Crystalene Pineda $60
4 Joe Gerencser $65
5 Daryus Alo $40
6 Collin Deppe $30
7 Garrett Thompson $20
8 TJ Rock $20
9 Jopfel Gafate  
10 David Galvan  
11 Kevin Weis  
12 Brendan Lindsey  
13 RJ Reyes  
14 Gabriella Weis  
15 April McDonnell $65
16 Jake Smith  
17 Dee Handley  
18 Alayna Purdy  
19 Tyler Hedges $15
20 Anthony Dang $90
21 Teagan Smale  
22 James Wilson  
23 Devyn Patalina  
24 Michael Rose  
25 Justin Freeman  
26 LeeAnn Reyes  
27 Brooke Martinez  
28 Greg Adler  
29 Nathan Hanuscin  
30 Michael Butz  
31 Jason Pappas  
32 Zahn Bouder $10
33 Talon Hendrickson  
34 Joseph Ongtawco  
35 Kevin Finkler  
36 Cerell Cardines  
37 KJ Martinez  
38 Megan Carlson  
39 Leah Glazer  
40 Jeremy Cardines  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Schenck 265 Thompson 270
2 Pollak 256 Hendrickson 263
3 Canfield 256 K Weis 262
4 Ky Andrews 255 Galvan 254
5 Canfield 246 Pineda 252
    K Weis 252
  High Female  
1 Pineda -89  
2 Speiler -98*  
3 B Martinez -101  
4 Handley -132  
5 G Weis -196  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Ky Andrews Galvan
2 Schenck Gafate
3 Ky Andrews Gafate
4 Schenck Galvan
5 Thomas Gafate
  Total Awarded This Event: $1,265

Destiny and Ray, the first parent - child singles champs in JBT history!