champs Joe Grondin & Matthew Carpenter

        Joe Grondin and Matthew Carpenter put on impressive performances to claim JBT titles in exciting Southern California Conference action at Brunswick West Covina Lanes.

        Harley Sweigart continued his recent excellent bowling with a 248-226 win over Brandon Wanders to open the dcratch division stepladder finals.  Dallas Leong then stopped Sweigart 242-158.  Grondin then turned the tables on Leong in the semifinals with a 258-178 win to advance to the title match.

        13 year-old Evan Abram, yet another one of the scratch division's 'young guns', was extremely impressive all day long, leading early and then regaining that lead for the #1 spot in the stepladder.  He struggled early in the title match, though, and by the time he got it turned around he was out of frames.  The veteran Grondin, who also had the high game of the day with a 299, won the title game 238-171 for the third championship of his JBT career.

        An extremely entertaining handicap stepladder opened up with Kyle Reed defeating newcomer Costa Gastouniotis 246-225 when Costa left a brutal stone-9 in his tenth frame.  Dustin Yauney then escaped from Reed 207-204 with a clutch tenth frame double.  Matt Carpenter, who earlier blasted a 289 for his career high game, then beat Yauney 234-214 to advance to his first career title game.

        Marc Villalobos was strong all tournament and was hoping to capture his second title of 2015.  He rolled a fine 217 game in the title match, but it looked like it wasn't going to be enough as Carpenter needed a high count mark to win.  However, he regained hope as Matt left the difficult 3-6-9-10 on his first shot.  Carpenter was able to make the spare though, and then struck on the fill ball for the 221-218 win, and an exciting first career JBT title.

        Ashley Dunn continued her excellence in the JBT Women's Series, beating Marguerite Evans 202-152 for the day's girls' title.

        Thanks to the whole crew at West Covina for hosting our Tour.  Want in on all this fun for all ages and averages?  Just check us out at www.bowljbt.com, or 'Junior Bowlers Tour Southwest' on facebook.  See you soon!   

West Covina- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler


1 Joe Grondin $200
2 Evan Abram $114
3 Dallas Leong $70
4 Harley Sweigart $78
5 Brandon Wanders $30
6 Anthony Schanen  
7 Kennison Andrews $24
8 Cortez Schenck $50
9 Max Polhill  
10 Kirk Chui  
11 Kyle Andrews  
12 Shane Pierson  
13 Greg Adler  
14 Nick Condon   
15 Ashley Dunn  
16 Randi Speiler $10
  Handicap Division  
1 Matthew Carpenter $200
2 Marc Villalobos $100
3 Kyle Reed $75
4 Dustin Yauney $60
5 Costa Gastouniotis $50
6 Jacob Murray $40
7 Marguerite Evans $30
8 Nathan Sinclair $10
9 Zack Long  
10 Kyle Gilbert $29
11 Leah Zweig  
12 Brandon Criss  
13 Matt Snow $104
14 Kylie Shishima  
15 Secilia Kalvelage  
16 Taylor Berry  
17 Tre Mitchell  
18 Sebastian Polhill  
19 Dawson Reese $74
20 Michaela Buhain  
21 James McGough  
22 Ryan Langenhorst  
23 Andrew Chan  
24 Hunter Brown  
25 Megan Carpenter  
26 Tyler Hedges  
27 Ryan Galland  
28 Cameron Criss  
29 Brandon Lim  
30 Krystopher Martin  
31 Renee Gentry  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Grondin 299 Carpenter 309
2 Wanders 270 Villalobos 277
3 Ken Andrews 268 Long 272
4 Abram 259 Reed 270
5 Abram 259 Murray 268
  High Female  
1 Evans -73  
2 Dunn -96*  
3 Buhain -101  
4 Kalvelage -145  
5 Zweig -150  
5 Shishima -150  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Abram Evans
2 Abram Villalobos
3 Abram Villalobos
4 Sweigart Villalobos
5 Sweigart Villalobos
6 Abram Villalobos
7 Grondin Carpenter
8 Grondin Villalobos
  Total Awarded This Event: $1,352