champs Jakob Butturff & Tyler Hedges with girls' champ Amanda Atkin

        One JBT vet piled on yet another title, while a youngster won the first of what is sure to be many for him, in terrific Presidents' Day action at Glenfair Lanes.

        After two days of tough patterns, scratch bowlers took advantage of a more forgiving look this time, tossing strikes everywhere.  In fact, Butturff would throw three 279 games on the day, but was only the #5 seed heading into matchplay!  One of those 279's came in the semifinals against Dallas Leong, as Jakob totalled 523 for two to sweep the match.  In the other scratch semi, #7 Kyle Duster ousted #3 Ben Canfield in three tough games to advance against Butturff for the title.

        Once Jakob finds a look, he stays locked in as well as anyone in JBT history, and after a slow start in the title match he strung the back five for a 236-163 win over Duster, earning his second JBT title of the weekend and 32nd career victory overall.

        Nine year-old Tyler Hedges qualified 9th for the matchplay rounds, won his first round, then promptly took out top seed Phillip Sauve in round two.  Other higher seeds fared better, with #4 Justin Lawrence, also a finalist Saturday, #3 Michael Chamot, and #2 Zach Rapp adavancing to the final four.  In the ensuing single game semis, Hedges beat Lawrence 245-223, while Rapp beat Chamot 221-187 to set up the title game.

        Rapp knows how to win, with two majors on his JBT resume, while Tyler was trying to win for the first time in three title match attempts.  A tenth frame washout from Zach proved fatal to his chances, and Hedges, the little man with the powerful delivery claimed his first career JBT title with the 208-191 win.

        Amanda Atkin got on the winners' board in this season's Women's Series with a 184-162 win over Celeste Valdez for the day's girls title.

        Thanks to the whole crew at Glenfair for a great job on a very busy three day weekend.  Want in on all this fun for all ages?  Just check out our schedule and come on down!

Glenfair Lanes- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Jakob Butturff $200
2 Kyle Duster $110
3 Dallas Leong $110
4 Ben Canfield $40
5 Wesley Low $32
6 Cortez Schenck $14
7 Nick Devlin  
8 Alex Watanabe  
9 Eric Hatechett  
10 Johnny Leggett  
11 Tim Jacob  
12 Josh Franz  
13 Sean Trzaskowski  
14 Tyler Satter  
15 Josh Demick  
16 Robert Lucero  
17 Adel Wahner  
18 Cierra Chamot  
19 Max Polhill  
20 Keith Fung  
  Handicap Division  
1 Tyler Hedges $215
2 Zach Rapp $100
3 Michael Chamot $50
4 Justin Lawrence  $60
5 Phillip Sauve  $34
6 Amanda Atkin  
7 Rachael Berg  $15
8 Bex Boyko  $15
9 Rashaad Jordan  
10 Celeste Valdez  $15
11 Paul Colyer  
12 Jarred Starr-Moncayo  
13 Amelia LaFace  
14 Megan Carlson  
15 Connor Lawrence  
16 Kyle Ponzo  $15
17 Clifford Robbins  
18 Abby Franklin  $5
19 Dante Rohe  $58
20 Kyle Lawrence  
21 Sebastian Polhill  
22 Gillian Coyle  
23 Jazmyn Eubanks  
24 Zack Long  $100
25 William Robbins  
26 Tarik McMaster  
27 Destiny Johnson  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Low 288 Z Rapp 295
2 Duster 279 Colyer 284
3 Butturff (3) 279 Sauve 278
4 Schenck 279 Valdez 276
5 Devlin 279 M Chamot 267
  High Female  
1 Atkin -70*  
2 Valdez -77  
3 Wahner -88  
4 Berg -95  
5 Coyle -104  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Butturff Z Rapp
2 Devlin M Chamot
3 Leong M Chamot
4 Leong Z Rapp
5 Leong Sauve
  Total Awarded This Event: $1,182