champs Oscar Chan & Dustin Yauney; Girls champ Renee Gentry

        Oscar Chan and Dustin Yauney each earned $1,000 scholarships, while Renee Gentry pocketed the ladies' $200 top prize, as champions of the JBT Southern California Conference Invitational Tournament, hosted by Lakewood's Cal Bowl.

        After five games of qualifying on a tough pattern, the top 11 bowlers in each division, plus the top five season-long point scorers, advanced to exciting triple-elimination matchplay.  In the scratch division, red-hot Kyle Duster grabbed the top seed, but struggled early in matchplay.    He recovered to survive to the final six, though, and that round proved to be pivotal.  Kyle eliminated #12 Cortez Schenck, #2 Eric Hatchett ousted #10 Steven Acuff, and #7 Chan kept on rolling, eliminating #3 KJ Martinez to stay undefeated and get himself in excellent position to take it all.

        Now with three remaining, Hatchett earned a bye, while Oscar made a late-game comeback to eliminate Duster in third place, leaving Eric in the unenviable position of having to beat Chan three straight times to take away the title.  Game one was looking good for Hatchett until a late-game solid-10 and subsequent miss, allowing Oscar to win that match 212-188 and go a perfect 8-0 in matchplay for the win, $1,000 top prize, sixth career JBT title, and second career major to go with his 2013 Main Event title.

       Jozef Corwin cruised to the #1 seed for the handicap division finals, and survived until the final six, where he eliminated #7 Austin Gilbert.  Also in that round, #9 Yauney handed #15 Kyle Reed his second loss, and #16 Andrew Chan eliminated #13 Zack Long, whose sixth place finish was enough to lock up So Cal Bowler of the Year honors.

        With four bowlers remaining, Yauney dealt Corwin his third loss in a low scoring match, while Chan ousted Reed in a dramatic finish, leaving two-loss Andrew now having to beat one-loss Dustin twice to capture the title.  The first game between the two animated bowlers came down to the tenth frame, and Yauney threw another great shot to lock up the match and the tournament.  What a great time for Dustin's first career title, as he earns a $1,000 scholarship prize and a major JBT win.

        Correen Lieber snuck into the Girls Invitational with a win the previous day, and earned the top seed for the title match.  She stayed clean all game but couldn't catch a double, and second seed Rene Gentry took advantage, doubling in the tenth to seal a 210-188 win, the Girls Invitational title, and a $200 scholarship bonus courtesy of our great JBT sponsors.

        Thanks to Leonard, Juan, and the team at Cal Bowl for a great job hosting an exciting JBT weekend.  A terrific total of over $5,700 in scholarships were earned by the 87 qualifier field.  Want in on all the excitement?  Just check out our schedule at and come on down to the next JBT event, that's all there is to it!

So Cal Invitational- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Oscar Chan $1,000
2 Eric Hatchett $569
3 Kyle Duster $260
4 KJ Martinez $190
5 Steven Acuff $125
6 Cortez Schenck $100
7 Joe Grondin $50
8 Ben Canfield  
9 Wesley Low $148
10 Austin Thompson $50
11 James Knapp  
12 Randi Speiler  
13 Ricardo Mendoza  
14 Anthony Schanen   
15 Brandon Wanders $50
16 Max Polhill  
17 Kennison Andrews  
18 Nick Condon  
19 Ashley Dunn  
20 Anthony Cando  
21 Kyle Andrews  
22 Kirk Chui  
23 Greg Adler  
24 Harley Sweigart  
25 Matt Zweig  
26 Alex Watanabe  
27 Chris Tucker  
28 Steven Kampley  
29 Jerome Jordan  
30 Evan Abram  
  Handicap Division  
1 Dustin Yauney $1,000
2 Andrew Chan $500
3 Jozef Corwin $300
4 Kyle Reed $215
5 Austin Gilbert $194
6 Zack Long $167
7 Matt Alford $100
8 Samantha Potter $135
9 Leah Zweig $60
10 Marguerite Evans $65
11 Trevor Thompson $65
12 Tim Hill  
13 Matt Baker $60
14 James McGough $14
15 Gael Egana  
16 Costa Gastouniotis $5
17 Renee Gentry $15
18 Elijah Melchor  
19 Tre Mitchell $5
20 Justin Patten  
21 Dante Rohe  
22 Maikayla Villa  
23 Sebastian Polhill  
24 Dante Villa  
25 Kyle Ponzo  
26 Abby Franklin $30
27 Kaitlynn Martin  
28 Brian King  
29 Benjamin Byers  
30 Ryland Pimentel  
31 Tyler Hedges  
32 Jarred Starr-Moncayo  
33 Paul Colyer $29
34 Secilia Kalvelage  
35 Marc Villalobis  
36 Kylie Shishima  
37 Cristian Roque  
38 Brandon Lim $30
39 Amanda Atkin  
40 Julian Zavala  
41 Jake Murray $5
42 Cameron Criss  
43 Dawson Reese  
44 Bex Boyko  
45 Katie Kipler  
46 Michaela Buhain  
47 Austin Veteto  
48 Ryan Galland  
49 Brandon Loss  
50 Matt Green  
51 Megan Carpenter  
52 Daniel Koble  
53 Taylor Berry  
54 Kyle Gilbert $15
55 Garrett Lundstrom  
56 Jacob McGough  
57 Matthew Carpenter  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Schenck 279 Alford 286
2 Canfield 278 Gastouniotis 284
3 Grondin 269 Starr-Moncayo 276
4 Low 267 Egana 269
5 Duster 258 Evans 263
  Girls Invitational  
1 Renee Gentry $200
2 Correen Lieber  
3 Randi Speiler  
4 Ashley Dunn  
5 Marguerite Evans  
6 Abby Franklin  
7 Megan Carpenter  
8 Michaela Buhain  
9 Secilia Kalvelage  
10 Katelyn Corwin  
11 Bex Boyko  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Grondin* G Egana
2 Duster J Corwin
3 Duster J Corwin
4 Duster J Corwin
5 Duster J Corwin
  Total Awarded This Event: $5,751