champs Cortez Schenck & Secilia Kalvelage

            Cortez Schenck and Secilia Kalvelage picked up JBT titles in exciting JBT Southern California Conference action at Keystone Lanes in Norwalk.

            Bowlers were tested by the 'pick yer poison' format, where higher seeded bowlers have their choice who to bowl in matchplay.  Schenck put on one of the more memorable performances of his fantastic career, throwing a plastic ball from start to finish, with a low game of 227, a 252 qualifying average, and a sweep all the way to the title.  His last two opponents pushed him all the way though.  In the semifinal, previous day's champion Joe Grondin had a chance to steal a win away from Schenck when Cortez's 7-count left the window open, but a brutal solid-7 gave Schenck a 245-236 win.  In the other semifinal match, Bobby Hornacek rolled past Austin Thompson 254-167 to set up the finale.  Things looked good for Bobby when he started with the front five, but Cortez simply wasn't to be denied, finishing with a big string of his own and ending up with a 257-239 win, and the 41st title of his  JBT career.

        High scores were prevalent in the handicap division as well, exemplified by top seed David Schneider's 498-406 win over points leader Dawson Reese in the round of eight.  #2 seed Cameron Criss and Kyle Ponzo might have had the match of the day in that same round, as #2 Cameron edged Kyle 495-492.  In single game semifinal matches, Criss stopped Trevor Thompson 200-155, while Secilia Kalvelage doubled in the tenth frame to shut out Schneider in a 267-252 thriller, to set up the title match.

        The title match saw both bowlers again way over their average, but this time it was the veteran Kalvelage who came up with the bigger game, defeating Criss 254-239, to earn the first title of her JBT career.

        Ashley Dunn swept the weekend's Women's Series events, this time beating Sarah Schneider 202-182 for her third win of the season, making her the first bowler officially eligible for the 2015 Girls TPC!

        Thanks as always to the crew at Keystone for hosting our Tour.  Want in on the fun?  Just check out our schedule and come on down!


Keystone Lanes- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler


1 Cortez Schenck $332
2 Bobby Hornacek $110
3 Joe Grondin $50
4 Austin Thompson $30
5 Nick Pollak $20
6 Wesley Low  
7 Kennison Andrews  
8 Jerome Jordan Jr $15
9 Ashley Dunn   
10 Kyle Duster  
11 Kyle Andrews  
12 Kirk Chui  
13 Oscar Chan  
14 Brandon Wanders   
15 Anthony Cando  
16 Clint Strawmyer  
17 Derek Acuff  
18 Tyler Espinola   
19 Randi Speiler $10
20 Nick Condon  
21 Anthony Schanen  
22 Billy Dacanay  
23 Nick Caver  
24 Ricardo Mendoza  
25 Steven Acuff  
  Handicap Division  
1 Secilia Kalvelage $215
2 Cameron Criss $190
3 David Schneider $90
4 Trevor Thompson $45
5 Kaitlynn Martin $50
6 Kyle Ponzo $35
7 Leah Zweig  
8 Dawson Reese  
9 Andrew Chan  
10 James McGough $15
11 Sarah Schneider $29
12 Dante Villa  
13 Ryan Galland  
14 Kyle Reed  
15 Amanda Atkin  
16 Austin Veteto  
17 Maikayla Villa   
18 Zack Long  
19 Marguerite Evans  
20 Tyler Hedges  
21 Kylie Shishima  
22 Dustin Yauney  
23 Michaela Buhain  
24 Renee Gentry  
25 Taylor Berry  
26 Abby Franklin  
27 Solamon Salama  
28 Jacob Murray $20
29 Alli Azvedo  
30 Jackie Azvedo  
31 Julian Zavala  
32 Jarred Starr-Moncayo  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Grondin 280 Long 276
2 Schenck 279 Chan 276
3 Ken. Andrews 279 Criss 275
4 Hornacek 278 D Schneider 267
5 J Jordan 278 Kalvelage 267
  High Female  
1 Dunn +83*  
2 S Schneider +9  
3 Speiler -42  
4 Gentry -75  
5 Kalvelage -123  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Schenck Criss
2 Schenck D Schneider
3 Schenck Criss
4 Schenck Criss
5 Schenck D Schneider
  Total Awarded This Event: $1,256